Why Do Golfers Wear Two Pairs of Pants? Here is Why!

The game of golf is widely known as the game of gentlemen and societal elites. It survived through years of playing with adherence to some rules and regulations which guide the playing formula.

The rules are not just laws, they are also the laid down ethics of playing the prestigious game of accuracy and mental balance.

Some of these ethics are tied to the mode of playing or tactics, while others center on appearance.

This article would be addressing some of these ethics, which are viewed as riddles.

The Major Reason Why Golfers Wear Two Pairs of Pants

Why Do Golfers Wear Two Pairs of Pants
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The reason why golfers wear two pairs of pants is because of cases of emergency.

It is often heard in the riddle which relates to this question, that golfers wear two pairs of jeans in case one gets a hole in them.

Although this might be outrageous to believe, whomsoever came up with that answer is not wrong. Therefore, two pairs of pants are worn by golfers to cover up in case of an emergency.

Another riddled answer suggests that instead of taking out the torn pair during a game, you have to consider wearing two pairs of pants.

Why Do Golfers Wear Two Pairs of Socks?

Why Do Golfers Wear Two Pairs of Pants
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They wear them to ensure added foot security and protection against abrasion. The insurance of safety is one of the rules of every game and sport.

The players of golf known as ‘Golfers’, also adopt this rule of safety which keeps their heads on during every game. Wearing two socks by golfers has gradually become a ritual because a lot of them are now fond of the practice.

The riddle about wearing two pairs of pants also comes to play here, but it does not nullify that the motive of wearing two socks is to avoid sore and achy feet.

Why Do Golfers Wear One Glove?

Why Do Golfers Wear Two Pairs of Pants
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The primary reason why golfers wear gloves is because of grip maintenance. If you notice in any golf game, most amateurs and professionals wear only one glove.

The glove is usually worn on their predominant hand, due to its firmness in holding the club. In a case where there is no glove on either of the hands, maintaining a firm grip and a powerful shot becomes hard.

With the gloves on the stronger hand, a firm grip and powerful shot will be achieved. Also, wearing two gloves can cause a kind of distortion while taking a shot, so most of the players prefer wearing just one.

Why Do Golfers Wear Hats?

The use of hats during games on the golf course is one of the rituals of the game. This practice is not limited to the professionals, it is also observed by the amateurs in the game.

Oftentimes, these hats are worn to compliment the player’s dress code, making him or her fashionable even on the field of play.

The use of hats in the game of golf does more work than complementing game outfits.

Wearing hats plays other roles like:

Why Do Golfers Wear Two Pairs of Pants

  • Protection from sunlight.
  • For reducing glare.
  • Useful in catching ball flight.
  • For Sponsorship.

Protection from Sunlight

Hats are used on the golf course mainly for putting up protection against the harsh effect and impact of sun rays.

Golf is a game often played during the period of great sunlight, and since the golf course is an open-air field, it is only a deal to wear a hat whenever one comes to the field.

This protects you from developing migraines at the end of the games, due to excessive exposure to sunlight.

To Catch the Ball Flight

The golf course is a very spacious field with far-reaching ends. A golfer wears a hat to get a glimpse of their shot and follow it through.

This aspect of the game is important because it gives the golfer the chance to see his performance first-hand before being scored by the regulators.

For Sponsorship

Most golfers, especially the professionals often wear hats that show their sponsors and display their endorsement deals. This act is a direct show of commitment to the endorsement company.

To Reduce Intense Stare

Getting a nice shot is what gives a golfer points in the game. Now, if the golfer is unable to maintain strong eye contact with the ball then it becomes hard for him or her to get a nice shot. To avoid this, wearing a hat is the remedy.

Why Do Golfers Wear Polo?

Golfers wear polo because of the prestigious nature of the game. These polo shirts are finely sewn with bright colors and soft material which allows for easy movement of the hand.

Golf is a game played in style and class. It is a game for callous or ill-mannered persons because of its history and record.

The game dates back to the 1500s in Scotland, where it was first played by those regarded as the elites and nobles in the society.

Why Do Golfers Wear Two Pairs of Pants
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As years rolled by, the game became open to others but the ethics remained intact. These ethics have a place for neat and cordial dressing, which can be done by wearing a polo on a chinos trouser or any short of your choice.

But the ultimate goal is to look as presentable and simple as possible.

Why Do Golfers Wear Cleats?

The purpose of golfers wearing cleats is to have a good footing. Cleats are a kind of protrusions found on the sole or any other external attachment on the shoe, which act on an anti-slip function.

Here are other reasons why golfers wear cleats:

Why Do Golfers Wear Two Pairs of Pants
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Support and Comfort

The cleats worn by golfers have large pin-like structures on the sole of the shoes. These protrusions help in providing comfort and enough support while playing on a golf course.

Maintenance of Traction

The golf course is relatively covered in grass and can get hard to work on if wet. To avoid issues of unexpected falls, golfers wear cleats to ensure traction is provided while walking on the field.

Protection against Slip

Cleats are also worn by golfers to protect them from slippery grass while on the course. The incidence of slip happens whenever it rains or there’s much humidity in the air.

The grass becomes wet and slippery, so cleats are worn as a prevention measure.

Why Do Golfers Wear Caps

Why Do Golfers Wear Two Pairs of Pants
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Like hats, the golfers also wear caps to ensure that they are properly shaded from the effects of harsh sunlight.

Other functions of why golfers wear a cap includes:

Endorsement Deals

Golfers wear caps to show solidarity with the different endorsement agreements that they are signed into. Just like hats, most professional golfers wear caps to represent their sponsors.

Protection from Harsh Sun Rays

Caps are also worn by golfers to protect them from having direct contact with sun rays, which could cause burns on their faces.

Better View of Shots

The players in the game of golf are also known for wearing caps to give them a clear sight of their shots. If you are a golfer, you don’t want to miss any part of your shot.

You can even start changing your strategy of shooting if you notice your shot was not good enough wearing a cap provides that comfort.

Why Do Korean Female Golfers Wear Long Sleeves?

The game of golf has no particular dress code for women, but it does have rules. Recently, the world of golf has seen a slight diversion from the original and well-known mode of dressing for women in golf, and this change is prevalent in the eastern part of Asia.

Women from China, Japan, and particularly Korea have this practice of wearing long sleeves. Read on to see why?

Why Do Golfers Wear Two Pairs of Pants
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Protection from Harsh Weather

Some of the female golfers from Korea have pointed out the need to remain warm during games, as one of the points of wearing long sleeves to the golf course.

Korea and some eastern parts of Asia are known for adverse cold weather conditions, and these women signal wearing sleeves as a form of protection against the elements.

To prevent Tanning

Also, Korean female golfers wear long sleeves even in hot or warm weather conditions. Some believe it has something to do with their culture, but a deeper digging proves that they do so to avoid getting their skin tanned from excessive exposure to sunlight.

The long sleeve also helps them regulate their body temperature while on the golf course.


Golf is not just a game, it is a culture of nobility that has been passed down for millenniums.  It is played by a good number of the social elites and is respected for its appearance and tactical mode of play.

It is a game of calculation that has laid down rules and practices of engagement. Some of these practices sound like jokes but they are much valid in the game.

From wearing gloves to polo and then hats, golf is made better with adherence to the practices which proves its nobility to the people.


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