Why Do My Jeans Keep Unzipping?

One of the reasons your jeans keep unzipping is probably because you are wearing the wrong size. Zips just like drawstrings and elastic waistlines help to hold up your jeans around your waist.

Undone zips are not rare incidents and they could happen for different reasons, one of them is wearing jeans that fit too snugly.

Nothing spells discomfort more than having to check your crotch multiple times during the frenzy of the day to make sure that your zip is in place.

Having to draw up your zip in the middle of the street is not only uncomfortable but embarrassing as well and you can learn how to prevent this by going through the tips below.

Why Do My Jeans Keep Unzipping

Other reasons why

There are many reasons your zip refuses to stay up and it ranges from pressure at the waistline to broken zippers or foreign materials stuck in the teeth of the zip.

Low-quality jeans

Buying low-quality denim because of its cheap prices is one of the reasons you are more likely to experience this problem.

Some manufacturers have to use low-quality materials and “low craftsmanship techniques” in the production of their denim so as to cut costs and sell them at budget-friendly prices. Choosing quality over quantity is a sure way of avoiding this.

Wearing the wrong size

Apart from sticking to high-quality denim, another thing you should consider and choose carefully is the right size of jeans for you.

When your jeans are too snug or tight against your body, the added pressure put on them forces them down.

It is advisable to pick a pair of jeans that complements your body size and shape.

The zipper is flipped up

This is a technique that a lot of people do not pay attention to. Very few know that it is possible to lock their jeans in place after zipping.

After drawing up your zip, make sure it is flipped down and not upwards or left to stand erect. Flipping the zipper down locks the zip and ensures it stays in place.

How to stop my jeans’ zipper from unzipping?

Some brands have issues with the quality of the zips used in the manufacture of their denim wear. Here are a few tricks and tips you should take note of and practice to stop your jeans zipper from unzipping.

Why Do My Jeans Keep Unzipping

Get the zipper replaced

Just like other man-made, it is possible for your zipper to get worn out with age and usage. Over time, your zipper will get loose and refuse to stay in place and the best option is to get your jeans to the tailor for repairs.

Changing the Zipper spares you the time and effort that would be channeled into watching and trying to replicate a lot of zip DIY techniques.

Make use of safety pins

If there is a safety pin handy, then you can get yourself out of a potentially embarrassing situation by sliding the pin through the eye of the zip handle. Stick the rest of the safety pin through the jeans carefully, in a way that will not rub on your skin.

Adjust the button to fit the buttonhole

You are going to deal with an undone zip ever too often if the position of the button does not match that of the buttonhole. If you have a riveter then it is advisable to change the jeans button.

While doing This, position the new button on your right (if you have it on and on the left, if you are looking down at it).

Make use of nail polish

Applying nail polish to the sides of the zipper teeth will easily hold loose zippers in place for a while.

Using the brush, dab nail polish on both sides of the zipper teeth and let it dry out. Based on how loose the zip is, you might need more than just a dab or a thicker coat of polish to add bulk to the teeth and keep the zip locked.

Use a metal ring

Another emergency hack to hold your trousers in place if your zip decides to fail suddenly is making use of a sturdy metal ring.

Pull up the zip and raise it upright so the hole in the zip handle faces your jeans button.

Attach the ring to the hole in the Zipper and slide it over your jeans button. From here, you can slip your button into its hole and move comfortably. A lightweight rope or twine can be used interchangeably with the ring.

How to maintain my jeans’ zipper for it last long?

For your zips to last, you have to take care of them. This is a non-negotiable routine you have to stick to if you don’t want to ditch your favorite pair of jeans before you’ve had the chance to break them in.

Check out the ways you can maintain your jeans zipper below.

Lubricate the zip

You can use oils, wax, and even lip balms to lubricate your zipper. Lubricating your zipper, especially those made of steel ensures that it does not get rusted easily.

Run whatever lubricant you are using on the zip and its teeth, then zip up or down to access the part that is yet to be lubricated and repeat the process.

This is best down after cleaning your zip. It is advisable to make use of graphite pencils for the more sensitive zippers.

Don’t try to force it

Do not apply force when trying to get your zip up or down. Forcefully tugging on it will only worsen matters and probably ruin the Zipper completely.

Check the teeth and the zip carefully to see if there is any loose thread stuck in there that could prevent free movement. Try applying lubricants around the zip and gently tug on it to get it open or close.

Clean from time to time

Yes, it is important to clean your zippers from time to time to get rid of dirt, dust, salt, or sand that might have gotten on it. Use clean, warm water, a piece of lint material, and liquid detergents or soaps to achieve this.

Gently run the wet material over the zipper teeth carefully. Repeat the process with clean water to get the soapy residues off.

Using canned air is an alternative if you do not want to go through the slow, tasking process of cleaning all your jeans this way.

Does a zip locker work for a faulty zipper?

It depends majorly on the type of glitch the zip has but for the most part, the zip locker stops working once the Zipper is faulty, especially if it is loose.

In this case, the zip will likely slide down whether or not you lock it in place and the most advisable thing to do, to avoid further complications would be to change the zip.

How to keep my button fly closed?

Some companies prefer using the button fly or rivet fly in their jeans to avoid some of the more common glitches and complaints that come with zippers.

Still, it is not uncommon to hear about one’s button fly being undone. How can you keep your button fly closed and stay comfortable while wearing jeans made with these?

Stitch the buttonholes

Extra-large buttonholes are one of the common mistakes that even excellent craftsmen and manufacturers make in the course of production

If your buttonhole is wider than the side of the button, then the button will slip out at the most inopportune moments.

To solve this, stitch a little bit on both sides of the hole. Be careful not to make them narrower than the button so it can fit.

Replace the button

It is possible that the problem is from the button itself and not the hole. This is a long process that will need more tools, time, and effort than is normal for a simple DIY.

Jeans with long-lasting zippers you can buy 

Some jeans brands have distinguished themselves through the use of quality material in manufacturing and here are a few brands you can trust when it comes to long-lasting zippers.

Dickies Men’s jeans


The Dickies Jeans are not only good-looking and affordable, it is made from quality materials that range from sturdy, heavy-weight cotton and durable zips.

The quality of these jeans is superior to all other similar products and is worth their price.

Matt and Bow jeans

Why Do My Jeans Keep Unzipping

The quality of the materials and construction techniques employed in the manufacture of any pair of jeans determines its overall durability.

This brand makes handmade, luxury jeans at fair prices with quality materials.

The home try-on program also eliminates any possibility of getting the wrong fit that would later lead to zipper problems.

The company sends two different pairs with slightly different waist sizes for you to try on at home.

You can return the second and less comfortable pair without any extra cost. Use the link below to shop for yours.


Before washing your jeans, make sure that the Zipper is closed. This is one simple detail that a lot of people fail to pay attention to and it ends up ruining their jeans.

Carefully examine the zipper of every pair of jeans you plan to buy and make sure it is functioning properly before paying for it.

Take time to rinse your jeans after each wash, especially if they were hand washed to make sure that there is no residue from detergents that could cause damaging chemical reactions to your zipper.


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