Zyia vs Fabletics: Which Is Better?

Folks out there, mostly women, are still confused about which sportswear is best for them because there are so many brands available. A good sportswear brand is easy, trendy, and has good qualities like sweat-wicking and compressions.

We are analyzing these two well-known brands and placing them side by side, to see how they perform against one another. 

Major Difference Between The Two Brands

Zyia and Fabletics are activewear brands with a major difference in their target audience. Zyia activewear is made for women alone while Fabletics manufactures activewear for both men and women.

Zyia Vs Fabletics

Fabletics also produces other products like shoes and accessories. You can also note that of the two brands, Fabletics is more popular. 

Inclusion of other product lines and partnering with entertainers and investors put Fabletics in 75 brick-and-mortar stores across Europe. 

Zyia’s product line includes leggings, joggers, bras, tanks, shirts, and jackets. With a premium collection of gear exploring a culture of health, wellness, and activity. 

The brand motto is making sure keeping fit is a fun-filled activity. Fabletics’ active lifestyle brand collections include both men’s and women’s sportswear, footwear, accessories, and even a tennis shoe line. 

One other notable difference is that Fabletics is a membership-only brand. Customers are required to register a monthly membership fee to get access to the product at certain discounts. The Zyia brand does not sell to only subscribers of the brand. 

Zyia Active abides by four philosophical pillars namely: Light, Uplift, Activity, and community. The brands offer active wear in sizes XXS-XXXL as an all-size inclusive deal. 

Brief History of Zyia Brand

Zyia was founded in 2017 by Eric Bradley in the confines of her living room. Starting as a family business, Zyia has grown to employ 300 full-time employees and thousands of suppliers with a 130,000-square-foot warehouse. The brand is famous for producing high-quality fabrics that are ideal for high-performance activities. 

Most fabrics used are a compressive, 4-way stretch material that combines fit, form, and style. Zyia fabrics are breathable and sweat-wicking-ensuring you remain dry during the most intense workouts. Zyia brand sells active lifestyle wear. They have a culture that is invested in wellness, health, and activity. 

Zyia’s mission is to inspire and uplift by including fun in a simple active lifestyle. Their active leggings are squat proof, sweat proof, and more properly designed than most brands. Offering a unique fit for their activewear, the line, hem, or style has been positioned strategically and well placed. 

Zyia hi-waisted leggings flatter your legs and waistline, giving you a smooth slimming fit without rolling or stretching out. Zyia active apparel is manufactured both in China and the US.

Their material has adaptive qualities, moving with our form in the best possible way. With pieces that keep you confident, motivated, and uplifted.

Being among the best activewear makers, Zyia produces new products weekly staying abreast with current trends. Their pieces are unique for both the gym and regular activities. 

Pros of Zyia Brand 

  • Popular among women.
  • High-quality products.
  • Has a community.

Cons of Zyia Brand 

  • Limited range of sports products.
  • No free return shipping policy.
  • No free shipping policy.

Brief History of Fabletics

Fabletics is a global active-lifestyle brand that sells both men’s and women’s sportswear, footwear, and accessories recognized as activewear. Operating over 70 physical stores worldwide, they are known for their membership-only policy and e-commerce business approach. 

Fabletics was founded in 2013 and co-founded by Don Ressler, Ginger Ressler, and Kate Hudson. In the spring of 2017, Fabletics added collections for dresses and swimwear. 

A footwear collection including slip-on, workout shoes, and trendy sneakers was announced in September 2017. They expanded into menswear, partnering with Kevin Hart in April 2020 he became the face of the brand. They have over 2 million VIP members and surpassed $500 million in annual revenue in the same year.

A fitness app was launched in March 2021, with content and workouts made available for its members. Non-members were asked to pay a fee per month. The company launched a tennis line in 2020 for both men and women. A brick-and-mortar retail store was opened in New Jersey. 

Over 73 stores have been opened across Europe and North America, Berlin, and UK stores. Fabletics has introduced an advanced e-commerce retail platform called ‘’Omnisuite’’ used in all of its retail locations.

Over time, they have partnered with and sponsored many artists and sports teams. Collaborations with popular brand partners like Kelly Rowland, and Maddie Ziegler, have led to Capsule releases. 

Vanessa Hudgens also released a summer Y2k line in April designed by her, called Sun-Daze. Fabletics partnered with singer Lizzo, releasing a size-inclusive shapewear line called Yitty to include sizes 6X to XS. 

Pros of Fabletics 

  • A highly recognized brand.
  • They Have more discount offers and promotions. 
  • Free shipping policy.
  • Free return policy.

Cons of Fabletics 

  • Membership-only policy. 

Head-to-head- comparison of Zyia and Fabletics

Zyia Vs Fabletics

They are unique aspects of activewear or sportswear that say a lot about a brand. These qualities help you understand more of the brand and everything they stand for and which of them suits your needs and values. 

Here we are doing a side-by-side comparison of both Zyia and Fabletics activewear and see which qualities they offer. While we do this, it’s important to understand that both comparisons have been done to highlight their strengths to us and not to discredit us. 

These measures of comparison we employ include:

  • Material
  • Price
  • Style and design
  • Purpose
  • Durability


Zyia brand is made from high-quality material and most have a four-way stretch. This adds significant flexibility, shape, compression, fit, and comfort to every wearer. Zyia sportswear is constantly improving technology and innovation of its fabric. The materials of most Zyia fabrics have strategic vents that let hot air escape and be replaced with cool air. 

Other features worth noting are the moisture-wicking property and adaptive stretching.

All Zyia active products are manufactured from recycled materials, including fibers sourced from plastic bottles. 

Their tops are crafted from copper-infused fibers that prevent any odor-causing bacteria from growing. These are perfect for keeping you fresh before you clean them.

In line with making a sustainable environment, they are mindful of their manufacturing processes. 

Through the use of plant-based fibers, recycled fibers to compostable packing, in an eco-conscious collection. The brand is well known for high-performance fabrics which are flexible and allow movement, twisting, and bending during the most intense workouts. Zyia active leggings are sweat proof, squat proof, and adapt to your physique. 

Fabletics uses premium material in manufacturing its products with fine craftsmanship. Their fabrics have five separate divisions which include;

1. Power hold

Products under this fabric have maxed compression and are recommended for multi-sport activities. Features moisture-wicking quality, UPF+50 sun protection, instaBoost 

Technology. I love how supportive this fabric becomes and its all-way stretch compresses and streamlines your shape, giving lifts and a more defined booty.

2. Motion365

This material is perfect for all activities. They have superior support, and breathability, and are very versatile. It features qualities such as highly resilient skin, increased flexibility, and temperature regulation. 

This revolutionary material is loved by me for its versatility, sculpting my body nicely with high compression and max breathability. It is made using nylon that wicks away sweat and allows a full range of motion. 

3. SculptKnit

Every compression in this material is specially engineered for performance. I recommend you use the training. 

Its qualities include body mapping, strategically placed ventilation, and moisture wicking. You can push to the limit with maximum breathability and a flattened shape.


This material is soft touch and offers total motion. The fabric is buttery soft, non-restrictive, and moisture wicking. I like how lightweight the material is, and it doesn’t bundle up.

5. Seamless

A material with the ultimate comfort that feels like a second skin. It is easy to move in, lightweight and breathable. I love them for yoga with their seamless movements. 


The price of Zyia activewear ranges between $50-$60 a pair of activewear.

Fabletics activewear costs slightly higher on average ranging from $60-$80 for a pair and you must be a member before purchase. 

The Zyia brand is preferred by me because I can purchase without paying a monthly fee subscription like Fabletics. 

Although discounts and offers are made available for members who have subscribed. 

Style And Design

Both brands feature similar styles in their activewear and design. 

However, Fabletics has a larger collection of activewear hence they have more options to choose from. 

Zyia brand has three main style designs in their activewear bottoms namely:

1. Light n Tights

These are very high-performance leggings that provide a firm compression. 

Their colors vary so you have choices to select from. The contour seam is thoughtfully placed to support your shape, adapting as you bend, jump and twist. 

2. The Brilliant

This design works well for its versatility and slightly less compression. 

Both seams inside and out are flat-merged with a 25 percent Spandex for added comfort and soft feel. 

No top-seam along the waistline in this design.

3. The Ascend

Named because of the confidence they put out. They are extremely soft and I love how the fabric contours to your shape, accentuating your muscle tone. When you bend, twist, or stretch the leggings stay in place. 

4. The Luxe

These are buttery-soft luxe leggings with a significant range of motion and high moisture-wicking ability. It features a gentle compression and high waistline that remains sleek against your skin without being restrictive. 

Fabletics offers many styles with variable designs under each collection. 

They offer 3-piece activewear, built-in bra tank, maternity activewear, shorts, joggers, impact sports bra, leggings, and more. This wide range of styles is why I love Fabletics’ design strategy. 


The Zyia activewear brand seeks to be a lifestyle choice for its users. With a mission to ensure women have an active, healthy fitness culture and community always. It hopes to inspire a habit of fun in workouts by making it an essential part of our daily life. 

Fabletics drive is making fashionable activewear that is a high performance for everyone. Both men and women are included. Its members are recognized as pillars of the brand and their satisfaction is a top priority. 

With a high rate of positive reviews amongst its members, Fabletics’ improvements remain fresh, fashion-forward, affordable, and durable for its many users. The brand also operates a fitness app that is well recommended for its members; non-members would have to pay to use this app. 


Zyia activewear is durable and does well to last much use. Their Spandex combination with other materials accounts for long-lasting products that hardly wear and tear. Workouts can get intense and the Zyia activewear is always up to the task. Their four-way stretch fabric and modern technology adaptability enhance every piece. 

Fabletics are not left out. With innovative technology, they have crafted the best active work gear. 

They are extremely durable, possessing well-detailed stitches within the seams of the fabrics. You can expect a lot of stretch from their activewear, which is also lightweight. 

This section has Fabletics come out on top based on having more positive reviews for durability.

Final Verdict

Zyia and Fabletics are very great brands. We have placed them side by side and tested their strength to see who comes out on top. Fabletics activewear is my choice of the two. My reason is:

  • Fabletics has a wider range of products and accessories.
  • Their membership policy allows for significant discounts on products and good deals.
  • They have more fashionable designs and styles for their products. 
  • More physical stores are available for customers.


With this review of both brands, I hope you have been well informed to choose between the two. Also note that the final verdict doesn’t discredit any brand, only exposes what is already there and throws light on reputable qualities. 


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