Why Do My Pants Smell Like Farts?

Your pants smell of farts because there might have been cases of you farting out some small particles of poop that you had no idea of and weren’t even aware it even happened.

Pants are mostly-body-hugged which in most cases are not lose-enough to let air circulate around. When you fart, in some cases you are in that process-letting out some small particles of poop that will stay on your pants giving them the stench.

In this article, we will be discussing how to deal with such kinds of occurrences in the best way possible.

Does fart stay on my Pants?

Yes, farts stay on the pants.

One is the case whereby the small particles let out together with your fart when you make one and then the second is the case whereby the smell sticks around for long due to the fact that some pants are made with airtight materials making it impossible for air to circulate around you and also hindering the dispersion of your farts due to their texture.

In the case of one, it mostly occurs whenever you feel the need to wear your pants without any undies or inner wear. This makes it possible for the particles to let out together with your farts to stick to the fabrics, and the pants you are wearing.

Since these particles are sometimes very small that we sometimes don’t even know we have let them out, and also for the fact that some pants are actually very thick that we feel the need to wear them a couple of times before washing them, this singular acts makes it possible for farts to stay on your pants.

How to get fart smell out of my Jeans

Every problem has a solution. In this part of the article, we will be defining some easy steps anyone can use to kill the stench from their jeans and pants in general.

You don’t have to dispose of your jeans or even pants simply because of fart smell and you equally do not need to live with this smell either.

Jeans are very expensive in some cases, probably because of the texture and quality of the material, the need to get one should not have to be because of the smell of farts.

It should be based on choice and also for the fact that you have actually enjoyed the worth of your money to the extent that you feel it is only fair you get a new one because the old one has served its purpose.

To get the smell of farts out of your jeans you need to wash them regularly. Let’s talk about washing them regularly.

Wash regularly

This works like magic. The fact that some people feel that jeans is one of the thickest materials on earth that gets even heavier when being washed makes them feel lazy to wash their jeans regularly.

Well, it is not a bad idea, nevertheless, if you are someone like me that likes to let it out at any given opportunity whenever they have the farts gathering up, so far you are not letting it out to anyone, then you will definitely need to wash your jeans regularly.

Washing your jeans regularly, or better after every use helps deal with the smell of farts.

But, you need to know that not just any kind of washing does the trick in fighting the smell of farts off your jeans, when you have already crossed the line of avoiding the smell at all to the side of trying to fight off the smell then this will be of help to you.

  • First, in the case of trying to wash out the smell of farts from your jeans, you need to soak the jeans in cold water mixed with white vinegar and then allow your jeans to soak for 30 – 60 minutes that’s approximately 1-hour to be on a safer side.
  • After soaking you can remove the jeans, rinse them with clean and cold water and then wash them again with clean and cold water then allow them to dry.
  • After drying the odor of vinegar and the chemical will evaporate allowing your jeans to be free from both the smell of farts and the smell of the chemicals used in cleansing your jeans.

How to prevent Fart Smell from jeans

Farts are naturally occurring gases from the human body. making reference to the word “Natural” here, it means it is only natural and a natural way of life that the human body releases gas.

You won’t stop going to places simply because you fart, everyone on earth has this in common, we all fart at some point in life, in the office when we are alone while walking or even in the sitting room or bedroom.

The ability to not make others uncomfortable while you do your thing is what matters in the topic of farts.

In this part of the article, we will discuss ways possible for you to prevent the smell of farts from your jeans and pants in general.

One of the most common and easily done ways of keeping the smell of farts off your jeans or to a minimum is by wearing underwear.

Let’s talk about wearing underwear.

Wear underwear/inner wears

Although this is more on the side of preventing the smell of farts on your jeans, I feel you need to know and take this seriously if you don’t before because it can also serve as a wise step in fighting and also removing the smell of farts from your jeans and pants in general.

Wearing underwear or innerwear helps filter the small particles of farts from sticking to your jeans and being on the underwear instead.

You can easily change your underwear than you can change your jeans because one is more expensive than the other.

The underwear can easily be shuffled than jeans or pants, this method lets you wear your jeans trouser for more than once because when you fart the under/inner wears filters the small particles of poop that might have stuck to your pants and let the air take care of the smell.

In this case, you can easily wash your innerwear while your jeans stay safe away from the small particles of farts that should have stained the jeans in the absence of under/innerwear and make them stink.

Another way to prevent the smell of farts from your jeans is to not wear your jeans at all when you feel you have a running stomach, probably due to overfeeding or the wrong combination of foods.

Sometimes we go on ahead to eat a lot of things that will leave the stomach grumbling due to the combo of food done and then ready to erupt like a volcano.

When we feel like this, from past experience one is supposed to know that farts are unavoidable.

It is advisable to wear light pants and if possible light jeans that can allow air to circulate your body freely in case of farts so that the air can properly disperse the smell and counter it from staying on your pants, that is after being filtered by the inner wears.


The thing about farting as I earlier stated is that it is very natural. A healthy person is known to fart regularly because farting is the by-product of the body’s digestive system working.

Even though it may seem embarrassing and quite awful to perceive, it is advisable to not hold in your farts, when you feel pressed and need to let it out, you can excuse yourself and release the dangerous gas in order to not hold in harmful gas due to the need to not feel embarrassed or something.

Since farting is considered natural, you can’t decide to go out or what not to wear all the time to avoid leaving your pants with the smell of farts.

There are farts proof underwear these days in the market, you can get a couple of them from Amazon and use them for your convenience even in public places

With the fart-proof undies, the only thing left for you to deal with will be suppressing the sound of your farts, LOL. It will be a funny scenario when you try to let out a silent fart since you now have a fart proof undies on and then you end up making a noisy one instead LOL.

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