Why do my jeans have ripples, and what to do with them?

Wearing jeans has always been trendy. Denim jeans are durable. However, quite often, people notice ripples in jeans. Read more about why my jeans have ripples in this article.

Does denim wrinkle?

Before proceeding to the study of the question, why do my jeans have ripples? It is necessary to determine the characteristics of the fabric. As mentioned, denim jeans are quite durable. They last for a long time. However, no one is immune from folds in jeans.

Unsightly fabric lines can appear for various reasons. The main one is the improper storage of denim products. Also, pretty jeans wrinkle if they do not fit the shape of the human body. Creases on denim jeans can appear if the product is not matched in size.

Fixing ripples in jeans is pretty easy. After all, many methods help with this. There are simple and quick methods, and there are those that require physical and time costs from you.

It is appropriate to iron denim, however, this option is useful for those who are not limited in time. You can toss the jeans in the dryer, or hang them to dry while wet. A steamer is allowed. Remember that ripples on jeans are not a sentence, and you can fix everything.

Reasons why jeans wrinkle and have ripples

The main disadvantage of denim is that the material is not resistant to wrinkles. There can be many reasons for this. Often, ripples on denim appear if you choose a jeans model that does not suit your figure.

The jeans may be wrinkled because they are made of poor-quality denim. In this case, the ripples on the denim appear in a variety of places, and it is more difficult to prevent defects. Therefore, it is better to immediately buy high-quality jeans so that they retain their shape longer.

An equally common reason is that people do not tend to take care of their denim properly and diligently. Therefore, it is extremely important to properly monitor how you wash and store your jeans.

The appearance of stretch marks in the crotch

Often people notice that denim is wrinkled precisely in the crotch area. This indicates that the product was selected in a discrepancy with your body shape. Stretch marks and other defects form if you have purchased jeans that are too large or too small for you.

If you choose jeans that are the wrong size, they may crinkle at the ankles and also in the crotch area when the belt is worn. To choose denim with the right fit in the future, it makes sense to pay attention to the direction of the stretch marks on the jeans.

If you notice folds inward, then the jeans are small for you and too tight. If the folds are directed to the outside, the jeans are too loose. It is extremely important to choose jeans from high-quality materials, which are made in well-known factories.

Wrinkles on the back of the knee

Quite often, people notice that jeans are wrinkled in the back of the knee. If you notice wrinkles in this particular part, then the jeans do not stretch. During flexion of the knee, the stretch marks on the jeans wear out. And in the future, they do not recover.

At the back of the knee, the ripples on the jeans are called honeycombs. If you notice visible lines in front of the knee, then they are called bags. Often, this indicates the same mistake as in other cases. That is, you picked a model of jeans not according to your body style.

It is best to avoid wearing tight jeans, especially if you have to sit in one place for a long time. You can also find models in which other stretchy fabric is added. Today, on the market, there is a large assortment of jeans that are made from a mixture of materials. Therefore, they are more elastic and fit the figure.

The appearance of wrinkles when walking

While walking, wrinkles and stretch marks can appear if the denim was poorly sewn. This may apply to both the use of low-quality denim and improper fit. Jeans wrinkle if they don’t fit your body shape.

The model was selected in a discrepancy with the gender of the person. That is, women should be wary of wearing men’s jeans. And men aren’t better off wearing women’s jeans. If you are looking for an unusual model, pay attention to unisex jeans.

How to fix ripples and wrinkles in denim?

Before jumping into the methods that help fix ripples in jeans, it should be noted that one should always look at the instructions on the label. As you know, manufacturers do not just indicate the instructions on the label.

The main purpose of the instructions on the label is to facilitate the process of caring for jeans. If you follow the instructions, you can prevent the wrinkling of the product. You can use a spray bottle filled with cold water. Treat the jeans a little, then dry everything with a hairdryer. At the end of stretching and folds, it is enough to smooth it out with your hand.

You can put a solution of warm water and fabric softener in a spray bottle. Apply the product to the folds, then smooth everything with your hand. If you’re pressed for time, you can toss your denim into the dryer. Additionally, throw a damp cloth into the dryer. It takes about a third of an hour to dry the jeans.

Can you iron denim?

Each person relates to the process of ironing jeans. Some choose to do it every day to avoid stretch marks and wrinkles. At the same time, regular and high-quality care prolongs the durability of denim.

You should only iron your denim if absolutely necessary, if you are planning to attend an important event. This process is optional and depends on your preference. Hot steam treatment does not damage the material from which the denim is sewn. At the same time, after ironing, they look more aesthetically pleasing.

Getting rid of creases in raw denim

  • If your jeans are made from raw denim, it is easy to iron out the jeans’ creases. First, you can use the shower head. You need to hang up the jeans so that the steam gets on them, but they don’t get wet. Then turn on the hot water to start steaming. Leave the jeans on for 20 minutes.
  • If you notice that some of the creases have not been smoothed out and a flat surface has not been achieved, additionally use a steamer. However, it makes sense to use it if you have free time.
  • You can lay a pair of jeans on a flat surface and cover them with a damp towel. Start smoothing out the folds with your hands until you achieve the desired effect.
  • Other methods are aimed at removing wrinkles from denim. It all depends on whether you have the time and the appropriate skills.
  • Place a container filled with water on the stove and boil it. Hang a pair of jeans over a container to catch the steam from the water.
  • You can also use a hair straightener. Between its plates, pinch the denim, and pull it towards you.

Wrinkle prevention in skinny jeans

Many people like to wear jeans model ‘skinny jeans’ because they make the figure more refined. First, you need to buy high-quality jeans made of durable and high-quality fabric. Dense materials are much more difficult to wrinkle. However, be prepared for the fact that after a while the denim stretches.

To prevent wrinkles from appearing on skinny jeans or ripped jeans, they need to be properly looked after. You need to follow the instructions on the label.

Fixing ripple jeans: popular methods

  • If you like to walk around in denim, then you should know the basic ways to get rid of the ripples on your jeans. Considering that 100% denim is used in the production of the product, you need to work carefully so as not to start a chemical reaction during work.
  • You need to understand that the methods are not universal. If they help someone, then it is not a fact that they will work in your case. So be careful not to have to buy a new pair of jeans.

Methods that work without an iron

If you encounter wrinkled jeans, you can remove the defects without using an iron. The methods that will be described below are simple. They do not damage the underlying fabric material.

Using a special tool

  • On the market, there are special tools that are aimed at combating wrinkles in denim. You need to hang the denim and apply the purchased product to them. Spray generously, especially if you prefer to wear baggy jeans. After all, the folds on them are visible to the naked eye.
  • In the end, it remains only to wait until the product is absorbed and the denim dries. On average, in half an hour, you have perfectly even denim.

Heating with a hair dryer

If you have wrinkled jeans and want to remove stretch marks, you can use a regular hair dryer. To do this, use a spray bottle to apply a little water to the denim. Then turn on the hot air on the hair dryer. As you work, smooth the material with your hand to remove wrinkles.

Application of dryer

If you decide to use this method, then first you need to wash your denim in a washing machine. The water must be cold. You can add some powder. After that, you need to stretch the denim so that the material does not shrink.

If your jeans are clean and just wrinkled, you can pre-spray them with water. After washing or treating with water, denim should be placed in a clothes dryer. The dryer must be set correctly. For the first 10-15 minutes, it should work in cold mode.

However, it is better to keep the cold mode throughout the drying process. On average, the device should work for about 20 minutes. Once you take your denim out of the dryer, hang them up, so they don’t wrinkle. It is also recommended that, at the end of washing in the washing machine, the denim should be shaken, and then placed in the dryer.

Prevention of ripples on jeans

If ripples form on jeans, this causes discomfort while wearing. There are a few rules to help prevent ripples in your denim.

Using fabric softener

  • A large assortment of fabric softeners is available on the market. Their main purpose is to make the fabric softer so that the product is comfortable to wear. At the same time, fabric softeners help prevent the formation of ripples.
  • When washing jeans in the washing machine, you need to add a little detergent to the appropriate compartment. Follow the instructions for the amount of product you use. If you wash your denim like this in the washing machine, it is soft and won’t wrinkle as much.
  • Remember that fabric softeners should be used in doses, and not too often. Otherwise, the product may suffer a washout.

Follow label instructions

You must keep a close eye on what the manufacturer says on the label. This is beneficial and prevents adverse consequences. In most cases, labels are attached to the inside of the goods.

Often, the label provides washing recommendations, including the choice of cleaning products, as well as water temperature. You have to carefully monitor everything so that jeans serve you for a long time. Remember to follow the tips for drying and cleaning your jeans.

Each manufacturer has its own secrets for the production of jeans. Therefore, the rules for caring for them are different.


When it comes to getting rid of ripples in denim, there are a lot of questions that can be asked.

How do you get ripple out of jeans?

You can use special tools or use methods that involve working with steam. Iron, hair dryer, and hair straightener work well.

Why do my jeans have horizontal lines?

If you notice horizontal lines on denim, then you have chosen a model that does not fit the crotch. That is, the problem lies in the fit of the denim.

Are jeans supposed to have wrinkles?

It is normal for denim to have a wrinkle. The main thing is that the wrinkles are in a small amount.

How to use steam for jeans with ripples?

You can use steam to straighten your denim. To do this, just hang the product in the bathroom, and turn on the hot water. As soon as the denim is damp, you should pull the denim. This helps smooth out wrinkles.


As you can see, ripples on jeans appear for various reasons. However, you can get rid of them. The best thing to do is to prevent this.

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