Why Do My Pants Keep Splitting? Here’s What We Know!

Wearing a cloth has left the point of just being an essential; it is now a reflection of personality.  It is how we dress that determines how we are addressed and even how we are accepted in society.

It is certainly a bad societal attitude, to either wear pants that are split or get torn. But the unfortunate news is that a lot of people fall victim to this occurrence, and are somewhat confused about why it happens and how to stop or prevent it from happening.

In a bid to address and provide succor to those who have grieved the loss of a dear pant, this article is birthed.

The scopes covered in this piece cuts across why pants split or rip, and how to stop it from happening. It also provides answers to the lovers of jeans who have seen their jeans rip in the back pocket without helping the matter.

Why Do My Pants Keep Splitting

What could be the reasons why my pants keep splitting?

The reasons why your pants keep splitting, may not be what you hear when it does but it is necessary you know these things.

Your knowledge of them will help you to understand the suddenness of your pants splitting and also help you explain these reasons to any around you that experienced the same thing.

Whether they are friends, family, or a colleague at work, you can help enlighten them. The possible reasons why your pants keep splitting are as follows:

Too Much Bleaching

Why Do My Pants Keep Splitting

Have you ever seen a blouse or clothes that split in two due to bleaching? Well, the same fate awaits your pants, if you are a fan of bleaching.

Using bleach solutions on your pants, whether to remove stains or to get a color, is not a great idea.

Especially, if you are expecting those pants to last long. Applying much bleach to your pants increases its liability to wear and tear.

Most of these bleach solutions contain chemicals that break down fabrics. If you use any of those bleaches, your pants could split anytime.

Use of Dryer

Dryers are quite helpful; you don’t have to wait for your clothes to get dried outside. Possibly, if you want to wash and wear them immediately, using a dryer comes very handy.

But do you know that using dryers frequently could damage your pants? I guess you don’t, that’s why you are still using dryers for your pants.

The use of dryers for your pants overheats the fabric and causes it to split over time.

Regular Washing

Why Do My Pants Keep Splitting

This is another reason why your pants keep splitting. Regular and consistent washing of your pants is not healthy for the pants, because it can result to wear and tear as time goes on.

Unattended Patches

Why Do My Pants Keep Splitting

Leaving the patches in pants can lead to the splitting of the pants. Once a small patch in a patch is left unattended, it can cut through from the little spot and spread to the rest of the pants. And this can ultimately cause the splitting of your pants.

Inferior Pants

Buying and wearing inferior pants can lead to the splitting of the pants after a short while of wearing them.

You should not expect that the cheap jeans you bought will last long, so when they split just know that they are inferior. Inferior pants tend to split because they are made with strong materials.

Tight Pants

Why Do My Pants Keep Splitting

Wearing tight pants can cause them to split, due to the congestion it creates in the pants. There is excess friction on both legs of the pants, which can result in splitting.

Excess Weight

A lot of people who are adding in size and weight often have the issue of pants splitting. Since they are growing past their pant size, the threads in the pants can pull off and split.

How you can keep Your Pants from Splitting?

As you have known the reasons why your pants keep splitting, it is time to know how to prevent them from doing so.

There are tips to achieve this, even from some clothing companies, but here is a rundown of how you can keep your pants from splitting.

Use Specific Detergent

Why Do My Pants Keep Splitting

Some pants are made from cotton while others are made from lycra. And there are also different type of detergents which is used in washing them, both liquid and powdered detergents.

Using a detergent meant for lycra on a cotton material can cause damage to the fabrics and lead to splitting. Therefore to avoid this, make sure you are using the right type of detergent.

Get more Pants

Why Do My Pants Keep Splitting

Having many pants reduces your chances of using just one or two, thereby giving you more options to choose from. It can keep your pants from splitting as you now limit your use of one pant.

Buy Fitting Pants

Wearing pants that fit in well on your body is important because it prevents them from splitting. Quit wearing tight pants, due to their high risk of splitting. Therefore, try to get pants that fit.

These measures can be taken to achieve this:

Knowing your size

Just like wearing and buying shoes, once you know your shoe size then you are covered. The same rule implies in pants, as knowing your pant size will help you get the ones that will fit in well.

Read Product Details and Specifications

Why Do My Pants Keep Splitting

Make sure you read the pant’s description and specifications before you make an order. This usually works if you are shopping online, so do not skip that part.

Testing other Pants

To make sure you are buying the right size and fitting, endeavor to test a couple of pants. With this, you will notice the one which goes well, before you make the final decision on the one you are going home with.

Quality Material

The reason why most pants split is that they are made with inferior materials, like synthetic cotton. Therefore, to keep your pants from splitting it will be only thoughtful to only buy pants made with quality materials.

To do this, it will be necessary you check out pants from only reputable vendors, both physically and online.

Look for price variations, as it sometimes determines whether a certain pant is inferior or quality.

You can also ask for tips from friends or family members, who have used the pants before.

You can also reach out to your colleagues at work, one or two people could have something to commend. It will either be a recommendation or a warning.

Try losing some weight

Why Do My Pants Keep Splitting

Most people complain that their pants began to split when they started gaining weight. Since excessive weight is related to the splitting of pants, the n weight loss will also help keep them from splitting.

Therefore, instead of condemning those sleek pants of yours due to excess weight, why not save them by losing weight. You are not only going to save your pants, but you will also save your health status.

Why Do My Pants Keep Ripping In-between the Legs?

Why Do My Pants Keep Splitting

A lot of people complain of having a tear in-between their legs, which is around the area known as the ‘Crotch’.

This occurrence is sparked by some factors, which are partly tied to the person wearing the pants and the pants themselves. Some of these reasons are:

The friction of Thighs

Pants are prone to rip apart if there is friction between the thighs. What this means is that the thighs rub against each other as you take a walk.

If there is no fitting in the pants, the thighs can rub against each other, even as you take a walk through the park or the beach.

Wearing Tight Pants

Wearing tight pants does the same to your pants as rubbing your thighs. The only difference is that the problem is tied to the pants and not the thighs. If you are in the fashion of wearing tight pants, just know that they are liable to rip apart.


Yes, you read right! A person’s posture when sitting down could cause the threads of the pants to rip off.

A clear example of this point is a person who likes spreading their legs when sitting. So, some of the cases of pants that rip off are a result of seating posture.

Wearing Expired Material

Wearing expired pant materials could cause them to rip apart. Some materials used in the production of pants are prone to expiration.

When this happens, the fabric loses cohesion and starts falling apart. This is another reason why your pants keep ripping in-between the legs.


Some of the answers provided by people concerning the issue tried to point to the weight of the person as the reason why your pants keep ripping from in-between your legs.

With that said, if you figure out that your pants keep ripping from the crotch, try to check in with a fitness coach.

Excessive Sweating

Studies have shown that sweat contains an acidic compound known as ‘Ammonia’. And further research proves that much presence in a piece of fabric could cause the fiber to be weak and fall apart.

The same thing happens with pants that rip from the crotch because there is a large concentration of ammonia in-between your legs from sweating.

Why Do My Jeans Rip at the Back Pocket?

Those who wear jeans and denim, primarily do so because they see it as something that is made from a strong material.

Now, how are going to feel if you find out that those strong pair of jeans are ripping from the back pocket? Before you act, try to know why such happened, and these reasons include:

Sitting on Rough Spots

One of the reasons why jeans rip from the back pocket is dependent on where you sat. You cannot always sit on rough surfaces when you go to the recreation park, and expect your jeans to remain as good as new.

Sitting on these rough surfaces, causes the fabrics of the denim to split, leading to the rip at the back pocket.

Wrong use of Detergent

Your jeans can rip from the back pocket if you make use of harsh and unfriendly detergents to wash them. There is no big theory behind this, but jeans washed with the wrong detergents can rip.

And since the back pocket receives much concentration during wash, it is the part that meets with the surface when a person sits down. It is prone to getting a good part of the detergent, which causes it to rip apart.

Excessive Friction

There are cases of people who like putting things in the back pocket. They are fond of always putting their hands in to take or leave something in the back pocket.

The friction caused by this constant movement does not go unannounced. It continues to build up and finally leads to the ripping apart of the back pocket.

Reducing this friction will help to put your back pocket in a good-looking state.


What is more annoying than having two of your best pants split apart? It becomes worse if you are to attend a function in 30 minutes, and you find yourself in the awful state of ripped pants.

Regardless, these scenes play out in the lives of a lot of individuals. Some should have been in an urgent board meeting when this happens, while others should be receiving a huge award.

But the nice part of the whole quagmire is that the occurrence of split and ripped pants won’t happen. There are practical ways of avoiding these, to get value for the cost of buying those pants.

The article also highlights why jeans rip at the back pocket. While some of the cases are caused by the wearer, others are tied to the jeans.


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