What Are Wrangler Jeans Quality Issues?

Usually, when you want to buy any brand of jeans, the best thing you need to do first is to check for reviews on that particular brand. Especially if you are about to spend some good money on that brand.

I will give you the major Wrangler jean quality issues that a lot of customers have complained about, I will also show you how Wrangler as a company is responding to the quality issues and what they are doing to curb them.

This is not to say that Wrangler is not a good brand, however, it is to simply identify the major quality issues that customers are having with this brand.

6 Wrangler jeans quality issues that I know of

  • The Jeans usually Shrink after washing
  • They are not accurately sized – they run small
  • It has a poor stitching quality
  • The rivets keep popping off
  • It is prone to ripping at the rear pocket
  • The belt loop is not the best quality

Wrangler Jeans usually shrink after washing

This is the most popular issue that Wrangler jeans have in their quality. A lot of customers have experienced this and they have also complained about this too.

This happens majorly when you wear your Wrangler jeans a couple of times and it gets dirty, only for you to wash it and after it has dried you will begin to notice that your Wrangler jean is shrinking.

One of the causes of this shrinking is because the material build of the Wrangler jeans is a tough one, especially the category of Wrangler jeans that is majorly for work because it is used for work the material build has to be thick and strong.

It is because of this thick material that when you wash the Wrangler jeans it starts to shrink. When you notice the shrink is when the jeans have dried the shrink is more obvious because it is no longer wet.

How you can prevent this shrinking is when you want to wash your Wrangler jeans you should wash them in very hot water, you should wash them in long cycles as well.

Also, when you want to dry it ensure that you dry it in a hot setting as well, this will help the jeans maintain their shape.

They are not true to size – they run small

This is another popular quality issue that Wrangler jeans have. Customers have complained about this and it still keeps reoccurring. Because the jeans hardly stretch, they run small.

This means that it actually is smaller than the exact size you pick, that is why when you want to select a particular size of Wrangler jeans you should always go a size up.

What I mean by this is that if you wear a size 34 jeans you should select a size 36 Wrangler jeans so that when you purchase one for yourself it will be able to be the exact size and fit snugly.

If you don’t size up when you purchase a size 34 Wrangler jeans, it is most likely going to be smaller than you, that is why you need to size up.

This is another major Wrangler jeans quality issue that they have. You can curb this by sizing up.

It has a poor stitching quality

This is another quality issue that Wrangler jeans have. When you purchase one for yourself you may not notice this immediately, but when you start to wear the Jean occasionally you will start to experience this quality issue.

The stitching quality is what determines how strong the Jean will be when you wear them, also, when the jeans stretch, the stitching will help them to stay strong and not tear apart.

When the stitching is not strong as it is supposed to be then the Jean will easily tear apart at any slightest stretch.

When you stretch the jeans, you should always have it in mind to ensure that you do not over-stretch them to their limit, doing that could cause the Jean to tear apart because of the poor stitching.

The rivets keep popping off

This is one other quality issue I have noticed in Wrangler jeans. When you take a look at the crotch area in Wrangler jeans, you will notice that there are usually metal rivets fasteners, this helps it stay stronger.

However, the rivets do not perform as they should. This is common mostly in the cowboy category of jeans. That is where you will see jeans with rivets a lot.

You will also notice that there are rivet reinforcements at the pocket area which makes it.

One thing about these rivets is that they keep popping off unexpectedly, it is not as durable as they are supposed to be and this is one quality issue that Wrangler jeans have.

The rivets are supposed to hold the fabric so they will remain stronger, but they keep popping out.

It is prone to ripping at the rear pocket

This does not happen only to Wrangler jeans, other types of Jean usually have this issue. Lots of customers have complained about this quality issue of the Wrangler jeans, they complain that the rear pocket usually gets ripped after some time of usage.

Most times this happens when you constantly put items in the rear pocket of your Wrangler jeans and it starts to wear out gradually at the upper corners of the rear pocket because of the extra weight and stretch that occurs when you constantly put items at the back pocket.

When this happens constantly, when you sit, stand, and also when you put your hands in the pocket and other items in the pocket it makes that area wear out too quickly, this is a quality issue.

The belt loops are not the best quality

Wrangler jeans are made with durable material, but there is a slight difference in the material used in making the belt loop, the material at the inside of the belt loop is made of a slightly thinner material than the rest of the Wrangler jeans.

The thinner the material is, the easier it is to rip. Most times then the belt loop gets torn or ripped, it is a result of constant friction.

The friction is caused because you always rub your belt against the body of the belt loop, when this gets too frequent because the material of the belt loop is thinner, it will be prone to ripping, most times it will even get ripped.

This is another quality issue that Wrangler jeans do have. You should be aware of this from now on and choose to not expose your belt loop to excess friction.

What are the different Wrangler jeans?

There are a variety of Wrangler jeans out there. This is really a good thing because it gives customers options for them to choose which style of jeans they want to get.

When you have different options, your customers will always have the opportunity to choose which one matches or suits the exact style they want to go for.

This segment of this article explains the different Wrangler jeans that are available and helps you make a decision on which one you should go for.

Take a look at the various Wrangler jeans:

There are three different styles of Wrangler jeans, they are:

  • Bootcut jeans
  • Straight jeans
  • Tapered Jeans

Bootcut jeans

This is a common style of Wrangler jeans that people usually buy for themselves. Bootcut jeans are usually built in such a way that they fit over boots.

When you wear it the leg of the Jean is able to cover your boots. This is how you identify the bootcut jeans. When you take a look at the fitting of these bootcut jeans, you will notice that they have wider legs, and they are also loose throughout the leg.

This makes it comfortable for you if you like bootcut jeans. Especially for those who wear boots a lot, you would embrace this bootcut jeans style the most.

Straight jeans

This is another style of Wrangler jeans that people like a lot. This is quite the opposite of the bootcut style. This particular one has a straight leg that is also narrow. When you wear this with boots it does not cover the boot.

This type of jeans fits best when you wear them with good shoes. Wearing this with boots is not a bad idea, but if the boot is wide and big then it is best you rock it with bootcut jeans.

However, since these are straight jeans, the best to wear it with is good leather shoes or sneakers. They would look really good on you.

Those who are slim would love the straight jeans, they are the ones who purchase it more because it fits their body type snugly. Wearing bootcut jeans as a slim person may not really look so good on you.

Tapered jeans

This is another type of Wrangler jeans that is a bit similar to the straight jeans, but this one is quite different in the left area.

The straight jeans are straight and narrow all through the leg of the jean, but these tapered jeans have a more fitted leg that gets narrower towards the bottom of the jeans.

This type of Jean fits best with sneakers as well, you could use other types of shoes to rock this, but it will still look great on you.

Now that you know these various styles of Wrangler jeans, it will become easier for you to choose which one you want to get for yourself.

You can always take some samples of each of these styles of Jean to see if it will fit your body type, also, you can choose the exact one you want based on what style you love and what kind of outfit you want to rock it with.

If you are someone that is slim, straight jeans or tapered jeans will look better on you based on the fact that you have a slim body. That is why I explained the styles of Wrangler jeans that are available.

How is Wrangler trying to solve their quality issues?

Because Wrangler as a brand takes feedback from their customers and they also do their best to fix whatever issue the customers complain about, they have taken note of these quality issues and are trying to solve them by making the Wrangler jeans warranty available.

What this warranty does is that if you purchase any of the Wrangler jeans and it happens to have a factory quality issue, as long as the item is still under the warranty period and the issue was not caused intentionally by you, you are entitled to a refund, a replacement or a repair.

This means that if you purchase Wrangler jeans and it happens to get damaged as time goes on without you inflicting the damage on the jeans, you can always take them back under warranty to get either a replacement, a repair, or a refund.

This is a good step and it will also encourage customers to buy more of the Wrangler jeans because of this warranty feature.

The warranty period is usually for one year, this means that for a period of one year the Wrangler jeans you purchase are all under warranty.


I have already highlighted the quality issues that Wrangler jeans usually have. Some of these quality issues are the shrinking of the jeans after washing, also the small size of the jeans, etc.

I mentioned that you can curb the shrinking jeans by ensuring that you wash them with hot water occasionally and also ensure that you dry them in a hot setting.

Also, Wrangler jeans usually run small, they are not true to size, I mentioned that to curb this you can always go one size up to ensure that the jeans remain your size and it is not small for you.

Are there any Wrangler jeans quality issues that you are aware of? You should share them in the comments section. Let’s learn together.

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