Why Do My New Jeans Smell Like Poop? (Question Answered)

Denim from a factory is stiff and full of colors and toxic chemicals from the manufacturing process to when it arrives at your door.

It’s critical to get rid of chemical odors from new jeans not just so you can get them exactly how you want them, but also to protect your skin from allergies.

So, what are the reasons why my new jeans smell like poop?

This question might seem strange or unusual to some but it’s a very serious problem.

Imagine you purchase new jeans at the store or online, but can’t wear them because they smell like poop – Literally. The good news is, it’s definitely the jeans and not you.

One of the root causes of a poop smell in your new pair of jeans is Formaldehyde applied during the manufacturing process.

The formaldehyde used in the production process in jeans is to prevent molds, germs, mildew, and other substances from wearing out the cloth while it is still stocked in the warehouse might be responsible for the foul stench you notice from your new pants.

To keep their color strong and vibrant, dark jeans require a huge amount of dye and chemicals.

Some clothing brands tend to add these chemicals in excess to give it the desired look and feel. This action may result in the poop or chemical smell you may perceive.

Another cause for the stench would be Sulfur dye. The Sulfur smell is often like that of rotten egg or even poop.

Sulfur dyes are a cost-effective way to achieve darker denim tones by reducing the amount of indigo dye required.

Like I mentioned earlier, most brands tend to add these dyes in excess and therefore ignore the repercussions of poop-smelling jeans.

What can happen to you if your Jeans continue to smell that bad?

The lingering foul smell on your Jeans is a cause for concern. While there might not be serious health implications to foul-smelling jeans, there are, however, social implications.

Body odor

Everyone likes to be accepted, the lingering poop smell on your jeans can eventually affect your body odor making you smell unpleasant and hence make you seem unkempt or untidy.

Imagine attending an event, all dressed up in your expensive outfit and ready to impress, but the foul stench seems to hover around you regardless of how much cologne/ perfume you have on.

This may not be a national disaster, but it can cause you distress and make you feel very uncomfortable. It may also irritate your skin causing itchy skin, rashes, or even swelling.

You may decide to abandon the Jeans

Another effect of this is that you end up not wearing them anymore and this will mean wasted money and time going to the store to purchase them.

No one likes to walk around smelling a particularly odd way. The chances are you probably will not wear these jeans to any social event- Or anywhere else at all.

The good news is there are a few hacks you can apply to remove this stench from your new jeans permanently.

How do you get the poop smell out permanently?

While not all manufacturers employ dangerous chemicals during production, new jeans should always be washed before wearing them.

You don’t even need to buy expensive washing detergents to get rid of that new-jeans odor; simply wash them with acidic household products, which are known for breaking down chemicals (or, in washing terms, stains and the likes).

Because of their low pH, these items are successful.

If your denim has a peculiar chemical odor, here’s how to get rid of it permanently, while being safe:

You can get the smell out with baking soda

Why Do My New Jeans Smell Like Poop

Have you ever kept a box of baking soda in your refrigerator to absorb strange odors?

Soak your jeans in cold water with baking soda dissolved in them before washing them regularly. This is a safe and natural technique to get rid of chemical odors in your clothes.

This household product doesn’t just brighten clothes, but will help take away the odor found in your new jeans.

Use Borax

Why Do My New Jeans Smell Like Poop

BORAX has a PH of about 9.13. Adding this to water will change the pH level of the water to 8.

Slightly alkaline PH is very ideal for cleaning and washing. Although for most people, borax isn’t a common household commodity, it’s as useful as it is varied.

It’s also very effective at removing fungal and chemical-based odors. To remove heavy odors from jeans or any clothing, use it in the same way you would baking soda.

Use Vinegar too

Why Do My New Jeans Smell Like Poop

White vinegar is a natural deodorizer that can also help your clothes look brighter. To combat the formaldehyde in your washing machine, add this ingredient before you start it.

It naturally breaks down odor-causing chemicals due to its high acidity. If none of the other approaches work, a vinegar rinse might be the answer.

Soak your jeans in a solution of white vinegar and cold water for 30-60 minutes, then rinse well with cold water.

The chemical and vinegar odors will dissipate after the jeans are completely dry. This procedure also helps to keep the cloth colors in place.

Airing out your Jeans

The majority of life’s problems can be solved with a good dose of fresh air. We all desire a good dose of fresh air when we feel choked up with heat and stress.

Therefore, your new pair of stinky pants are no exception. Without washing your jeans, you may decrease and prevent odors by hanging them inside-out in a well-ventilated place or under the sun.

Chemicals that create odor will be broken down by UV radiation. These rays are so strong that they can even bleach fabric (thus the importance of turning your new pants inside out).

By spraying your jeans with diluted vinegar, you can hasten the sun’s odor-eliminating impact. Set up a fan to waft the chemicals from your garments outside if you prefer to hang them inside your room.

Washing with OxiClean

If these suggestions don’t work, fill a bucket halfway with hot water and add a scoop of OxiClean.

Fill the bucket halfway with water and soak the jeans overnight. While they are soaking, there may be an odor, but it will dissipate once they are rinsed.

Remove the jeans from the bucket and wash them as usual – you may choose to put on clean gloves.

Doing these will not only result in cleaner Jeans but will drastically reduce the odor you perceive.

Do all new jeans smell like poop?

While new jeans may possess a peculiar smell, not all new jeans smell like poop.

Most clothing manufacturers commonly use harsh chemicals especially Formaldehyde on new clothing to keep them from mildewing or wrinkling.

There are however companies that choose health-conscious alternatives and never use Formaldehyde on pants or packaging materials.

Favorite Jeans brands that do not smell


DUER never treats clothes with formaldehyde or other toxic chemicals, hence it is very safe to wear and most definitely does not smell like poop.

Levi Strauss & Co

Not only is this brand popular for its high taste in quality and style in denim jeans, but there hasn’t been any record of reports from its customers.

J.Crew and Madewell

This is another of my favorite jean brands that I’ve grown to love and patronize over the years.

J.Crew and Madewell have partnered with Fair Trade USA, a non-profit that assists firms in improving employee working conditions and implementing environmentally responsible manufacturing techniques.

J.Crew and Madewell both launched their first Fair Trade Certified denim collections and as a result of this, the jeans produced, which are also created in Saitex factories, consume 75 percent less water, 65 percent fewer chemicals

This means little or no Formaldehyde is used in the manufacturing processes – and it utilizes 65 percent less energy.

Another classic brand is Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans was created with the idea of long-term sustainability in mind.

It employs a high percentage of environmentally friendly ingredients in its goods, such as GOTS-certified cotton (which reduces the amount of chemicals and water required in denim production) and reuses most offcuts to reduce waste.

This forward-thinking firm provides free lifetime repairs and encourages customers to buy one pair of jeans and wear it as much as possible before cleaning or discarding them.

Nudie Jeans will take your jeans back when you no longer desire them and resell them or utilize them for repairing supplies.

There are so many jeans brands out there with different manufacturing processes.

Finding the best fit for your aesthetic preference and also meeting your budget shouldn’t be a hassle, but getting ones that do not have a peculiar smell is a priority and luckily for you, these brands have them all, with a refund policy, too.

The choice is yours, you can either choose to completely get the odor with the simple hacks listed above or switch to one of these brands.


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