Why Do Guys Wear Their Jeans below Their Belly?

For the sake of fashion, the act of wearing jeans below the belly is a modern way of fashion.

This act is practiced mostly by the youths of the 20th and now the 21st Century.

In most cases, this act is done to display a well-built body by athletes, and in some other cases, men just want to look sexy or hot by showing a bit of their underwear.

There is however a history that involves the US penitentiary where the prisoners have to wear trousers below their waist because they do not have belts.

What does it mean when a guy wears his pants low?

Why Do Guys Wear Their Jeans below Their Belly

Having done my research, I got to understand that there are many reasons why guys wear their pants low, and some of these reasons are not cool while some are cool.

In this part of the article, I will mention 4 reasons or meanings behind low-hanging pants.

  • Appeal
  • Bondage
  • Fashion
  • Advertisement


One of the meanings behind wearing pants low than usual is sexual appeal.

This is common in the prison as inmates do this to create awareness that they are willing to be other men’s girlfriends.

However, this does not falsify the known history that inmates were not provided with belts due to an attempt to counter the act of suicide by prisoners so prisoners have no option but to sag.

Also, in the free world, some men wear their pants below to seduce women. This further justifies the fact that sex appeal is one of the reasons behind this act.


There is a history that slaves of then were made to not use belts on their pants forcing them to sag. This is done in an attempt to prevent them from running far when they try to run away.

The way this works is that the trouser would make them uncomfortable when they try to run by falling down to the ankle level.

No one can run with their pants holding up at the ankle level.

In other words, it serves as a constant reminder that one slave is still in bondage.


Things in this century are quite different as we have sort of hijacked the initial meaning behind wearing pants below to suit our own trend.

Yes, prisoners are still not issued belts so their pants have to hang below the belly, and yes to the fact that this was used to remind slaves that they were still slaves. In today’s world, people wear pants below the belly as a sign of fashion.

This is done mostly by gangsters and superstars, celebrities likewise.

Some women said men tend to look hotter and trendy when they sag their jeans and she doesn’t find anything wrong with the origin of this act.


In the case of advertisement, there are a lot of brands that are now manufacturing underwear of different kinds.

From stretchy ones to loose ones and so on and so forth.

Most of these brands might have models wear their underwear and then advertise it by sagging just below the belly so that the brand name can be visible at least for people to see and want to patronize.

Should Men Wear Pants Over or Under Belly?

Surely under the belly. The appropriate place for men to place their pants is for the pants to sit just on the hips which is below the belly.

However, this differs for men of different ages and also depends on one’s personal choice and also perspective on appearance.

Nevertheless, it is advised that men should wear their pants on the hips.

Now if not a lot then a number of people will ask why it is appropriate to wear pants on the hips and also why it is advised to do this even against one’s wish in some cases.

It allows you to breathe just fine without putting pressure on your lungs, pressure that would have occurred due to the compression that you sitting them on the belly or above will cause.

Wearing your pants appropriately allows you to look smart when you tuck in.

As a young man looking smart is also a priority and placing your pants on the belly will not make you look smart but rather like a grandpa.

There are many other reasons why you should place your pants on the hips and not on or above the belly, these two are the most important.

Why I believe sagging pants is bad

Sagging of pants might not seem bad to a lot of people and I am in fact not against them as I have no problem with saggy pants because I also see it as a fashionable act.

What I stand against is the history behind the act of sagging pants. As we have looked at in the early part of this article where we talked about the meanings behind sagging.

We talked about bondage and then appeal which has now given us two meanings that we will be making reference to among others in this part of the article.

  • The History
  • The Medical Complications
  • The Meaning

The History

We will start with the history of sagging pants; this is because I will like you to understand what we are talking about in order to have a better understanding of the facts stated and the ones yet to be stated.

The origin of sagging pants is from the American prison where prisoners are forced to wear their pants without belts because they are not being issued belts as of then in Prison.

The reason behind them not receiving belts in the first place was an act to protect themselves.

You would be perplexed by how much havoc one can cause with just a belt and then the fact that most prisoners would prefer suicide as an easy way out instead of serving their sentence, some tend to use this same belt as a tool to their death.

Reasons like this make prisoners roam about with sagged pants.

Now when you relate this to the modern world you will see that most people are just ignorant of the fact that they have freedom yet too blinded by the need to look sexy or trendy to even enjoy freedom.

Why walk around in your own prison all in the name of fashion?

The Medical Complications

Many people might not know it but you stand to get some medical complications if you continuously wear sagged pants.

When you sag, you tend to not move well which means the sagged pant is prohibiting you from moving well.

When you keep doing this, you stand the risk of Mis-aligning your hips and also the torso.

Some of these medical complications include; prostate which will occur due to constricting the natural flow of blood, you will also develop problems with your bladder which is also a result of the sagging that is restricting the natural flow of blood around your body system.

Your kidney is not safe either, all these and many more are some of the medical complications you stand exposed to when you sag your pants.

The Meaning

We now know it has a lot of meaning and this has drawn me to a conclusion that there would be victims of wrong interpretation.

Imagine walking down the streets with your sagged pants and then someone who knows that sagged pants mean “I am available to you if you are interested” sees you and decides “Well I am interested” and then that person starts making passes at you.

If this isn’t the reason you wore them I am sure you would be offended by the mix of personalities.

Maybe you just want to look sleek and trendy but he misinterpreted the meaning which obviously made you mad.

When you consider all these mentioned above I am sure you too would see that it is bad to wear sagged pants.

Nevertheless, everything discussed in this part of the article all rules down to one’s personal choices and decisions.


I will like to finish this article stating the fact that environment has a very big part to play in all this.

Everything discussed here might have a different meaning when environment is in play, in some part of London, sagging is seen as a sign of swag.

In some part of America, people who wear pants below their waist are suspicious and in some cases considered to be ex-convicts.

Some people just want to look trendy while some people are indirectly putting themselves out there for a relationship with interested persons.

Some other people are just advertising a brand and I must say, this is where I belong.

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