Why Do Loggers Cut Their Pants? Here is Why!

Hauling down trees is not a kid’s play, it is one of the most physically demanding jobs. But It is funny to see women and even young adults venture into this work.

Logger is the name given to those who engage in the business of felling, cutting, and transporting huge parts of trees across the state. These parts are used as raw materials for the production of a lot of things.

Urban language describes these sets of people as ‘Lumberjacks’, while the locals prefer calling them ‘Loggers’. The job requires physical rigidity, doggedness, and calculation.

Since it involves the felling of trees, we can also say that it is a very risky engagement. To ensure safety and easy work, loggers have long observed a couple of practices, which they believe keep them out of danger.

Some of these safety practices are highlighted in this article and the reasons for their adopted state.

Why Do Loggers Cut Their Pants

Major Reasons Why Loggers Cut Their Pants?

The reasons why loggers cut their pants can be summarized as being a safety measure.

There are reserved points why loggers cut their pants, meeting a logger to know would be a stress on your part, which is why this article has you covered.

As a form of safety measure, loggers do any manner of what may seem odd to the ordinary man. Their safety rules are but unorthodox and certainly adhered to with so much carefulness.

The act of cutting their pants is one of those safety measures and they do this for some reasons, which will be shown to you now.

Why Do Loggers Cut Their Pants
  • For Easy Movement
  • To Stay Comfortable
  • For Emergencies

For Easy Movement

The work of a logger involves locomotion and that translates to movement. They move a lot of things, from chainsaws to heavy woods, and other types of equipment.

The cutting of their pants helps them to move at pace without getting dragged by anything on the floor. They want to make sure their moves are accurate and thoughtful, to avoid cases of emergency.

To Stay Comfortable

It is almost funny to think that a person has to cut their pants to feel comfortable, but that is true of what loggers do.

They cut out the cuff of their pants to feel more light and flexible to go on with their work. It is just a loggers thing, you can equally try that if you are considering being a logger, you will feel at home with these simple practices.

For Emergencies

Most cases of emergency are seen as the most important reason why loggers cut their pants.

This is because there could be a scenario where a logger’s pants get snagged, it only better for the pants to get torn away instead of getting the logger dragged into it

It is cases of emergency like the one aforementioned, which gave rise to the cutting of pants by loggers.

By simply cutting the pants, the logger puts himself on the safer side whenever an emergency concerning snagging comes up.


There are a lot of questions asked every time on the topic of logging, most of these questions are directed to loggers and their work ethics.

Others are a reflection of their mode of dressing. While the former is good to talk about, this article will be focusing more on the latter. That brings us to a breakdown of these questions.

  • Why do loggers wear suspenders instead of a belt?
  • Why do loggers wear hickory shirts?
  • Why do loggers wear metal hard hats?
  • Why do loggers wear cotton gloves?
  • Why do loggers wear orange?
  • Why do loggers wear flannel?

Why Do Loggers Wear Suspenders Instead of Belts?

Why Do Loggers Cut Their Pants

Suspenders are long strips of fabric worn over the shoulders to hold up the trousers. They come in different colors and styles and are pocket friendly.

Loggers are usually seen with this piece of clothing accessory and here’s why:

  • Easy Bending and Squatting
  • Avoidance of Waist Marks
  • Arrangement of Tools

Easy Bending and Squatting

Suspenders are worn by loggers for easy locomotion and abdominal movement. As against a belt, suspenders work very well in making sure that there is always an ease of movement whenever a logger bends, squats, or even climb.

It is the perfect match for logging activity, as its elastic feature makes it possible for it to stretch when bending and retracts almost immediately as one stands.

Avoidance of Waist Marks

If a belt is used in place of suspenders, there may be cases of marks and stretches on the waist as a result of a long period of wearing.

Belts can even cause abdominal pains after a logging activity. So loggers prefer wearing suspenders instead of a belt.

Arrangement of Tools

Suspenders also help a logger to arrange tools accordingly, as wearing a belt to do this may result in the belt getting weighed down by the heaviness of some of these tools.

Why Do Loggers Wear Hickory Shirts?

Hickory shirts are known for their rugged texture and strong material, which stands them out as essential wear for loggers and even construction workers.

The reasons for its adoption are:

Why Do Loggers Cut Their Pants
  • Protection against Elements
  • Protection from Tears and Cuts
  • Gives the feel of Work

Protection against Elements

Loggers wear these shirts because of their hard textural appearance and feel, which protects loggers in times of adverse weather conditions.

Most of these shirts come in long sleeves, which is ideal for loggers who go into the deep woods.

Protection from Tears and Cuts

During logging, there may be a case of cuts or wounds from tree twigs or branches in the course of striding through the woods.

These shirts are needed to ensure that maximum protection is provided from any of these cuts.

Gives the feel of Work

Jumping into one of these shirts sets a logger in the mood of work. It helps stimulate their mind that there’s work to do, just as wearing a wig and garment does for an attorney.

Why Do Loggers Wear Metal Hard Hats?

Why Do Loggers Cut Their Pants

Ever seen a Pro logger with a synthetic helmet? No, they don’t. They wear hard hats made from aluminum metals, with a full brim and a visor.

These hats are worn because of some reasons like:

  • Protection from Accidental Falls
  • Protection from Harsh Weather
  • Clear Vision

Protection from Accidental Falls

These hard metal hats provide loggers protection against accidents of falls or slips. Due to the nature of their work, loggers are prone to experience accidental falls from trees and any other machines at work.

Protection from Harsh Weather

The hats also give the head a haven in times of adverse weather conditions like intense cold or hot sun.

Clear Vision

The visor provided by the hat enables loggers to catch a more clear sight of what is ahead of them or what they are currently working on.

Why Do Loggers Wear Cotton Gloves?

Why Do Loggers Cut Their Pants

Citing the nature of their work, loggers tend to wear a glove. Now the type of glove they wear is not the same as electricians.

They make use of gloves made from 100% cotton. Here are the reasons why loggers prefer wearing cotton-made gloves to regular rubber gloves.

  • Protection from skin abrasions
  • Increased grip rate
  • Protection during cold weather

Protection from Skin Abrasions

In the course of their work, loggers make a lot of skin contact with metals, trees, and even rocks.

To avoid sustaining injuries or bruises from these things, they wear cotton gloves. These gloves make it hard for these elements from having their way through to the skin of the logger.

Increased grip rate

The wearing of cotton gloves enables a firm grip on any tool and averts any case of a slip. It ensures that the logger’s hands maintain a steady hold of any equipment.

Protection during cold weather

Cotton gloves are made to provide warmth to the hands, especially as loggers work during the winter. There’s a great impact of cold on the hands, so cotton gloves are used to reduce that impact.

Why Do Loggers Wear Orange?

The orange color says a lot of things when worn by a person. But loggers wear this color to signify something important. Since the color psychologically means danger or emergency, loggers wear it to send a message to others.

Why Do Loggers Cut Their Pants

For example, wearing an orange vest can increase the chances of a logger being helped in cases of emergency, as he or she is easier to spot.

Loggers also wear the color to distinguish them from others in the field of work. It is their symbol of engagement, just as doctors wear lab coats.

Why Do Loggers Wear Flannels?

Why Do Loggers Cut Their Pants

Do you know that those fancy checked shirt you wear, is mostly worn by loggers? I guess you know now.

Loggers are fond of wearing these types of shirts, with block design and mostly red color, because of the comfort and protection it affords them.

These shirts are made from a strong fiber called’ flannel’, which is quite strong and light, which makes them a logger’s ‘friend’.

They are also durable, able to withstand cuts, and are equally pocket-friendly. These shirts can provide support and protection to loggers during harsh weather like cold, which proves why they are preferred by loggers.


The point of logging is that it is an essential work, which provides one of the most needed raw materials which is Wood/Timber.

It is strenuous work that is mostly done by men, and also women for leisure. To ensure that safety is secured, the measures highlighted in this article are taken by loggers.

They may sound bulky, but they are necessary as it helps puts them on the safer side in the case of a hazardous occurrence.


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