Why Do My Jeans Rip in the Middle?

People tend to throw negative reviews at brands when their jeans wear out too quickly or get torn too easily.

You can barely hear them howling at a brand over a crotch blowout. This is because it has happened again and again over the years and it’s not a plague on any brand.

After many arguments and discussions on the topic, the agreed causes range from mishandling by a user and low-quality fabrics to natural causes.

Jeans do wear out naturally but the crotch blowout tends to come first for certain reasons. You should know that crotch blowouts are a kind of wear-out, even if you are not seeing signs in other parts of the jeans.

That is because the crotch area wore out first and it’s probably your fault that it did.

Major Reasons Why Jeans Rip In The Middle

Why do jeans rip in the middle? If they are a kind of wear-out, why is it happening so quickly before the other parts of the jeans?

It’s not because you sit on it or because it’s closer to your buttocks. However, some of the reasons are just as unavoidable.

They include:

Natural Wear-out

When your jeans rip in the middle, you can consider the possibility that the pair has used up its lifespan already.

As mentioned earlier, crotch blowouts are a kind of wear-out too so we can agree a crotch blowout can happen when a pair of jeans is worn out.

While a pair of jeans can stretch out naturally, it can be caused by the actions of a user allowing the jeans to stretch out earlier than they should.

When you choose to manage a stretched-out pair of jeans, you should keep the possibility of a crotch blowout in mind.

Excessive washing (Scrubbing of crotch area)

This is one of the few ways a user can mishandle a piece of fabric. Just like a natural wear-out happens, unnatural wear-outs can set in and the possibilities of having a crotch blowout are multiplied.

Recognizing the need for less washing to keep jeans in shape, you may want to keep this in mind when dealing with your jeans.

There are countless complaints about early crotch blowout in jeans but it doesn’t have to be the same for you.

Washing your clothes often make your jeans stretch out. If you are wondering why the crotch area would stretch out first, it’s because there are other forces facilitating the stretch-out process in your pants.

Also, the part you scrub the most is more open to danger. The more you scrub the crotch area while washing, the more the risks of having a blowout.

Wrong size (Big or Small)

Wearing the wrong size of jeans can cause your jeans to rip in the middle. Even some spandex pants tend to rip when you are wearing the smaller size.

Wearing a smaller size does not only cause the crotch area to get ripped but it feels totally uncomfortable, restricting the movement of your legs.

While this is a popularly known fact, some people don’t understand that wearing a bigger size can also cause the crotch area to rip.

Wearing a bigger size may require a belt. Without a belt, the waist will slide down and an attempt to move your legs without holding the waist up will either make you stumble or rip the jeans.

Low fabric quality

When the fabric is of low quality, the jeans can stretch out quickly. As mentioned earlier, there are many forces that facilitate the stretch-out process in the crotch area so you can expect the crotch blowout to happen first.

Friction and sweat in between the legs causes holes

This is one of the unavoidable causes of crotch blowouts. The chafing and sweat between your thighs seem to take their toll on your jeans, slowly breaking down the fabric.

You can’t tell how much damage it’s done by just moving around for a few seconds. The more you walk in your jeans, the more friction happens. The fabric in the crotch area is slowly breaking down till the blowout happens.


Mishandling your jeans can also cause this. An act of sitting on a blade can cause this.

That is rare and much less believable so let’s look at the many ways we might be misusing our jeans. Jeans are not made for running.

Jeans are not made for doing splits. Some jeans actually run small and restrict your legs so any forceful movement will tear the fabric.

Some jeans are 100% cotton and may not endure any attempt to stretch.

What To Do When My Jeans Rip In The Middle

It is not very pleasing to be seen wearing a pair of jeans that has blown out in the crotch so you might want to know what to do in cases like this.

  • Get a new pair of jeans
  • Get a tailor to fix the blown-out jeans
  • Fix the crotch blowout yourself

While the other options may seem much better, you might want to consider fixing the blowout area by yourself. Below are the required steps.

  • First, Get a pair of scissors and trim all loose threads around the crotch blowout
  • Measure the width of the rip you are fixing and cut a denim patch that is much wider. The borders should be extended by 2cm at least.
  • Turn the insides of your jeans out and place the denim patch over the blowout area
  • Plug your electric iron and place it on the patch, while it’s over the blowout spot. Press the iron from side to side for a few minutes to hold the patch down on the blowout area.
  • While still turned inside-out, stitch the sides of the denim fabric to the jeans to cover up the blowout hole from the inside. Make sure to use a patch and thread that are similar in color to your jeans so the fix appears okay and less noticeable.

How Do I Stop My Jeans From Ripping In The Middle?

How do we stop our jeans from ripping in the middle? It is simple. We have learned the causes so it’s time to look at ways to prevent the blowouts from happening, even though they sound unavoidable.

The preventive measures include:

  • Wear the Correct Size of jeans
  • Reinforce Crotch Area With Extra Fabric
  • Keep an Eye for starting holes
  • Careful Washing
  • Buy substitutes and rotate wear

Wear The Correct Size of Jeans

We have heard enough about crotch blowouts happening again. Most of the blowout holes only happen because you wear the incorrect size of jeans.

If you wear a smaller size, the risks of a crotch blowout, especially when you have to make an impulsive or sudden movement of your legs, are increased by 1000%.

Crotch rips happen more suddenly in this case. The same applies when you wear a bigger size. When you need to move your legs quickly and the crotch room is too big that it restricts your movement, it becomes a challenge between your hips and the fabric.

You either stumble or the fabric gets ripped.

Once you go for top brands with top-quality fabrics, the other natural causes for a crotch blowout can be delayed, as long as you are wearing the correct fit.

Reinforce Crotch Area With Extra Fabric

This is one super effective way to prevent a blowout. While the one above is to prevent a blowout from happening earlier than it should, this one can be a way of fixing a blowout and preventing it from happening again.

We have been able to establish the fact that blowouts tend to happen when the fabric is weakened. Thinner fabrics suffer this more often which is why it’s advisable to go for thick fabrics.

For thicker fabrics, it will take a longer time for them to get enervated. When a blowout happens, whether the fabric is thin or not, tailoring may not prevent another blowout from happening.

However, sewing a thicker fabric in the crotch area will help your jeans endure the friction. This doesn’t have to be a method of fixing.

You can strengthen the crotch of the jeans before you start using them. That way, Crotch blowouts are either delayed by a reasonable amount of time or totally prevented.

Keep An Eye For Starting Holes

Some rips don’t just happen. When it comes to jeans that you wear often or five days a week, they tend to debilitate faster.

While the quick debilitation continues, it is usually hard to discover when slight changes are setting in. Blowouts don’t just appear.

It is advisable to watch out for starting holes so a blowout can be prevented. You must love some jeans that you don’t want to take them off for a moment. A sudden blowout in the crotch area would be disappointing.

Careful Washing

Washing your jeans too frequently can destroy them a lot faster than you think. Asides from the fading which everyone believes, the stretch-out process is hastened every time you put your jeans in the wash.

You can imagine strengthening the crotch area to prevent a blowout but the whole fabric is worn out already.

The added fabric patch may be strong but it will also weaken if you don’t follow the care instructions and regulate washing.

Buy Substitutes And Rotate Wear

Wearing one pair of jeans every day also has its effects. The fabric also gets weak when you don’t give it breathing space. Remember, the more you wear, the more you need to wash.

The more you wash, the more the fabric weakens. Asides from the weakening process in the wash, your jeans need to rest once in a while so it’s advisable to have more than one pair of jeans so you can rotate wear instead of stretching one out.

How To Stop Jeans From Ripping Vertically

Jeans can rip vertically, even though it’s hard to imagine. However, it usually starts small so you can prevent that before it becomes embarrassing.

  • Fix blown-out jeans early
  • Handle jeans with care
  • Reinforce Crotch Area With Patch

Fix Blown-out Jeans Early

Just like your crotch blowouts tend to start with some small tiny holes, Vertically ripped jeans tend to start with crotch blowouts.

Some people can manage crotch blowouts if they look small but it is not the best idea. While the crotch blowout is managed, the friction continues and the fabric continuously weakens.

The already weakened fabric now becomes very easy to tear apart and it may be waiting for you to just spread your legs a bit.

You don’t want to imagine that happening in public so you should fix your blown-out jeans immediately you spot them.

Handle Jeans With Care

Some vertically ripped jeans may have started with small blowouts but some can happen suddenly, even in public.

That would be embarrassing and impossible to hide. When you get the right size of jeans, it is important to know what they can do and what they can’t. Your jeans are not built for running.

They are not built for doing splits either. Some jeans are pretty stretchy enough to tolerate your flexible moves but the tolerance doesn’t last too long.

You can imagine doing a lot of splits successfully in your room and having your jeans ripped when you try it in public.

Some jeans have little or no stretch and they will rip faster if you try any funny move. Understand what your jeans are built for.

Reinforce Crotch Area With Patch

Reinforcing the seating area of your jeans with a denim patch can prevent a vertical rip as much as it can prevent blowouts.

While it slows down the enervating effects of the friction between your thighs, it can also strengthen your fabric to prevent forcible rips.

Trying to run or split in a pair of jeans that are 100% cotton can rip the jeans quickly but, with a strong patch fixed on the inside, the move can be restricted instead.

Although stronger legs can force it to rip, at least, it makes the fabric stronger. This is the best method to prevent the vertical rip from happening.


Blowouts and bottom rips, though embarrassing, have become a natural thing so the complaints are no longer thrown around.

You should fix the holes, as early as you can, before a vertical rip happens. Remember, this could happen anywhere ranging from your bedroom to the middle of a public performance.

Fortunately for viewers, some pictures never leave the net.


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