Zyia vs Spanx Active Wear: Which Is Better?

Aside from putting on leggings for workouts, they can also serve as nice housewears, for lounging and function as casual office clothes.

Unlike jeans, leggings are much more functional for flexible actions. They are less burdensome when worn.

Meanwhile, you may operate well when you wear nominal pants for sports, but putting on Active Wear during athletic activities guarantees you a higher percentage of outstanding performance.

Active clothes are clothes designed for sports activities. They are relatively versatile since they can be worn to social gatherings.

Differences Between Zyia And Spanx Active Wear

Zyia vs Spanx Active Wear

When it comes to Zyia and Spanx Active wears, they have a couple of similarities, but their build-up is not exactly the same.

Since they are active and social wears combined, they are great for outdoor events, but Spanx Active wear tends to look more professional for casual office wears since they are not made with center seams and other unnecessary stitches at first glance.

By the way, Spanx Active wears are not necessarily built with nominal waistbands like Zyia leggings. Their waists area has elastic strips which hold them up and sit them properly on your abdomen.

In evaluating Zyia and Spanx build-up, Spanx is more comfortable. Not simply because they are designed with better relaxed and higher waists, but they have a more compressed fitting that will not over-tighten your hips and limbs.

When rating by functionality, Zyia leggings can also serve as activewear, but to an extent, they may not permit you to flexibly perform certain actions.

For lounging, Zyia is more adjustable, but if you want to get a legit athletic plus social wear, then I would recommend that you go for Spanx Activewear. They are more stretchy too.

As you read this article further, I’m sure that you will make a favorable decision on which leggings you will go for if you are asked to pick one of the two.

Review Of Zyia Leggings

Zyia vs Spanx Active Wear

Zyia is a stylish brand that sells active clothing. The label’s main aim is to formulate outfits that motivate activity with cheerfulness, feel super flexible, and build up.

In general, Zyia adds fun to exercises and casual actions. Erin Bradley, an inventive entrepreneur, is the inventor of Zyia designs. The leggings she designs are to inspire women’s fitness and activeness.

The idea of Zyia was borne by a group of ladies in 2017. Its motivation can be further traced from a hiking occasion where they wore uncomfortable clothes.

This made Zyia leggings can serve as relaxed sportswear for recreation and enjoyment. From Its year of establishment till date, the brand’s value has not dwindled.

Intelligent entrepreneurs who portrayed merit, with a spirit of great invention and tenacity to influence society in a good way co-founded this company.


  • Soft
  • Sweatproof
  • Interior lining
  • Moisture wicking
  • Relaxed compression
  • Great for social occasions


  • Inconsistent sizes
  • Not always breathable

Spanx Active Wear Review

Zyia vs Spanx Active Wear

Spanx Active wears are iconic athletic wears that give nice compression. Because they are active clothes designed for workouts, they tend to shrink you in when you wear them.

These active clothes are designed for diverse body sizes and shapes with attractive materials which are versatile.

In 2000, Sara Barkley laid the first stone for Spanx Active wears which is now a valuable firm in the clothing industry.

Spanx active wears are super comfy during activities. Basically, you can call them ‘breathable shape wears since they are designed to outline the contours and give you a compressed fight when you put them on.

The initial purpose of Spanx was to be worn under evening dresses, not until recently that they have been modified to the extent that they can be worn to the office.

Spanx is designed to keep you feeling and looking confident and trendy. Since they are shape wears, they hug your curves tight without making you feel uncomfortable.

The brand produces other products such as skirts, leggings, bike shorts, sports bras, jumpsuits, activewear, cycling shorts, men’s wear, swimming wear, etc.


  • Smooth
  • Relaxed
  • High-waist
  • Comfortable
  • Not suffocating
  • Multiple colorways
  • Nice compression


  • Too snug
  • Uncomfortable

Zyia vs Spanx Active Wear: Head-to-head comparison

In order to ascertain which is more preferred among Zyia and Spanx Active Wears, let’s examine the qualities of both leggings.


The material of clothes are criteria to know if they are of good quality or not. This requirement is the same with Zyia and Spanx clothing.

For enhanced performance, Zyia leggings are designed with a mix of Lycra fiber but Spanx active leggings have much more lycra since they are designed mainly for flexible actions.

Zyia further has nylons and Spandex for a nice, compressed fitting and great comfort.

Some Zyia varieties have a little cotton in them for added comfort and breathability. Added to Zyia leggings are microbial fabrics use to prevent microorganisms.

Zyia leggings are made with V-net waistbands in the front area. Spanx is not made with a waistband but stretchy strips around the waist.

While Spanx is designed with similar materials, but with additional innovation. Some of Spanx’s leggings look like denim since they are made with denim fabrics.

Their most outstanding variety is the leather leggings. This cloth is made with faux leather, it is Spanx’s best and most durable design.

Added to the materials is cotton to reduce moisture. Rayon with a lot of spandex to endure that the leggings stretch a lot.

All of these materials are breathable and unlike Zyia, they do have waistband but elastic waist strips around the abdomen.

In recent times, a lot of innovation has been put into the construction of Spanx Active wears.


Considering Zyia’s Spandex and Polyester mix, their leggings are good. You can trust that their quality will last, not for a lifetime, but for an extended period of time.

Meanwhile, Spanx is better off, since they offer more compressed fitting than Zyia. Their quality construction backed up with innovation is great. Spanx wears are much more stretchy and will last more than Zyia leggings will.

Since Spanx Active wears are designed for harder tasks, they are built to be more sturdy.

Brand Style

Zyia is a lifestyle label that produces leggings, bras, joggers, tanks, shirts, and jackets for women, children, and sometimes men.

They trade clothing directly to buyers in a catalog employing the services of sales representatives who give advice on the variety you desire to purchase.

The brand has a large following on social media and new designs are uploaded on its online platforms after every seven days.

Spanx Activewear is an Iconic brand that has been in existence for 22 years now. They are popular for their nice compression leggings, which are functional athletic wear.

The brand mostly produces sports clothing which includes underwear, swimwear, activewear, jumpsuits, and other athletic clothing.

Spanx has over 30 designs available while Zyia has a wider range of clothing in their stores, but when it comes to quality wear, Spanx wins.

Sizing And Fit

Zyia leggings fit exactly in size. On most occasions, they are used as compression clothes, even though Spanx active wears have more compressed fitting than they do. Some varieties such as Zyia’s luxe have drawstrings for a customized or relaxed fitting.

Spanx Active wears are designed to size small. So, you need to size up when going for a pair so your limbs don’t feel overly tight.

When it comes to fitting, Spanx is nice. They have high waists for a better fit.


When it comes to comparing Zyia and Spanx active wear pockets, they both have hidden pockets. Certain varieties of both leggings are designed with side pockets too, but that of Zyia is deeper than Spanx Active wears.

To an extent, it feels nice to make hard decisions about picking the best out of a variety of leggings you love from the same brand. It shows that the brand has a large number of designs available in store.

Zyia gives you this opportunity since they make new designs every week, even at that, their leggings are not as excellent as that of Spanx even though they have slightly over 30 varieties.

The compression material used to design Spanx Active wears is strong. They are built with shapewear technology for a nice butt lift and to smoothen contours. The most sturdy variety made of Faux leather is particularly for Spanx Active wears.


Both leggings are not overly expensive for their quality. But Spanx leggings are much more affordable, especially when placed side-by-side with their quality.

A pair of Zyia leggings sell for $65-$75 while that of Spanx, which is more costly, can be bought at $68-$128, depending on the variety of leggings you go for.


As expected, the seams of any clothing are also an indication that it will last long. Zyia’s leggings have more seams than Spanx.

Their seams are neat, horizontally and vertically, but Spanx active leggings are designed with thicker stitches. However, they do not have center seams.


Everyone who puts on leggings can attest to its flexibility when it comes to athletic activities or lounging around. Zyia leggings can be used for shopping, dance classes, yoga, relaxing, workouts, and even run-around.

While Spanx is not necessarily worn outdoors because they do not have linings. They are designed to be worn under hiking, dance, or evening dresses.

You can also wear them during indoor yoga training, squats, light jogging, gymnastics, dance-cardio and so on.

Although both clothes are considered to be social as well as active clothing, Spanx Active Wears looks more attractive for outdoor outings, events, and office clothing.


Zyia and Spanx Active wears are soft and smooth, but Zyia has a lot of breathable varieties. While both leggings are non-see-through, in most cases, Zyia leggings are lined.

At the same time, Zyia are not simply casual leggings, they also have active wears that are elegant for women, but Spanx Active wears are more satisfactory when used as athletic outfits.

Spanx Active wears are designed with lasting technologies which are not only outstanding for enhanced performance but to neatly outline your silhouette shapewear.

Final Verdict

If I were to pick between Zyia leggings or Spanx Activewear, the price difference between them will not be a major determinant.

In this case, picking the most affordable, could be misleading and maybe not the best choice.

This means I would prefer Spanx Activewear over Zyia leggings. After considering the quality, I would incline toward the most durable brand because I prefer to get clothes that will last for an extended period of time.

And in this case, Spanx Active wears are not only built with technologies that guarantee their durability, they look simple and much more professional.

Whether taking part in active sports or not, I love high-waisted, comfortable leggings that are breathable.

And both brands design their leggings in high-waisted styles, but that of Spanx Active Wear is more balanced and higher than that of Zyia’s.


Which is softer? Which is more versatile? Can these function better in sports or outdoor events? This and that are what I engaged in. Which pair is best for me? Will this comfortably fit me? Which is non-see-through?

These and other related questions are what you should ask before you pay for a pair of leggings or sports kits in general.

These and more questions about your leggings are very important so that you can get a pair that fits the sports you are in or the best for relaxing and doing what you want to without restrictions doing them.


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