Why Do My Jeans Smell Like Pennies?

The reasons why your Jeans smell like pennies could be from minerals from the water you use in washing your jeans, the washing machine effect, or even blood stains on your Jeans.

These reasons are further explained below

  • Water minerals and chlorine
  • Washing machines
  • Blood

Water minerals and Chlorine

I know your jeans smell like metal and it bothers you, but have you ever thought to consider that this could be from the water you use at home.

Yes, your water may be the cause. Let’s see how. When you pump water, as the water travels to get to your tank, it passes through soil components and stones.

It picks up minerals, minerals that stay in the tank, come out of your faucets and into the laundry buckets.

Some people use well water in their communities, some fetch water through an iron water pump or use metal tanks.

All of these could get your jeans smelling like metal ‘even after washing’.

Washing Machines

Sometimes, you may have a good supply of water, purified by a purifier. But when you wash your clothes in the washing machine, following all necessary precautions, it still ends up smelling like metal, like pennies.

You know, the insides of your washer and even your dryers are made of metal.

It is highly possible that there are rusts inside of either or both of them that rub off on those jeans you’re washing and make them smell like that.

Some people use a tap, connected to a hose for their machines, there could be rusts on them and inside them too.


It may be weird that you see blood on this list, but I assure you, they could be the reason for the metal smell.

Blood contains Zinc, which is also a part of many food items and supplements you take.

If you had a cut wearing your favorite jeans, happened to be at a crime scene with blood around, or like some ladies can remember, have had a leakage during a period, then chances are that your jeans may smell like metal afterward.

This smell doesn’t just go away after the jean is washed and dried.

Are your Jeans smelling like Pennies really bad?

The smell of pennies is on its own, not exactly harmful to us humans. In fact, who doesn’t love the smell of fresh mints or money?

Not when you look and it’s not anything like money, but your jeans! The components of a penny; Zinc, and Copper are found naturally in rock, soil, air (in trace quantities), water, and even some of the food we eat and the supplements we take.

The harm usually occurs when large amounts are inhaled. But then, we can’t tell how harmful a smell is or how much exposure we have just by perceiving it. It’s best to avoid them altogether, especially on the clothes we put on our bodies, like our jeans.

The smell of pennies on your jeans may be of mild discomfort to you and if you and people around you are sensitive to smells, it could cause nausea or headaches.

Jeans weren’t designed to smell like that ordinarily. Even though these are temporary symptoms and would most likely go away when you get rid of those jeans or move away from where you are.

But who’d want to get rid of their twenty-dollar jeans just like that? Or risk being very uncomfortable and nauseous while wearing your favorite pair of jeans.

Other clothes can even absorb that smell when they’re piled or hung together. So, your best bet is to get them out using the steps that have been carefully outlined to help you take that smell out and leave you with fresh jeans.

How to get the pennies smell out of your Jeans

Water Purifying System

One way to get rid of the pennies smell in your jeans is to get a water purifier attached to your water supply.

These purifiers will help to soften the hard water, filter and target the ions present in the water.

This way, all of the metals that find their way into your water through the soil or tank will no longer have an effect on your jeans. Remember to clean and change the filters regularly.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This would help especially with blood smells and stains. The nurses in hospitals and clinics use hydrogen peroxide to get rid of blood stains and odors.

For use, look for the affected area on your jeans, pour on spot, let your jeans absorb them for a few hours and then wash normally.

Checking Taps and Washing Machines

If you have a working water purifying system attached to your water supply, and you still get that penny smell on your jeans after washing, kindly check your taps and washing machines.

The inside of your washing machine or dryer may have begun to corrode with all of that moisture coming in contact with it every day. You’d need to check all the parts.

Well, not you, get a licensed technician to come to check it out for you.

What about your faucets and taps? There would be rusts on the outside or on the inside. You should check these too and have them corrected or changed. You need a licensed plumber to help you.

Washing Detergent

You would obviously need a detergent because what’s laundry without detergents?

Choose and obtain one without fragrance or one with a mild fragrance because using a harsh one can cause it to linger on some jeans that are more sensitive to attracting those chemical smells than others.

In using detergent, do not use too much of it with the hope that your jeans would clean better as the reverse is usually the case.

Use detergents made from natural ingredients and avoid synthetic chemical detergents that can slowly wear down your jeans and make them fade over time.

Wash with Baking Soda

Baking soda works to soften hard water used in washing, in case you can’t get your hands on a purifying system at the time. It will softly dissolve dirt, debris, and any odors.

It will also neutralize any fragrance on the detergent and the penny smell. Baking soda acts as a deodorizer and cleanser.

Soak the new jeans and let them sit overnight. It will remove that smell of pennies from your new jeans as well as be a boost to your detergent’s power.

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Is it important to get the smell out of your Jeans?

Smells are not entirely bad. We can smell bleach, gas, flowers, fresh air, bread from the bakery in our neighborhood, and a lot of other smells.

Odors or bad smells are different, especially when they’re stuck on your clothing.

When you notice an odor, specialized sensory cells take the message directly to the brain to interpret what kind of smell that was and how intense it was.

These sensory cells are called olfactory nerves. They are directly connected to the brain.

How do you know if a smell is bad for your health? Just smelling an odor will not tell you how much exposure you have, or if what you are smelling will likely affect your health.

A general rule of thumb for this is that if it smells really bad or pungent then it’s likely bad for your health.

The more odor molecules present and reach the smell receptors, the stronger the signal reaching your brain.

Having smells clinging on your jeans are linked to several health effects. These effects depend on the type of chemical on those jeans, a person’s sensitivity to the smell, the length of exposure to it, and other factors.

The symptoms range from temporary symptoms like headache, mild discomfort, and nausea. Mild symptoms like coughing, wheezing, sore throat.

To serious symptoms like lung, eye, nose, or skin irritations, cancers, heart palpitations, and asthma attacks.

Take Formaldehyde, for example, Formaldehyde is a strong chemical that is usually found in new jeans. It’s usually known as the main ‘new jeans smell’.

During storage in the warehouse, this chemical is used for easier preservation, sanitizing, disinfecting, and protection against wrinkles and stains.

High levels of exposure to this smell can result in some types of cancer as it is a known carcinogen. It can alter and even damage DNA and by inhaling it, it could trigger asthma attacks.

The same could be said for most smells on your jeans. So think again before you think these smells are not important to get out and you can live with them and wait for the smell to go off on their own.

Quickly follow the steps given in this article to remove the smell from your jeans and live healthier lives.


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