Why Is Rag and Bone So Expensive?

Rag and Bone began about two decades now in New York. When Rag and Bone started, they focused on doing things the right way rather than doing them the easy way. That is why they produce jeans that last long. They produce jeans that are original and timeless.

One thing Rag and Bone jeans are known for is the fact that their jeans last long. Perhaps, this is part of the reason their jeans are expensive.

There are many other things that contribute to the expensiveness of Rag and Bone jeans and that is what we will consider in this article. We’ll also consider some Rag and Bone model jeans.

Major reasons why Rag and Bone is expensive

  • Rag and Bones jeans are durable
  • Rag and Bones Jeans stretch without really stretching
  • Rag and Bones Jeans do not fade nor shred
  • They have a perfect fitting
  • The high cost of shipment also makes them expensive

Rag and bones jeans are durable

I already mentioned in my introduction that they are durable jeans. There are many people who are minimalists and would want to get a few clothings and use them for a long time.

They may not consider how expensive the items are as long as they can last long. This is why Rag and Bone invest so much in making sure that they produce jeans that are durable even if it means tagging the price high.

So, if durability is what you want, you should spend more and get Rag and Bone.

Rag and bones Jeans stretch without really stretching

I can remember a review I once wrote on a particular jeans brand. While researching,  I saw complaints about the jeans stretching and getting loose. Because of that, the sizing gets big and no more fitting on them.

That is not the story with Rag and Bone. Rag and Bone jeans stretch to conform to the body, but they don’t stretch out, they don’t get loose or too big. This is another reason they are so expensive.

I am sure that you do not want to buy jeans that will no more be your size in two months. If this is the kind of quality you like in jeans, then I think you should be ready to pay more for them.

Rag and Bones Jeans do not fade nor shred

Another thing that makes most jeans not last long is the fact that they fade quickly. But, when it comes to Rag and Bone, they don’t fade easily nor do they shred into tatters.

That situation whereby you brought out jeans you bought five years ago and it’s still looking new and fit for wearing. That is just how it is with Rag and Bone.

They have a perfect fitting

This is something that most jeans brands struggle with. You might find jeans that are fitting on the hip but, not on the waist.

That is not the case with Rag and Bone. You will most likely find a jean that will give you a perfect fit.

The high cost of shipment also makes them expensive

Because they are made in the USA, whatever online store you buy them from, they are going to include the shipping fee while you’re purchasing.

And so, because of that, you get to buy Rag and Bone jeans higher than what those in the USA are buying them for. This is for those who are not in the USA.

How Expensive Are Rag and Bone?

Rag and Bone jeans are as expensive as almost $300. Even if to some people, this might not be that expensive for them. But, it is for many others.

You can buy Rag and Bone jeans for as low as $40 in some stores. The popular belief is that the more money, the better the quality.

That might be true for Rag and Bone because the more expensive ones are sure to last longer than the less expensive ones. Although, all Rag and Bone jeans are durable regardless of the price.

Rag and Bone jeans range from $67 to $225 and are mostly above $200. So, if you’re asking about the amount to keep when you want to go purchase Rag and Bone jeans, I’ll say you should have above $200. That way, you will not be limited in options.

You can find options that you like and buy them immediately. You can also start saving up for a pair of Rag and Bone.

Although you may find Rag and Bone jeans at a cheaper price in some stores, you should be careful not to get the fake ones.

Are They Worth It?

This is a very important question as I’ll often ask myself before I decide to purchase something expensive.

Especially, jeans that I could get at a cheaper rate from other brands. So, for Rag and Bone, do they worth the money? Rag and Bone jeans are surely worth the money, they are worth every attention and popularity they’ve gotten over the eyes.

One thing I know about good products is that they will always market themselves. Someone started wearing Rag and Bone jeans and told someone else of the quality of the jean.

The next person tries it and confirms the quality. And on and on the jean gets everywhere.

If they were not worth it, they should have been out of the market by now. 20 years are enough to determine if something is good or not.

The fact that they stay true to their original trademark which is delivering timeless jeans, makes the price they put on their jeans worth it.

Unless they reduce the quality of their jeans, they stay worth it till today. So, that doubt should be out of your mind by now. Go ahead, take out as much as it demands and get a pair of Rag and Bone jeans today.

4 Famous Rag and Bone jeans Model

Dre Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jean is a popular model of jean for women and Rag and Bone produces the Dre Boyfriend Jean. They are stretchy and comfortable.

This particular one is made of 98% cotton and 2% polyurethane. It has a low rise. It is made of raw denim. Looking at the composition of the denim, it is obvious that it is heavyweight and stretchy.

There is a fading and whiskering design on some parts of the jean. This Rag and Bone jeans is as expensive as every other Rag and Bone jeans.

You can find this online at a price of $225. You can check the official rag and bone website for more collections of boyfriend jeans.


Cate is another popular model of rag and bone jeans. Most Rag and Bone jeans for women seem to be having a whiskering and fading design. And this particular model has that design. It is soft and stretchy.

This particular Cate jean is made of 98% cotton and 2% spandex. One thing I know about spandex is that it is added to make jeans stretchy. Remember that we said Rag and Bone jeans will stretch without stretching out.

So, the amount of spandex is just adequate for this model, so much that it stays comfortable on the body for a long time.

This jean is in mid-rise style. It is just as expensive as the previous one. You can find this online at a price of $225.


I love this particular model because of how unique it is. The design is different from the others. It is not a full-length jean, but it is beautifully cropped with a little slit on the leg. The leg pattern is straight leg.

Also, it is high rise. Sounds like something you would like. This particular jean is made of 98% cotton and 2% polyurethane. There is also the fading and whiskering design on the jeans. It is a skinny ankle jean for most women.

It is also expensive like other Rag and Bone jeans. The jean is comfortable to wear and you might want to try it. This jeans go for $225 online.

The price may differ in other stores. More jeans on this model will be available in the official Rag and Bone store.

Slim Jeans

I picked this particular one for the men. This very model happens to be the most affordable here on this list. It is made of 94% cotton, 4% polyester, and 2% elastane.

One thing I’ve observed about Rag and Bone is how organized they are when it concerns the composition of the materials they use for their jeans.

Every material is adequate to achieve the desired goal for that jeans. This jean is in mid-rise style and a button closure type. You can find this jean in the price range of $42 – $88.

The average price is $67. These prices differ according to size. There are several other models of Rag and Bone jeans and you might want to check them out in Rag and Bone store. But, these are my favorites.


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