Why Do Dress Pants Have Two Buttons?

Pants are regarded as the center of attraction in dress attires. They complement the dressing of gentlemen. The history behind pants or what is also known as trousers is so vast that covering them will only leave a reader weary.

They are worn with several clothes like shirts, polo or suits. There are many preferences on pants according to individual choice of dressing and fashion sense. While some like pleated pants, others do not.

Rather, they prefer wearing pants without pleats or just puffy pants. This article makes an effort to address some subjects surrounding the wearing of jeans, some of its features, and answers to questions concerning pants.

Why Do Dress Pants Have Two Buttons

Real reasons why dress pants have two buttons?

Why Do Dress Pants Have Two Buttons

The two buttons on dress pants do not only play a role in visual appeal. It has a real function, one which necessitated the tailors to infuse it on the pants.

This knowledge of pants is not that saturated, hence the need to inform you through this article.

The roles of the two buttons on dress pants are:

  • To reduce the use of belt
  • To improve appearance
  • To improve fashion

No Belt Trousers

Some of the pants without belt holders usually have the function of two buttons. They play a crucial role in the balancing of a pant, in cases where a belt is not used. These buttons help straighten the pants and hold them in place.

To Improve Appearance

As earlier stated, these buttons play a role in improving the appearance of a pant. It creates an appeal of and completion in the minds of people, whenever they look at the pants.

It equally shows that the wearer of the pants knows his dresses well, and knows how to dress up accordingly.

To Improve Fashion

Most dress pants without this two-button feature look unprofessional and not ideal. Therefore, to improve the fashion sense behind the pants only seems right. It was even used to determine quality pants from another.

Why Is the Opening of Men’s Pants Called Fly?

Why Do Dress Pants Have Two Buttons

Have you ever been asked why your fly is open? And you get puzzled by the question. Why in the world is he calling this a fly? It does not take off in flight or is that streamlined.

But you still hear a couple of people say this word with so much ease. Guess what? Your speculations are about to be made substance.

It is a wrong notion to think that the opening is called a fly, rather it is the material that is used to cover the opening that is known as a fly.

The fly is an opening in the crotch area of the waist, which performs an important role in sanitary emergencies because you can easily use the opening to pass urine through.

It is either covered with a zipper or closed with a button.

What Is the Inside Button on Dress Pants For?

Most dress pants for corporate wear come with an inside button attached. Even though the button is not regarded by most people, those who know its use and significance still button it up.

Some groups of people who do the buttons do so because they thought why not? You see a button and buttonhole, why don’t you button it up?

Here are some of the uses of the inside dress buttons.

Improves Shape and Appearance

The inside button in dress pants is used to make the frontal view of the pants flat and seamless. Doing these buttons helps to keep the pants firm and in order.

Tension Relief

After asserting much pressure on the waist region, possibly just after finishing a meal. It is only wrong to close up the pants using a metal clasp, therefore it is needful that you make use of the inside buttons which provides more relief than the clasp.

This shows the role of the inside buttons.

Nice Fitting

The buttons are also used to hold up a pant, in a case where a suspender is used. When you make use of these buttons, it helps elevate the pants fitting on the person wearing them.

Why Do Girl Jeans Have So Many Buttons?

Why Do Dress Pants Have Two Buttons

The main reason why jeans worn by girls have so many buttons attached to them is that the buttons are used as decorative agents. They make the jean more attractive and appreciate the fashion value of the jeans.

Similarly, it is just a feminine conception to have jeans with more buttons than that men. It is no coincidence, that they may also be using these buttons to tell male jeans from that of a female.

Denim is a universal dress, hence the need to differentiate a gender specification from another.

Other Features of a Dress Pant You Should Know

As we all know, a dress pant is an essential part of a corporate man’s dressing. It means formality and diplomacy. It also signals a charisma of a well-dressed person.

Although you could have been wearing dress pants for a long while, there’s a possibility that you do not know entirely the parts and components of the pant.

The following are the other features and parts of dress pants, which you should know.

Suspender Buttons

Why Do Dress Pants Have Two Buttons

A suspender button is a hook-like feature of a dress pant, which is usually sewn inside the waist region of the pants. The buttons are sometimes replaced with metal clasps, but they all play the same role.

Their role is to help hold the pants in connection when wearing a suspender. The buttons act like a portal for the suspender to get in contact with the pants.

Side Adjusters

Why Do Dress Pants Have Two Buttons

A side adjuster is an important feature of the dress pant, which plays the role of shortening the width of the waist, to achieve a nice fitting.

This feature is more prevalent when used together with a suspender, as it performs the role of a belt which is to hold the pants to the waist.


Why Do Dress Pants Have Two Buttons

The cuff is one of the known but neglected features of dress pants. It is a double fold-up of hems of a pant leg. It has its role just like the other feature of a dress pant, and this role is that of balancing.

The cuff helps to maintain balance and cohesion in dress pants, by pulling down the weight of the pant to the ankle level. The purpose of this is to avoid swaying, which in turn creates a balance while walking on dress pants.


Why Do Dress Pants Have Two Buttons

A pleat is a small fold of fabric that runs from the waist region down to the crotch or in-between the legs. There are fashion theories that support its inclusion in dress pants and there are those who remain a fan of this feature.

The purpose of this feature is not overwhelming yet it is important. The pleat performs the function of adding flexibility to the frontal part of the pant.

They are also used to correct the occurrence of wrinkles around the front thigh region.

After-Dinner Split

Why Do Dress Pants Have Two Buttons

This refers to a small split at the back of the waistband, which takes on the shape of a ‘V’. The split part of the pants is held together by a loosely sewn thread, which makes a detour on reaching the ‘V’ spot.

This feature may be viewed as a designer error but it plays an important role in dress pants. After eating a large portion of food, you may see your stomach trying to protrude out or get large.

This experience could be painful for some people, hence the role of an after-dinner split. The feature provides a space for your stomach even after it has expanded from eating.

It has another function of maintaining subtle friction of the pants, while you either sit or walk around.


Dress pants are not sporting shorts, like the ones used in soccer. They have special features which when used, can add to the elegance of wearing them.

Some of the features of dress pants mentioned in this text are not widely known, yet they make up for the completeness of wearing a pant.

Also, while some of these features need manual effort to be set, others are just a representation of a designer’s signature.

This text has tried in length to highlight the features of dress pants, both those known and those neglected. It also throws more light on the purpose of these features on the dress pant.

This is a call to action for you to observe a complete tradition of dress pants, especially those regarding features like pleats and cuffs.

You are now equipped with the knowledge to inform and identify other features of dress pants that are not widely used.



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