Wrangler vs Lee Jeans: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Wrangler and Lee is that Wrangler has better quality and durability than Lee.

This is because Wrangler is so much dedicated to the construction of their jeans by using higher and better fabric to make their jeans, unlike Lee whose jeans have wear and tear due to the low quality of the fabric.

Another major difference is in their prices, Wrangler is more expensive than Lee. One reason for this is because Wrangler goes for expensive materials to produce high quality and long-lasting working and fashion wears.

Lee jeans are typically priced around $30 while Wrangler jeans can be as expensive as $120 depending on the material and styles and models.

So, obviously, one major reason is that Lee jeans are more affordable than Wrangler. The last major difference between the two brands is that Lee jeans are mainly lightweight denim while Wrangler jeans are heavily weighted – above 160z.

It’s is certain that the two brands use different materials and they also have a large difference in the fitting.

Which is a better brand; Wrangler or Lee?

Wrangler and Lee are both American manufacturers of clothing items that are both owned by Kontoor brands Inc., while both have a variety of clothing for their targeted audience.

There are some factors you need to consider why going for either brand. A major factor is the price point.

Wrangler is much more expensive than Lee, you could pay $50-$120 for a pair of wrangler jeans while you get a pair of Lee jeans for $20-$50 and even cheaper than that. Some people say they prefer Lee because of the better price.

In terms of quality, people prefer Wrangler jeans over Lee jeans – Wrangler jeans are much more produced with higher quality and better fabric, even though Wrangler products might be a bit expensive than those from Lee.

People see that it’s worth the investment for the higher quality. They think Lee can never really compete with Wrangler in terms of quality.

Major reasons why Wrangler is better than Lee

Wrangler vs Lee Jeans

Both Wrangler and Lee are popular brands. While both brands are known for their ironic clothing.

Wrangler jeans’ quality is of higher fabric

The first thing that you need to know about Wrangler is that their jeans are made with a higher quality fabric than Lee jeans.

The quality of the products is much better with Wrangler as they have been in business for a long time and they spend more money on buying quality materials and on advertising and marketing than Lee does.

Wrangler has more styles

Another reason why Wrangler is better than Lee is that Wrangler jeans come in more styles than Lee. The brand has a variety of styles including boot cut, straight leg, relaxed fit, and more.

Lee only comes in limited styles of jeans. Wrangler also has a wider variety of sizes than Lee. With Lee, it’s hard to find anything other than straight-leg or boot-cut jeans.

You’ll need to go up a size if you want something other than a regular fit. If you want a different color or style, you can likely not get one in stock at your local store, you’ll either have to buy an old style or wait for a new shipment to come in.

Wrangle Jeans are more durable

Another reason why Wrangler is better than Lee is that Wrangler jeans last longer than Lee jeans because they are more durable.

People love Wrangler jeans because of their durability. Wrangler is a brand that is known for its quality and durability.

Favorable return policy

Wrangler is also better than Lee because of their return policy. You can return your purchase within 90 days for free plus you get an additional 10% off your next order if you do it online.

With Lee, you can only return purchases within 30 days and there’s a 20% restocking fee.

Lastly, Wrangler is a better brand because it has a higher customer satisfaction rate. Wrangler has an overall satisfaction rating of 95%, while Lee only has a rating of 92%.

Wrangler also does have more customers reviews than Lee, which means that people are more likely to buy Wrangler and be satisfied with the purchase.

Wrangler also has a higher amount of revenue than Lee. Wrangler’s revenue in 2020 was $1.35 billion, while Lee’s revenue in 2020 was $688 million.

That proves that Wrangler is better at bringing in money and satisfying customers than Lee.

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Similarities between Wrangler and Lee

Wrangler vs Lee Jeans
Lee Jeans
  1. Both brands are owned by one company
  2. Both Wrangler and Lee are denim companies
  3. Wrangler and Lee offer jeans for both men and women
  4. They are both popular brands
  5. They both have an international figure
  6. Wrangler and Lee both have a variety of styles
  7. Both brands are not true to size
  8. Both brands are always on trend
  9. Their headquarters are located in the same place
  10. They both have a long history of manufacturing clothes
  11. Both brands have a great assortment of items
  12. Both brand’s jeans are workwear for farmers

Both brands are owned by one company

Wrangler and Lee are owned by Kontoor brands Inc. A worldwide apparel company.

The parent company that helps these iconic brands: Wrangler and Lee to design, produce and distribute high-quality clothing to people around the world.

Both Wrangler and Lee are denim companies

When it comes to denim, Wrangler jeans come to mind. The brand is popularly known for its flexible denim jeans that can fit perfectly with the outfit.

Lee on the other hand is aloe generally known as an apparel company of denim jeans. Both companies produce denim jeans as their focused product to give to their audience.

Wrangler and Lee offer jeans for both men and women

Both brands have been a complete source of jeans for both men and women of different sizes.

At Wrangler, you can get durable, stylish, and authentic everyday denim wear for both genders, they became more committed to manufacturing denim wears noticing that jeans are now worn by thousands of people every day.

The same goes for Lee, the brand has not stopped making, wearing, cutting, and sewing that fine indigo thread since 1889. Their jeans are available for both men and women

They are both popular brands

Both Wrangler and Lee are popularly known for their denim jeans. Wrangler came into fame for being that perfect fit for every cowboy and ever since the brand has become a top seller in the line of apparel clothing.

Lee became a popular brand when they started making items like dungarees, jackets, overalls and went to fame for its “Lee Union All” denim wear that comprises a jacket and pants sewn together.

This was the right choice as it became wanted by every farmer and factory worker.

They both have an international figure

This is one huge similarity between the two brands. Both Wrangler and Lee is been recognized all over the world today.

Wrangler and Lee both have a variety of styles

Of course, both Wrangler and Lee offer various styles today, such as classic fit to loose fit, and there you’ll have; original, regular, relaxed and skinny, etc.

Both brands are not true to size

The jeans from both brands are likely to shrink ½-1 size when washed.

Both brands are always on trend

Wrangler and Lee’s brands keep getting the latest denim fashion.

Both brands made mention of shifting in styles but they are presently working on the spring and summer 2022 line and it’s all going to be fun with trousers and flares. They are never to be caught in an old fashioned style

Their headquarters are located in the same place

Wrangler and Lee’s headquarters is located in Greensboro, North Carolina, United States

They both have a history of manufacturing clothing

Both brands have long been in existence to sell great quality styles, the seeds of Wrangler were sewn in 1904.

Today, the company is reaping that seed by still being in the production of high-quality durable denim jeans with the ageless design that describes the word “Classic” – something that won’t easily fade away.

In 1913, Lee created its first one-piece overall and after over 100 years the brand is still producing quality denim collections.

Both brands have a great assortment of produced items

Both brands have a collection of items they produce. Apart from denim jeans, Wrangler’s other products include; shorts, backpacks, belts, wallets, socks, etc.

At Lee, they got blankets, jumpsuits, belts, scarves, jackets.

Both brands’ jeans are workwear for farmers

Wrangler and Lee’s jeans have been the go-to farm jeans for over 50 years now. The truth is that their jeans are what farmers every morning to go out to the fields.

Major Differences between Wrangler and Lee

Wrangler vs Lee Jeans
Lee Jeans
  1. Cost
  2. Quality
  3. Durability
  4. Fitting
  5. Style


Wrangler jeans seem to be more expensive than Lee. The prices vary between the two brands with Wrangler having a higher price than Lee.


The quality of both brands’ products is different as well, Lee products have a lower quality than Wrangler.

Wrangler has better quality because of the better denim material used in making their jeans and that is why a lot of people tend to patronize the brand.


Wrangler products also seem to be extremely durable, they last forever compared to that of Lee’s, their jeans are made from sturdy material and that is why they are suitable for work-wear and a go-to for farmers.

Their long-lasting feature makes them outstanding from other denim brands.


Both brands also have differences in their fittings, Lee jeans have a very poor fit, and that is why most people return their jeans after buying them.

Unlike Wrangler which is made to fit your body like a customized bodysuit. No matter what shape or size you are, Wrangler should be your favorite as they’re made of higher quality materials and so they won’t stretch out easily.


Both brands have various styles to choose from. Lee has a limited selection of styles, and Wrangler is known for its many different styles.

No matter the style of jeans you are looking for, Wrangler has it! From skinny to boot cut, it has though they made each preferred style for everyone.

Other differences include:

  1. Wrangler uses thick denim but Lee doesn’t
  2. Wrangler has a bit of a rugged style than Lee
  3. Wrangler jeans are more popular among cowboys than Lee

Problems associated with buying Lee Jeans

  1. One major problem most people face is that they do not have enough styles, so it might be quite difficult to get your preferred style.
  2. Another problem is that Lee’s jeans fit poorly which causes people to return their purchase
  3. Some people think they are only suitable for older people because they always have high-waisted pants. You might not appreciate it because it will certainly not look good on you because of its traditional style. Although the brand has modern-looking jeans but then it is likely not worth your time looking
  4. Finally, some people complain about the quality of Lee, they say they start to wear out quickly and they don’t stretch out at all
  5. You are likely to face the issue of sizing as Lee does not have much of different styles and fits.

 Problems associated with buying Wrangler Jeans

  1. Wrangler jeans are not true to size, they don’t stretch over time, but they shrink whenever you wash them. It is recommended you go for a size or 2 sizes larger than your initial size. Wrangler does not do well to have enough inseam length to fit a person’s height. A lot of people say their jeans run too short.
  2. Another major problem you are likely to face is the price, the Wrangler jeans are a bit expensive, you cannot afford them if you are on a budget.
  3. The third problem is not being able to alter the style of the jeans if they are too long or too short.
  4. Another problem is associated with buying them online and not being able to try them on beforehand.
  5. There might be issues with sizing, as Wrangler jeans come in different fits


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