Why Do Skaters Wear Long Pants?

Skateboarding is a very popular sport all over the world. Many people are found on the streets engaging in this sport because it’s fun. The dressing style of skateboarders is a big part of the experience.

This style of dressing can keep you comfortable and boost your confidence. In addition, it can also make you feel you belong to the skateboarding culture.

One thing you would’ve noticed among skaters is that many of them wear long pants. Why is wearing long pants among skaters a common practice? Are there benefits to it?

If you’re just starting skateboarding, you may want to find out why wearing pants is common. Also, it’s important to find out the best pants to wear. Read on to find out.

Major reasons why skaters wear long pants

Skaters wear long pants for protection. They do this to prevent themselves from getting scarred on the knee, shin, and ankle.

Also, wearing pants to skate has been a practice since its inception and so street skaters have been influenced by this style. In addition, most skaters wear pants to look stylish.

Why Do Skaters Wear Big Pants?

Most skaters like to appear in big pants. This is a style most skaters adopt as a culture because it’s what has been on the street. Another reason skaters wear big pants is because of the comfort and confidence it gives.

Big pants are loose and this will give skaters the confidence to perform tricks. Also, wearing big pants provide extra warmth during the cold.

Why Do Skaters Wear Baggy Pants?

Another style of pants popular amongst skaters is baggy. The baggy pants are usually worn with the waist low on the hip and the hem of the pants falling past the ankle.

This baggy culture was adopted by skaters in the late 1980s. Many skaters took to this style when street skating took over ramp skating. These pants usually took a lot of wear as you slam.

Wearing baggy pants to skate can make your experience free and fun as they offer more comfort, freedom, and confidence.

You can easily perform tricks without fear as there won’t be any restrictions on your movements.

Baggy pants are also useful to those with difficulty in bending their knees as they are loose enough and will not require them to need a belt for support.

Skaters also wear baggy pants to show attitude. Many skaters adopt this style to keep in trend as baggy is common almost everywhere.

Should You Even Wear Pants While Skateboarding?

There are no strict rules to the style of pants skaters should wear. Wearing pants is not a must for skaters. You’re free to wear whatever keeps you comfortable and gives you enough flexibility.

Many skaters also appear in shorts and do well. Ramp skaters usually wear shorts as they’re not bothered getting their shins hurt. However, if you must wear shorts, especially for street skating, you should put on long socks and knee pads to keep you well protected.

It’s important to note that wearing long pants for street skating provides more protection. Every part of your legs will be covered when you wear pants and this prevents you from getting serious injuries during a fall or when the board smacks into your legs.

So, pants in one is way important for skaters but it’s not a must. Whatever style of clothing you choose for skating, it’s important you look out for durability, flexibility, and comfort.

Durability is important as this will prevent your clothes from getting ripped and wearing out quickly. Flexibility is important as you will be performing a lot of movements and tricks with your legs.

So, you need clothes that are stretchy and will allow you to move without any restrictions. Comfort is never to be traded for anything, comfortable clothes enhance great performance.

Why Do Skaters Wear Long Socks?

There are many different reasons skaters wear long socks.

Skaters wear long socks for protection

Most skaters who use shorts mostly appear in socks to protect their shins. Also, wearing long socks under pants and jeans is not uncommon.

This dress style provides an extra layer of protection against bruises, blisters, cuts, and aches. When your skin rubs on your board, it tends to cause blisters. Wearing socks can prevent this.

Long socks protect the shin from getting dirty with mud and dust

This prevents germs to some extent. It also protects from insect bites, especially when skating at night.

To keep warm

When skating in the cold especially in shorts, wearing long socks can provide a layer of warmth for the feet and the shin.

Keeps sweat away

In addition, wearing long socks that have sweat-wicking properties can keep sweat away thereby protecting the leg and feet from bacteria and odor.

Yet another reason skaters wear high socks is to keep up with the trend and appear confident. High socks during skating go as far back as inception.

Many adopt this style to be part of the trend. Also, skaters wear long socks to appear stylish.

Moreover, using long socks while wearing shorts to skate is a must for skaters who care about their protection. The socks should be long enough to cover at least 50% of your shin.

The longer the socks the more protection it provides. The socks also should be thick and durable.

8 great Pants To Wear As A Skater

Skate Pants Unique features Rating
Dickies Men’s Flex Work Pants They are breathable 4.4/5
Volcom Men’s Frickin Modern Chino They’re made with a combination of cotton, polyester, and elastane 4.6/5
UNIONBAY Men’s Survivor Cargo Pants They’re lightweight cargo pants 4.5/5
TACVASEN Men’s Tactical Cargo Pants The knew is designed to protect from injury and to allow for easy movement 4.1/5
Volcom Men’s Frickin Slim Pants They’re prewashed for extra softness and comfort 4.5/5
Carhartt Men’s Relaxed Fit  Dungaree Pants They provide a loose original fit 4.5/5
Southpole Men’s Basic Twill Jogger Pants The waist is designed with a cord for closure 4.4/5
Match Men’s Straight Pants They are slim fit and stretch 4.2/5

Dickies Men’s Flex Work Pants

The Dickies brand is one of the most reliable brands in producing quality pants. The Dickies Flex work pants are durable pants that are suitable for skateboarding.

The pants are well-fitting and will offer enough comfort while on board.

Made with a combination of polyester and cotton, these Dickies work pants are strong and reliable. They will resist wrinkle and will last long.

In addition, they’re flex fabrics that provide enough ease during movement; you will be able to perform your skating tricks with comfort.

Also, they’re breathable, keeping you from worrying about the heat on hot days.

Volcom Men’s Frickin Modern Fit Chino

The Volcom Frickin Chino pants are stretch pants that are perfect for skating. These pants combine comfort, fit, and durability.

Also, they’ve got a formal look and are suitable for the office.

The Volcom Frickin Chino pants combine durable cotton, polyester, and elastane to produce a durable and comfortable fitting.

These stretchy pants will allow a good range of motion. In addition, they will allow you to perform some of the skateboarding tricks. These pants are a great choice for skaters.

UNIONBAY Men’s Survivor Cargo Pants

The UNIONBAY men’s survivor pants focus on comfort and are very suitable for skaters who prefer comfort over style.

They’re very durable and are excellent for other intense outdoor activities. In addition, they offer a relaxed fit, allowing you to perform tricks with ease.

The UNIONBAY cargo pants are made of purely cotton. This fabric is reliable and good for any weather condition. In addition, the fabric is not heavy, providing all the comfort you need.

The waist of these pants sits below the natural waist and is good for any kind of belt. There are pockets on either side to store any of your items. These pants are great for skaters.

TACVASEN Men’s Tactical Cargo Pants

The TACVASEN men’s cargo pants are wonderful pants good for work and many outdoor activities including skating.

They’re well designed to provide protection, comfort, and fit, and also to enhance performance.

The TACVASEN cargo pants are constructed with cotton and polyester. This combination enhances durability, making these pants resistant to rips and wear.

In addition, there’s the knee design that protects the knee from injury and also allows for great movement.

This design will be exceptionally useful to skaters who perform tricks. Also, the waist is elastic, offering comfort and a perfect fit.

These pants are designed with enough pockets to store your items. They’re a great choice for skaters.

Volcom Men’s Frickin Slim Jogger Pants

These men’s frickin slim jogger pants are another design from Volcom that are great for skateboarding. These pants feature a slim fit with enough room at the seat and thigh for easy movement. In addition, they’re durable.

The Volcom frickin jogger pants are made with a blend of cotton, polyester, and elastane. They’re super durable and stretchy.

The added stretch will make it easier to perform some skating tricks. These pants feature an elastic waist and elastic cuffs at the hem of the leg. In addition, they’re pre-washed for extra softness and to enhance comfort.

Carhartt Men’s Relaxed Fit Dungaree Pants

Carhartt brand makes wonderful pants. Their men’s Dungaree pants are designed with all the comfort needed for skaters. In addition, these pants feature a loose original fit that will give skaters the confidence to perform tricks.

Made completely of cotton, these Carhartt pants are super soft and lightweight. Even if you store enough items in the pants pocket, they will remain light and comfortable.

The waistband of these pants provides proper fitting that will wrap around your waist. Also, it sits slightly below the waist. These pants are durable and very good for skaters.

Southpole Men’s Basic Twill Jogger Pants

The Southpole basic twill jogger pants are another great pair of pants good for skating. They are designed to provide comfort skaters would need to slide on their board with confidence.

In addition, they’re slim fit with the right amount of stretch to allow for easy movement.

The Southpole jogger pants are made with cotton and spandex materials. These pants are soft, flexible, and lightweight, the right qualities skaters need for performance. They’re also durable.

Also, the waist is comfortable with a cord for closure and a better fit. They are designed with pockets to store your items.

Match Men’s Straight Pants

The Match men’s pants are great pants that skateboarders will enjoy. They are made with suitable materials that provide the needed comfort, style, fit, and durability. In addition, they are slim fit and stretchy to make movement easier.

The Match pants are made with a blend of cotton and spandex, a perfect blend that offers comfort. These pants are soft and flexible and will allow a wide range of motion.

These pants sit at the waist and feature a flat front. They are styled with 5 pockets to store your items. They’re a good choice for skating.


Skating with pants has a lot to do with the culture that has existed. It’s also about style and comfort. In addition, wearing pants to skate provides better protection against scrapes and scars.

Also, skating with pants can keep you comfortable and boost your confidence. It can also make you feel you belong to the skateboarding culture.

If you choose to skate with pants, then you’ve to do it right. Choose the right pants that will bring comfort and will allow a good range of motion for your skating tricks.

You can make your choice from the pants I have reviewed. Skating is fun and with the right pants, it’s more fun.


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