Why Do My New Pants Smell Bad?

There are not many reasons why your pants will smell bad.

Some of the key causes of bad smells from your pants are sometimes based on the process they underwent during manufacturing.

Another cause is probably because you have stuffed them inside the box for too long without air which has caused them to develop a bad odor.

If either is not the case with you then it is simply because of the fact that you are dirty. Probably you don’t bathe regularly which ends up leaving dirty dead cells sticking to your pants and emitting a bad smell.

How do you get the smell out of new Pants?

If you are here on this article it shows you are a victim of the above definition and I am sure you are looking for answers.

There are some ways you can get the bad smell and odor out of your pants. I will outline some of these ways that are known to work and with a guarantee, you can kiss the bad smell from your pants goodbye.

  • Hanging them outside
  • Wash them with scented detergents
  • Use vinegar to wash them

Hanging them outside

One of the simplest ways you can get the bad smell out of your pants is by hanging them outside.

This technique is known to work with jeans that were stuffed in boxes away from the air which made them develop a bad smell.

If this is your case, then you are better off hanging them outside as this will allow them to have enough of the air they lacked earlier which made them develop a bad smell.

The exposure now will drive away from the bad smell.

Wash them with scented detergents

Another way that works for any of the situations you are in is the use of scented detergents to wash your pants.

This method works regardless of the cause of the smell. Its only red flag is the notation that scented detergents may possess chemicals or agents that may fade your pants that is if they are on the dark-colored side.

Apart from this, this is the perfect step to take if you intend to get the bad smell out of your pant.

This works just fine and as a bonus, it will leave a more pleasant smell or rather scent on your pants.

Use vinegar to wash them

If you are the type that likes to use their own body fragrance on their clothing, then perhaps you should go for the vinegar method.

Vinegar removes the smell totally and leaves them scentless. Which will then allow you to be able to apply your own fragrance on them and so you must have fought off the bad smell forever.

It is quite easy with this method. Mix your vinegar in a bucket of cold water, soak and then rinse with cold water again and allow to dry on the line.

How do you prevent new Pants from smelling?

The thing about preventing new pants from smelling all depends on the kind of pants you get in the first place.

There are new pants that do not have any smell at all. you just get them and can only tell they are new because of how they look.

The smell you might have perceived from other clothes might not be there on some.

Nevertheless, if there is ever a chance whereby you don’t like the smell of your new stock, what you can do about that is you can wash them first with a scented detergent.

This counters the smell they came with or applies body fragrance on them to customize the smell to a scent for your convenience.

For more clarification on this question, I have decided to outline a few steps you can follow by using baking soda to get rid of the new smell from your pants.

  • First, get a bucket of cold water as you would with a vinegar
  • The next step is to add 2 cups of baking soda and then make sure you soak the new set of pants overnight.
  • After all that, the last and less complex step is to wash the new set of pants in the morning as you would wash normal clothes.
  • Make sure to add ½ cup of the baking soda that you used earlier for soaking the pant when you are at the rinsing cycle.

Do all new Pants smell Bad?

No. Not all new pants smell bad.

This is because the whole ideology of bad smell most times depends on our sense of smelling organs capacity.

It is no longer a new thing that we all have certain preferences for weird things. For example, I might like the way my new set of pants smells even though you might dislike the same smell, which will cause you to act against it in an attempt to get rid of that same smell.

With reference to this, it is not an assumption when one answers No to this question, as there is a possibility that it is not the pant smelling bad rather, it is just your sensory organs detecting what you feel is not cool for you.

The case is the same with this question. In some sense, all new pants do not smell bad although there are tons of people who would argue this fact just like I have stated earlier on and I would want you to know that you are not on the wrong track if you think otherwise.

You just have to find a way to prove to me that a line of 10 people will all like the way this smells and also collectively not like the way that smells.

There is a high possibility that at least one out of these people will dislike what they all like and maybe like what they all disliked.

Should you wash your new pants before you wear them?

Yes, you should. It is not only advisable to wash your new pants before you wear them, but it is also wise to do that because you do not know the chemicals that were applied to them during manufacturing.

Although this does not apply to all pants as some are less complex than others, there is a possibility that the pant you had just bought was baptized in toxic chemicals like dyes to help keep their colors together.

When you wear such kinds of pants without washing them first, you stand a risk of being exposed to skin irritation which shows your skin reacting to these chemicals that were used in manufacturing these pants in the first place.

Washing your new pant saves you from possible health complications which I am sure you won’t want to deal with.

How do you wash new Pants?

It is quite easy to wash your new set of pants and since it is medically beneficial and advised that you do, I have taken the remedy to outline some simple steps of how you can wash your new set of pants.

  • Remove all the tags/unwanted objects
  • Turn them inside out
  • Wash with detergent using hands
  • Dry on the line

Remove all the tags/unwanted objects

New clothes are fond of coming with tags and all, it is important that you remove them first when you want to wash them.

Turn them inside out

Turning your new pants inside out is very important as it reduces the impact of you washing them on the exterior.

Since washing can be considered a rigorous process of squishing and squashing then turning your pants inside out will definitely reduce the impact your squishing and squashing would have caused on the exterior.

Wash with detergent using hands

Machine washing would be some people’s choice even though it is advisable that you wash your pants with your hands and not the washing machine.

The washing machine is more rigorous and might leave your pants fading if care is not taken.

Dry on the line

After everything, allow your pants to dry naturally. There is no need to use the dryer or force them to dry.

You can hang them outside on the line and let them dry without a rush.


You don’t have to live with the bad smell coming from your pants as I have just provided a solution for you that I am sure will work if you work with it as stated.

Another thing you should take note of is that not taking your bath will leave your clothing smelling bad, and there is no amount of washing or applying fragrance on your pants that will change the smell coming from your body.

So personal hygiene does have an important role to play in all this, take note.


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