Why Are Robin Jeans So Expensive?

I caught interest in Robin Jeans when I found out about some of the top celebrities who wear them. Before I dive into why they are so expensive, let me give you a brief intro about Robin Jeans.

Robin jeans were founded in 2005 and that was after Robin Chretien, the founder already moved to the USA from France and had worked with some jeans brands after falling in love with jeans.

He specializes in handmade jeans and that is the idea he brought into his own jeans company. Robin Jeans stands for originality and exclusivity.

As the years went by, Robin Jeans began to make and sell leather jackets, belts, t-shirts, hats, and shoes for men and women. Let’s see why they are expensive.

So, why are Robin Jeans expensive?

I want to presume that before you asked this question and started finding answers, you are one way or the other interested in Robins jeans and want to get one for yourself, but because of the price, you are restricted.

The fact that you have an interest in it shows that they must be some quality you see and desire in Robin Jeans. Robin Jeans are hand embroidery jeans. They pay so much attention to details that every part is carefully made.

Now, I want to create this picture in your head. Think of the time and effort put into making a dress with just a needle and thread in hand. Think of how long that will take and how well it will be made.

Then, think of bulk production of dresses in one hour. Imagine how uneven some might appear, and how many details may have been lost because no attention was paid to them. That’s kind of what happens with Robin Jeans.

Time and great effort are taken to make just one jeans. And that really counts as every detailing will be as desired and planned. Did you get the whole picture now? Now, let’s move on to the next reason.

Have you seen the gold applique used on some of its jeans? I have seen them and they look so unique.

The truth is that people recognize quality stuff when they see them. Just like in the making process, this also is carefully applied and designed on the jeans.

You should know that leather, pure leather material is expensive and then the time devoted to adding that detail to each jean is also expensive. Here’s another deal.

Robin Jeans are originally designed with crystal studding

The ornamental design is carefully inserted for a quality pattern and style. What could be more expensive than this?

First, quality time is taken in making each jean by hand, then still in the same method, it is designed with leather applique and then with crystal studding.

This is what people who have the money to spend, I mean celebrities like. Something that stands them out in the crowd. I am beginning to believe that Robin Jeans were made especially for celebrities.

Another reason why Robin Jeans are expensive is that they last long

You can’t expect something that is carefully made and that is so expensive to last less.

Even if most celebrities who buy these jeans may not use them for long, they last enough to outlast generations. Durability is one very important factor about jeans.

Some jeans can rip off at any time and anywhere thereby embarrassing you. But, with Robins, celebrities who are open to the public eye are sure to stay out longer and not have any related embarrassing news about them.

Many celebrities use Robin Jeans

Now, here’s another reason that may not sound great to some people, but I think it’s valid.

Yes, I’ll actually share some before I end this article. If I were to be the only person coming to tell you to wear Robin Jeans, I guess you wouldn’t pay much attention to my testimony.

But, seeing people you follow and pay high regard to use what you admire, I think that’s a better conviction on you.

You know that celebrities won’t pay cheap for anything. So, as they keep buying Robins jeans, these jeans remain expensive.

Robin Jeans are very fitting

Let me add this, they are actually fitting. These jeans fit so well that they are fewer complaints on the fittings.

This is due to the attention given to making each jeans. All must stay true to size.

So, How Expensive Are Robin Jeans

On the official website of Robin Jeans, the prices are hundreds of dollars. For the men, the prices range from $165 to $810. You will not find anything less than that.

So, even if you’re not a celebrity you can still afford to get Robin Jeans around the rate of $200.

For the women, the prices range from $227 to $479 and even higher. So, as expensive as it is, you can still save up to get a pair of jeans or a jacket for yourself.

Footwear might be more expensive, but that’s not what we are concerned about in this article.

I don’t need to start over by telling you why they are this expensive. I have said that already. Now, let me say this.

You should be careful of purchasing Robin Jeans anywhere aside Robin official physical store or online store. And then, if you find prices lower than the ones on the official Robin’s store, then that is probably fake.

If you indeed want an expensive brand, then invest your money into getting the original at that expensive price. Cutting corners and buying cheap what is supposed to be expensive might cost you your money and get you disappointed.

Personally, I would like to purchase on my favorite online store, Amazon. That is if I can find the particular Robin Jeans that I want there.

Just that I didn’t find the one I was searching for. So, my advice; pull out your money and invest into getting quality jeans from Robins.

Are Robins Jeans Worth It?

Absolutely! If it isn’t worth the price, I’m not sure that ordinary people who are not celebrities like me, would want to buy it and wear it.

Just like I said earlier, people know what is good quality and those who can invest money into getting what is best.

I am sure that by now, since its inception in 2005, if people have found it worth less, Robin Jeans will not be this popular to date.

People refer to and talk about what they have used and it’s good for them. They are most happy to share that with other people. That is how brands like Robin Jeans get famous.

The time invested in making each jean, the attention given to the detailing of each jean, and the premium embroidery on each jean. Surely, all of these are worth the price it is sold for.

All these are worth the attention it is getting from friends and foes alike. Also, the fact that they are durable and fit a great deal are more reasons Robin Jeans are worth it.

Should I begin to talk about how stylish and fashionable they look? Time will fail me to dive into that.

5 Famous Robin Jeans Models

I promised to share with you some famous celebrities who have used Robins jeans in the public. I’ll start with my favorite.

Kim Kardashian

Why Are Robin Jeans So Expensive

In the picture above, she was spotted wearing the grey “Moto” Robin jeans. Kim is a model, a media personality, a businesswoman, and an American socialite. So much for a profile!

If I wasn’t planning to get Robin jeans for myself, I’ll immediately start saving for a pair. It is that serious.

I believe that a lot of you must be familiar with Kim Kardashian because she is a household name in America and even over the world.

Kim Kardashian fans would really love to see this. In case you’re not, let’s check other models.

Erin Brady

Why Are Robin Jeans So Expensive

As most of you might know, Erin Brady is the famous Miss USA and in this occasion, she was in this Robin jeans.

There are many photos of her in this Robin jeans. Have you now seen the reason I said earlier that celebrities wear Robin jeans?

This was not just casual wear, but she wore it to an official event. So, this shows how much quality and value Robin Jeans are. Knowing how popular she is in America, it should mean so much for Robin Jeans to see her in one of their products.

This is actually boosting the fame and publicity of Robin Jeans. I can begin to imagine the number of her followers who went to get Robin jeans for themselves after seeing her in this.

That’s how important it is to have celebrities patronize your products. If you are her follower, I believe she should be a good motivation for you to get Robin jeans today.

50 Cent

Why Are Robin Jeans So Expensive

You might have wondered if they were no guys on this list, that is not an issue. All the remaining models and celebs I will be mentioning here are men. 50 Cents is not only known in America.

He is famous in almost all the places in the world. As I write now, one of his songs is being played by my neighbor. So, on this very occasion, 50 Cents was seen in Robin Jean performing on stage.

I mean, it was so important that he had to use the jean on stage. You all know that celebrities take note of what they wear especially on stage.

If Robin Jeans could pass for a stage costume for a famous artist such as 50 Cents, tell me why it shouldn’t be expensive?

Someone like 50 Cents wouldn’t mind getting 5 pairs of Robin Jeans at a time no matter how expensive they are. I believe this alone should convince you on why Robin Jeans are so expensive.

Colton Dixon

Why Are Robin Jeans So Expensive

American Idol is a TV fashion show viewed by Americans and people globally, even Africans. This is yet another case of a celebrity wearing Robin jean on stage.

Colton Dixon was a contestant in this very show and wearing Robin jeans stood him out. This is an international show and every contestant in it must look their best.

So, Colton thought of looking his best in Robin Jean. If this doesn’t convince you enough, if this doesn’t make you stop doubting Robin Jeans and how much quality they are, I don’t know what else will convince you.

Any brand that gets to the hands of top celebrities is worth whatever price it is sold for. You should note this. So, by now, you shouldn’t argue why they are so expensive, but you should be saving up for your first Robin jeans pair.


Why Are Robin Jeans So Expensive

I am not really into reggae music, but I think that this should be something motivating and encouraging to reggae lovers. Mavado is a Reggae superstar.

On this very occasion, he wore Robin jeans for shopping in New York. Imagine a situation whereby you can use expensive clothes to anywhere, even for a short walk.

This man didn’t use these jeans on stage or in any official video or function, he used them casually for shopping. When people like this tell you that money is not the problem, you should actually believe them.

I can imagine how much he bought these jeans only to use them in a casual place. This alone should convince you that Robin is a big brand and celebrities pride themselves in wearing Robins.

So, I carefully sought out these models just to convince you that Robin Jeans are worth it and they are worth the prices. As long as these celebrities keep buying them, the price remains or increases.


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