Why Are True Religion Jeans Expensive?

To talk of the denim world without mentioning the True Religion brand is nothing but an error of omission.

The brand is not only a recognized brand for designer types of denim, but they are also known for its quality product.

Their products have a uniqueness of design and detailing which distinguishes them from their likes.

Since its debut in the fashion scene in the early 2000s, precisely in 2002, the True Religion brand has taken up the denim competition in Los Angeles and across the world.

Their achievement is thanks to their brilliant designers and their profound ‘5 Pocket Design’. It is relatable to note that, most popular brands just like True Religion have loops that have questioned their relevance in the fashion world.

We will de highlight a major loop of this fine industry name, which borders on their price range and affordability.

This article will be answering the question, Why are True Religion Jeans Expensive? And also preview the most expensive of these jeans, amongst other topics.

Why Are True Religion Jeans Expensive

You might want to ask, why would you break your piggy savings for this pair of jeans? Or why would an average person have to break a bank to get these jeans?

What’s so special about them, is that people spend so much to get them. Guess it’s high time your puzzle was solved.

Here are reasons why the True Religion Jeans are expensive

  • Excellent design
  • Quality of material.
  • Chain of production and distribution.
  • Geography of production.

Excellent Design

Why Are True Religion Jeans Expensive

It’s indisputable that the True Religion brand produces jeans with designs that have never been seen in the scene of denim fashion.

Their iconic ‘5 Pocket Design’ is one among their several designs which have left people in awe for over a decade now.

It is also notable that drafting these designs is not just expensive but also time-consuming, which prompts more funds to fasten the process. Hence, the preposterous price at which they are valued.

Quality of Material

The denim used in the production of these jeans is mostly made in America, from quality raw materials which contribute to the price.

They are made from high-quality, washed, pure, and treated denim. To get these materials costs more than a cent, which also adds to their expensive market value.

Chain of Production and Distribution

Based on a remark made in the Wall Street Journal, it was noted that the cost of making one of the company’s top products is $50, citing that seamstress work cost around $23.

If we go by these stats, it will be a big deficit on the company’s side if they sold the jeans at the same price as fewer quality jeans. Equally, distributing these jeans to the various stores owned by the brand is another factor that affects the price.

The records show that retailers get these jeans from wholesalers at the rate of $152, while they sell at $335. All these efforts to balance the production and distribution gap also make the jeans expensive.

Place of Production

Some reviews conducted both in-person and on the internet show that most of the ‘Premium Jeans’, made in the US are utterly expensive

On the contrary, if they were made in a place like China, then there is a possibility that their price would not be as expensive as they are.

So, the place of production has something to do with why the True Religion jeans are expensive.

How Expensive Are True Religion Jeans?

They are very expensive. True Religion jeans are more expensive than most of their contemporaries and this is because of the tag of being ‘Premium’.

The premium tag is often left for jeans that resonate with people of the high class, which shows how expensive they are. The True Religion jeans are valued above $150, for the least price

As a member of the middle-class society, these pair of jeans would require you to run a quick financial audit before you think of purchasing one. That’s how expensive they are.

Are True Religion Jeans Worth It?

Sure they do, why not? They are worth the cost, and this is because of the exquisite design and fashion science embedded in them.

They are your regular type of jeans because they scream ‘Fashion’ each time you step out in them.

Necks sure will turn, and accolades will surpass greetings. If you want remarks like ‘Oh! He’s wearing designers’, then True Religion jeans are your best bet.

They create a sense of confidence in you once you wear them, given their quality and design.

How Long Are True Religion Jeans?

Why Are True Religion Jeans Expensive

They are 32 – 34 inches long, which means they are 1 – 2 inches longer than usual jeans. Just like any fashion flaw, True Religion jeans have a loophole of being very long.

They have longer inseam length than other jeans, and it has brought tons of negative reviews from consumers. It is only fitting to suggest them to a person of about 5ft and 11 inches tall.

There is also no mention of the inseam length by the company, which raise eyebrows on why they are long.

Why is True Religion Jeans So Popular?

True Religion Jeans are so popular because they redefine denim fashion. They brought a new dimension to denim production and also a new love for denim lovers.

They are sold in over 200 superstores and boutiques across the US and globally, which has added to their renowned status. Other factors have made True Religion jeans popular over the years.

  • New Design.
  • Style
  • Competition
  • Grand Debut

New Design

The True Religion brand came with a design that was nothing like before, stunning and striking at the same time.

Their brilliant stitching techniques will not be left out, as they caught the attention of many, which spread their existence like wildfire.

In addition, their embroidery and detailed sewing also contribute to its quota in why they are so popular.


No one expected something like the ‘5 Pocket Design’, at least not from a brand like True Religion. So their unveiling of this new style didn’t wait for long to shoot them into the limelight.

Furthermore, as a trend that just got birthed, the True Religion brand adopted the ‘Anti-Logo’ style. They incorporated this style into their products which were debuting and stole the show on the Los Angeles denim scene.

This incorporation also added to their popularity. They have managed to add all these designs not only on the male versions but also on the women, which suggests their creativity which knows no bound of gender.


The competition in the fashion world guarantees absolute fame to the brand of the moment, and this was what pulled the string for True Religion brands.

They came and pushed other brands to the side, although not completely. This new feat for them made them so popular.

Grand Debut

The True Religion brand came into the picture of denim fashion when the world of fashion was experiencing a revolution.

Their debut in 2002 did not only add to the revolution, it gave it a new look and appearance. They came just at that time and became a detour from the regular set of jeans.

True Religion Most Expensive Jeans

Even though the True Religion Jeans are expensive, there are exceptions. These exceptions are way more expensive than others, they are the most expensive of the jeans.

Although they are quality jeans, they are also very exorbitant to afford. These jeans come in different styles, quality, and colors, which stands them out from the rest. These jeans include:

  • True Religion Rocco Super T Skinny Fit Jean
  • True Religion Ricky Flap Super T Straight Leg Jean
  • True Religion Jennie Mid Rise Jean
  • True Religion Men’s Ricky Big T Jean
  • True Religion Devin Super T Loose Fit Jean:

True Religion Rocco Super T Skinny Fit Jean

This pair of jeans is one of the most expensive jeans from the desk of the True Religion brand.

The jeans have an appealing design in a variety of sizes. The jeans come in two different colors Harlem and Steamroller.

It also has a no-hand-washing policy, which recommends machine washing as the only care procedure.

This pair of jeans has close contact with the body, hence its attribution as a skinny fit.

Key Features:

  • 98% cotton, 2% elastane.
  • Super T stitching.
  • Skinny fit.
  • Straight leg.
  • Fading, 3D whickering.
  • Zipper closure.


  • Brand: True Religion.
  • Model: Rocco Super T – 105556
  • Price range: $121.72 – $242.01

True Religion Rick Flap Super T

Are you worried that Christmas has never been better, this pair of True Religion jeans would certainly do the magic. But they rank high on the list of expensive jeans from True Religion.

The super sleek fitting and design of these jeans are intriguing, in addition to the optic white color, which speaks volumes of sparkling effect.

This pair of jeans would go well with your red T-shirt on a winter-ridden Christmas morning. It is available in different sizes and has a machine wash caution.

Key Features:

  • Zipper closure.
  • 34” inseam.
  • 5 pocket design.
  • Horseshoe on the back pocket.
  • Straight leg.


Brand: True Religion.

Model: Ricky Super T – 105835.

Price range: $135 – $239

True Religion Jennie Mid Rise Jean

The True Religion brand is not gender-based as it cuts across genders. This women’s Jennie jean is one of the most expensive women’s jeans from True Religion. It is purely a fashion-doctored pair of jeans, with its alluring design.

Cut from the imagery of sexiness, it is specially made for ladies with a radical sense of fashion. It comes in different sizes and two varieties of colors; Body rinses black and Way Back Black.

Key Features

  • Made up of 55% cotton, 31% polyester, 13% lyocell, 1% elastane.
  • 29”inseam.
  • Zipper closure.
  • Front rise 8 ¾ “.
  • Stretch chain detail down each leg.
  • Embroidered horseshoe logos on back pockets.


  • Brand: True Religion.
  • Model: Jennie – 201036
  • Price range: $235.35

True Religion Ricky Flap Big T Jean

The last on this list of True Religion’s most expensive jeans are the Ricky flap Big T jeans. Its price is as high as the others, or maybe a bit higher.

This pair of jeans are available in the color Light Spirit and come in different sizes. Its design is a bit off from the regular True Religion designs because the knee part is worn-out. This makes it more appealing for a street outfit.

This jean is full-length jeans with a good back pocket design, a trademark of the True Religion brand.

Key Features:

  • 99% cotton, 1% elastane.
  • Natural back patch.
  • Embroidered horseshoe back pockets.
  • Straight leg.
  • Machine wash,


  • Brand: True Religion.
  • Model: Ricky Big T -105537.
  • Price range: $127.70 – $144.79.

True Religion Devin Super T Loose Fit Jean

Prior to the style of jeans on this list, this True Religion Devin jean is different. It comes as a loose-fit straight jean, and a smooth design that suggests no complexities.

The jeans are made in blue color, with designs in the form of stitches and rise length which suits many. It also has an incorporation of the 5 pocket styling and the True Religion brand’s signature to cement its originality.

Key Features:

  • 98% cotton, 2% elastane.
  • 5 pocket jean styling.
  • Zip fly button closure.
  • Two back pockets with stitched brand’s signature.
  • 17” leg opening.


  • Brand: Devin Super T – 103034
  • Price range: $133.66 – $173.41


The True Religion brand has proven to be one of the best for over a decade, dishing out hot trendy designs.

They have bloated the fashion sense of the denim-wearing community by not only producing premium types of denim but also types of denim that will stand the test of time.

Regardless of their achievements, they are still found wanting in the area of bringing pocket-friendly jeans to the market.

There have been arguments that questioned the authenticity of these brands pending their expensive nature, but none of them has discredited the brand of being of good quality.

This text discusses in full the reasons why True Religion jeans are expensive if they are worth their cost and also highlighted a list of the four most expensive True Religion jeans.


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