Why Are Black Jeans Tighter Than Blue Jeans? Here’s Why!

Due to the process involve in dying your jeans, your jeans may likely become tighter as they would shrink afterward.

Your black jeans are tighter than your blue jeans because of the dying process that the black jeans go through which apparently shrinks your jeans resulting in the tightness.

Black jeans do not stretch or they have less stretch than blue jeans, this is also a reason why they are tighter than your blue jeans. When your jeans don’t stretch definitely they will become tight.

Stretch provides flexibility and more room for free movement and most black jeans do not stretch as much as the blue jeans resulting in them being tight.

Furthermore, the reason why black jeans are tighter than blue jeans may depend on the company.

For instance, Levi’s black jeans do not fit the same as its blue jeans. The company probably does not produce black jeans the same way that they produce blue jeans.

How do you loosen tight black Jeans

Loosening your jeans is a way of making your jeans flexible and as well providing more room for movement in your jeans. Since black jeans are tight, loosening them may be a good solution rather than tossing them away.

Has your black jean become too tight for you? Or do you feel like you need to loosen or stretch out your black jeans?

Then, I think you should read through and learn how to stretch them properly. It’s quite easy to shrink your jeans, all you need to do to make them smaller is to run them through the hot dryer, and there you have it but stretching them out is a bit tricky.

I’ve had some black jeans too that were way too tight for me so I had to loosen them and stretch them out a bit for a comfortable fit.

I’ll share in this guide some tips that would help you loosen your jeans and get a perfect fit once more. Here are some tips to guide you on how to loosen your black jeans to the perfect fit of your choice.

Step 1: Getting the jeans and soaking them

Instead of tossing your jeans away, give them a nice soak in lukewarm water. You should get the jeans that are too tight and submerge them into cold water at least for 5 to 10 minutes.

You can do this in a bathtub, a sink, or any container that would accommodate the jeans for a while. This is to ensure they soak properly.

Step 2: Put the jeans on

Yes, you have to put it on. After soaking it in lukewarm water for some minutes and the jeans have gotten completely wet, the next thing to do is to put them on.

You definitely won’t feel great and this may sound like torture but try to move around a bit in it. Make sure you walk for at least 10 minutes, stretch out, bend here and there, do some yoga poses and also sit.

While doing all of these your jeans are starting to loosen up little by little. The wearing of the wet jeans should take about 30 to 45 minutes.

This process is the easiest and as well the quickest way to make the denim hug your curves and loosen a little. The fibers of the jeans are quite strong when wet, this makes them stretch easily when it is wet.

Step 3: Drying the jeans

The next step to take after moving about in your wet jeans for some minutes is to dry them out. Take off those wet jeans and allow them to air dry.

Alternatively, you can put on the wet jeans till it dries up a bit, that’s if you are comfortable with it. This would help the jeans hold up a new and nice shape.

Step 4: Put them on once more

You would need to put your jeans on once more but this time it has to be fully dried. This is to help you know if your jeans actually stretched or loosen to the fit you want.

This would also determine if you’d need to carry out the process once more or not. If your jeans has gotten some extra room than before then you did it right and if not, then maybe you need to try it again.

These steps are pretty easy to follow and it is also the easiest and fastest way to loosen those tight black jeans to a much better fit than you had before. It worked for me, so you should try them out.

Why do Black Jeans feel different?

The dying process makes them different

Black jeans feel different because they go through dying processes that change the color and make the jeans shrink.

This dying process automatically makes the jeans tighter than the blue jeans. Blue jeans have a friendly and casual look. It is an informal wear due to its cool colors.

However, black jeans feel different as they are kind of limited to formal settings and are mostly worn for formal occasions.

Black jeans feel official and solemn because black as a color when it comes to the feeling it reflects elegance, power, sophistication, status, and formality.

Black jeans also feel different because they come in different sizes and would fit differently on different people

For instance, a smaller size will offer a tighter feel while a bigger size will offer a kind of baggy feel.

It could also be because the jeans are new, so it would feel different when you put them on. Your black jeans may not really be as comfortable as you want them to be when you put them on for the first time.

Black jeans feel great as they are simple to style for any event and also warm

Another reason could be due to the type of company. A company like Levis has so many factories that might offer different fits of jeans.

Moreover, the black colour tends to make you look a bit thinner. They look more stylish and slimming than the blue jeans. Black jeans make your outfit look cool and attractive, they can be paired with any shirt or top for a casual and semi-formal look.

Black jeans feel different because they are less stretchy and tend to be warmer. Most black jeans are not so stretchy making them have little room for flexibility.

Why do different color pants fit differently?

A fit is simply how the jeans or pants sit from the waist to the thighs, it also determines the comfort of the pant. A pant should have about one finger of room at its waistband, it shouldn’t be too tight or loose.

It should sit well around your waist, thigh, knee, and ankle. They are some factors that determine the fitness of different colors of pants, especially the light and dark colors.

In the manufacturing process, darker pants seem to be tighter than light color pants. For instance, black jeans can be sometimes smaller than blue jeans due to the dying process involved in making the black jeans.

This is why the black jeans fit smaller than the blue jeans. Lighter-colored pants use more heat and usually have a loose fit than dark ones.

Though there might be shrinking due to the color variations which absorbs the various amount of heat, it is also possible that the pants are made from different materials and produced by different companies, resulting in them fitting differently.

The process involved in dying each of these jeans may make some shrink or stretch more than each other.

Moreover, different cuts will fit differently. For instance, a baggy pant cut will feel and fit differently from skinny pants.


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