Why Do My Pants Twist When I Wear UGGs?

This question has been asked about a thousand times but no direct answer is addressed to the question.

You have probably come across these comments a few times or you have the same complaint.

We are going to have a look at this particular issue and answer the following questions; can boots cause pant twists? Are pant twists permanent? How do we fix pant twists?

As much as you love the UGG boots, a twisted look on the seams of your jeans ruins the perfection.

These questions truly flood the internet but you can’t find a solution to the problem. Let’s read on and see if we can create a Life Hack of our own.

So, Why Do My Pants Twist When I Wear UGGs?

First, unless the leg twist is temporary, it is not caused by your UGG boots.

There is nothing special about the UGG boots that make them different from other boots but there is a feature that is capable of having contact with your jeans and possibly causing the twisted look.

So, wrong styling and the snug fit of your UGG boots can cause your pants to twist.

Let’s unpack the details:

  • Wrong styling
  • Snug Fit of UGG boots

Wrong Styling

In this case, the leg twist can be considered a temporary one. Technically, this shouldn’t be called a leg twist since the seams don’t actually shift, even though it looks like it.

In this case, all that is needed is some adjustment but it will repeat itself if not properly styled.

Skinny jeans work better for most boots so they can be tucked in. UGG boots are very high so most people prefer tucking in the hems of their pants.

As someone wearing loose or bootcut pants, you might want to consider letting the hems of the pants lay over your boots.

Bootcut and flared pants seem to hide your boot but they were created to lay on your boots, which is fine.

Loose and straight jeans, on the other hand, may look wrinkled and twisted if you let the hems lay on your boots.

Snug Fit of UGG Boots

As mentioned earlier, UGGs have no special feature that is confirmed to be the cause of leg twists. The UGG boots fit snugly when you first get them.

If you are wearing skinny jeans and tucking the hems in your UGG boots, a temporary leg twist is possible when you move around and turn, especially when the hems of your skinny jeans are not snug.

The leg of your jeans can be shifted slightly by the boots because, while the boots hug the hems of the jeans, the jeans are not tight enough on you.

How To Control Temporary Leg Twists In UGGs

This is pretty simple. Once we have learned the little causes of the weird twist, we can definitely find a way to fix it.

However, this can only be fixed because the boots only give the temporary look.

This answers the question; Are Pant Twists Permanent? Yes. Pant twists are actually permanent and can’t be fixed.

If you are having a leg twist in your UGGs, as long as the twist isn’t there when you are not wearing the boots, you can breathe out.

Below are a few ways to prevent the leg twist appearance in your UGG boots:

  1. Style Correctly
  2. Choose snug jeans
  3. Utilize Ankle Straps

Style Correctly

Styling your jeans wrongly can give other absurd appearances, asides from the leg twists, so it’s important to wear your jeans in the right way to avoid looking childish.

If you won’t tuck in the hems of your jeans, wear the right jeans. If you will choose bootcut jeans, make sure they are not long enough to look rough and wrinkled on your boots

For the females, you can choose to roll up the hems of your jeans into a cuff. That grants a nicer look plus there will be no contact with the UGG boots then.

If you happen to experience the leg twist after this, then you might have to look into other possible causes. It could be the fabric of the jeans, your posture, or the way you walk.

Choose Snug Jeans

If you will be tucking the hems of your jeans into your boots, it is advisable to choose skinny jeans and make sure the hems are snug.

While this cause is just possible, it is not proven yet so choosing snug jeans doesn’t guarantee your freedom from leg twists.

However, this method should be considered, as long as the leg twists only appear when you are in your UGG boots.

If it appears outside your UGG boots, consider checking your posture and the way you walk. If not, a snug fit on your legs should be able to remain firm and straight.

Utilize Ankle Straps

You might want to try this idea in fixing a permanent leg twist but it won’t work. You will only be wringing the jeans.

Truly, permanent leg twists cannot be fixed. However, since it is still temporary and just in your UGG boots, you should check it out.

Ankle straps are for exercising but they can hold the hem of your jeans firmly and prevent the twist.

This is recommended if the snug jeans are not successful in preventing the leg twist. With the Ankle Straps on the hems, it should be fixed.

This will only look fine if you are in skinny jeans. If you are wearing another style of jeans, you should consider rolling the hems into a cuff.

Other temporary leg twists that totally have nothing to do with your boots include:

Small size

The way your jeans sit on your waist matters. When the jeans are small or too tight for you, especially in the legs, there is a tendency that the seams will glide off shape without you realizing it.

The tightness will remain the same on your legs, while you won’t feel the stealthy movement. However, it is just the look. If the pair of jeans is given to someone who wears that size, it will look perfect and straight.


When your jeans are rough, they can look like they are out of shape. The rumpling and wrinkling, even wringing, of a pair of jeans can give it the appearance of a twisted seam.

However, it is unreal. If you wear jeans, there is a tendency for the seams to straighten up. If it doesn’t, there is no cause for alarm. Get an electric iron and press on the fabric to get it smooth and straight, back in shape.

Causes Of Permanent Leg Twists

This sounds dangerous but it’s not your legs in trouble. Once again, actual leg twists cannot be fixed. Once the seams appear twisted, they remain that way forever. If you are wondering how this happens, it’s not the fault of the users.

This is common to many brands so no brand is getting insulted by it since they have developed strategies to help the situation. The causes of the leg twists include;

  • Manufacturing fault
  • Untreated fabric
  • Weave style
  • Off-grain Cut

Manufacturing Fault

There is a high chance the twisted legs are caused by a defect in the manufacturing process, and this may not be entirely your fault.

Sometimes, you find the jeans that way but the twisted seams are not very obvious for you to take seriously.

However, when you try them on for the second time, they look different from what you got from the store. It is advisable to check for this immediately after you buy your jeans and return them if you notice a twisted leg.

It cannot be fixed or managed so there really is no time to let it go. Also, there is a higher chance that it will worsen after washing it for the first time.

The scary part is you may not get any hint of a twisted seam till you wash it for the first time. Then, it may be too late to return the pants.

Untreated Fabric

This is not a fault, technically. Many brands produce untreated denim jeans and there are usually complaints about leg twists, even among the biggest brands in the industry.

Usually, the manufacturers make the jeans go through a sanforization process to shrink the fabric and prevent it from drastically shrinking later on.

Jeans that didn’t go through this process have their pros but they tend to shrink greatly when they are washed. This is where the leg twists come in.

When twilled jeans shrink, the legs tend to twist. Unfortunately, the high shrink level will make the twist too obvious to ignore and there will be nothing you can do about it.

To prevent this, you can make sure the jeans you are buying are treated before you pay.

Weave Style

This displeasing defect seems to be hidden in the jeans like a time bomb, waiting to be ignored by laundering.

To produce the denim used for jeans, cotton fibers are twilled. Whether denim fabrics are treated or not, the shrink happens, though the treated denim jeans shrink more.

When your jeans shrink, the fabric shifts in the direction of the weaving.

Since denim fabrics are woven diagonally, this explains the diagonal shift of the seams which we call “Leg Twists”.

The Wrangler brand found a solution to this by creating the new weaving style called “Broken Twill weaving”. The jeans created with this weaving style are said to be immune to leg twists.

If you have had enough leg twists, you might want to buy jeans labeled with “Broken Twill Weaving”.

Off-Grain Cut

The leg twist is usually clearer in this case. This is a manufacturing defect where some of the fabrics are cut unevenly.

The fabrics are usually cut in a pile which can be considered easier. However, if one of the fabrics in the middle of the pile is tilted, it may not be noticed and the cut will be uneven.

It is usually not as profound as the other permanent causes and it won’t become worse unless the weave style was originally prone to twisting and it has nothing to do with the cut.

Since this type of twist can be seen from the start, you can easily avoid it.


You can spare your UGG boots the blame of your leg twists, now that you know what to do when the twists happen.

Make sure to avoid permanent leg twists. Once the twist happens, there is no going back. You’ll only have to hope the twist isn’t too noticeable or that’s the end of it.


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