Why Are Dsquared Jeans So Expensive?

D-squared jeans are very expensive not just because of their quality or durability but because the brand is positioned as a luxury brand.

When compared to other jeans brands, I realized it is possible to change my entire jeans collection or even start a retail denim business for the cost of one pair of jeans from this brand.

The prices vary depending on the style and collection of these jeans, but I’m sure by the time you have read the last sentence of this article, you will agree with me on my views about the brand or not.

Why Are Dsquared Jeans So Expensive

So, why are Dsquared Jeans expensive?

Since it is possible to get jeans similar to what d-squared has on sale for lower prices, it is only reasonable to attempt to justify their high prices.

Every single piece of denim including kids’ sizes comes at an exorbitant price making it difficult for low-income earners to do more than window shopping.

Here are a few reasons why it is so:

Why Are Dsquared Jeans So Expensive

Classic Italian Tailoring

D-squared jeans are not just made with high-quality fabrics and accessories, the premium Italian craftsmanship of this denim brand comes into play when trying to come up with an argument defending the cost of their jeans.

Place of manufacturing

D-squared jeans are expensive due to the working conditions and wages of workers there.

It is normal to get excited about the cheaper costs of products, especially denim, which is one of the most popular fashion pieces in history.

While celebrating cheaper finds and deals, it is necessary to consider the labor laws guiding the place of manufacturing too. The country where your denim is being manufactured plays a role in the final prices.

Other cheaper brands find it cheaper and more convenient to move their factories to third-world countries and locations with lax labor laws and exploit hundreds of laborers working in unsafe conditions in an attempt to lower costs.

D-squared jeans are produced in Italy, which just like America is one of the countries with ethical labor laws.

So, how expensive are Dsquared jeans?

Why Are Dsquared Jeans So Expensive

Christina Aguilera and Rihanna are two fashion icons that have worn this brand. That’s all the confirmation you need to know that this is automatically a luxury brand.

The DSQUARED2 Skater jeans in blue navy sell at $437.75, the DSQUARED2 Cool Guy blue jeans in mid-wash cost $734.80, and the DSQUARED2 Cool Guy blue jeans in dark wash cost about $836.42

Even with the prices of these jeans slashed to half of their original prices, it would be nothing short of a miracle to get this denim wears lower than $250.

If you are going to buy these, then you better make sure you are getting the original and the best available quality for your money.

Why people love Dsquared jeans?

Apart from being the ten percent out of a hundred to rock these luxury jeans, there are other things you will love about Dsquared jeans. I hope it’s enough to overshadow the hiked prices too.

Why Are Dsquared Jeans So Expensive

The fit is perfect

For lean and slim folks like myself, the slim cut and fit of the DSQUARED2 jeans skater pants are perfect. There is no fear of getting sizes that are baggy and loose-fitting.

There is little or no need for adjustments. However, bigger and chubbier people should consider sizing up when purchasing their jeans.

Streetwear Aesthetic

While this brand might not be ideal for those who prefer plain ol’ jeans, the urban streetwear aesthetic that this brand portrays with all its vibrant colors and designs are perfect for those who have nothing against trendy wear.

The designs that this brand can boast of include graffiti wash jeans, slim fit leg patch jeans, ripped bleach wash, splatter wash, ripped super twinky jeans, and the paint splashed icon cool guy jeans with embellishments like diamantes and metal studs.

I don’t expect these designs to be a hit with the millennials and older folks but there is no doubt that most Gen Z’s will embrace their modern styles wholeheartedly.

What you may not like about Dsquared jeans?

Of course, luxury brands have cons just like other cheaper brands and without a second thought, everyone knows that the price rates of these jeans would make it to the top of their cons.

I’m surely not the only one that thinks that this brand is overhyped. Before you tag me a hater that should stick to patronizing brands within my budget, here are a few features about Dsquared jeans you will not like too. No guarantees!

Why Are Dsquared Jeans So Expensive

The cost of D-squared jeans

The cost of one pair of jeans from this brand is outrageous except you can afford to part with $500 – $2000 for a pair of denim without feeling the physical and mental impact of this amount leaving your account.

Apart from the cost of production, the inflated price of this denim wear can be attributed to its prestige as a designer label that is popular among celebrities and fashion icons.

The sponsorship deal with Man City is one of the groups and being highlighted by artists in music videos has greatly influenced the cost of these wears causing exposure to a wider audience and making the company gain more than healthy profits from a single purchase of jeans.

It is important to add here that the brand sold considerably cheaper clothing until the collaboration with other designer labels led to it being a big name in the industry too.

The location of the factories contributes to the cost of their products too.

Bad customer service

Something else you should look out for is the customer care service rendered by this brand, especially with online transactions. Issues like delayed deliveries, a breach in communication, canceled orders, and delayed refunds.

Quality of jeans

I can name a dozen brands with better quality denim that matches the price it’s being sold at. The possibility of getting fake d-squared jeans due to the issue of quality control further compounds this problem.

D-squared jeans and their other clothing are made in Italy just like the slogan says “Born in Canada and Made in Italy”.

However, there are claims that some of their products are made in places the map confirms not to be Italy. Portugal, Romania, and China are some of these places and almost everyone knows that getting original stuff in China is as difficult as searching for a needle in a haystack.

No brand focused on durability makes their stuff in China except they are aiming for a cheap workforce.

The quality of Dsquared jeans has also been affected by the higher demand for them over time so it should not come as a surprise to you if the quality of your denim gotten from this brand is not up to par with the other options available in the market.

Due to the increasing number of jeans to be produced, lesser attention will be paid to details, and this could mean having to deal with anything more or less serious than twisted inseams.

Too much detail

Being someone who prefers plain and classic, D-squared jeans do too much when it has to do with their designs.

The splash of colors, scribbling, logos and monograms would be perfect for young adults going through a phase and over the top for people who just want to get durable jeans that don’t scream “focus on me”.


Everyone thinks discounts are great, uh, except the capitalist but this sentiment is one I don’t agree with, especially if I’m focused on saving up for a luxury product that is supposed to make a fashion statement each time I walk into a room only to have the price slashed not too long after.

Now, this is one of the cons of breaking the bank to shop for a pair of d-squared jeans because you want to be among the majority that wears “good stuff”.

Frequent discounts of this nature affect what should have been the brand identity and just anyone can get access to this at somewhat cheaper prices whether there are special occasions to mark the discount or not.

This should let you know that the brand is not going to let you enjoy the exclusivity that comes with shopping for and owning high-end denim.

Except you are unaffected about having someone else get these jeans at half the price you got them for during a discount sale, then maybe you should stick to getting normal, everyday jeans.

Where can you buy Dsquared jeans?

Why Are Dsquared Jeans So Expensive

You are going to find these jeans available at top departmental stores worldwide or boutiques that deal in high-end streetwear/luxury clothing.

Stores like Farfetch, Saks Fifth Avenue should have Dsquared jeans in stock. For those who prefer shopping online, then the company’s site would be a good place to start.

To prevent the hassle that comes with shopping on the company’s website as mentioned above, you can also get your D-squared jeans ONLINE.

Final thoughts

Durability is one of the pros of buying d-squared jeans. This is not guaranteed however if you happen to buy an imitation of the original. You have to be careful while shopping to ensure that you do not pick up a fake for the price of an original.

Things like misspelled brand names, different typesets and fonts, unfamiliar labels, and wrong or bad stitching are features that would indicate whether or not you have gotten the value of your money.


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