Why Are Dickies Pants So Stiff?

Dickies pants are 100% cotton, and the individual threads in the denim are densely woven. This makes them more durable than most other types of pants.

Dickies pants are stiff because they are tightly woven and they are heavier than other pants. They are also made with a lot of rivets and reinforced seams, which makes them stiff enough to resist tearing or ripping.

The stiffness of a Dickies pants that you feel at first wear may also be just the fabric’s cotton fibers releasing the tension they’ve been holding while they were still in the weave and bunching against each other.

If you want durable workwear that’s going to last a lifetime, Dickies denim is the brand to go with.

How do you make Dickies soft?

  • Continuous wear can make your Dickies pants break-in
  • Washing them help to soften too

Continuous wear can make your Dickies pants break-in

Once you wear your Dickies pants for a few months, they will have grown soft in all the right places.

Washing them help to soften too

If you cannot wait that long to break in your Dickies pants, then, you need to wash them in a washing machine.

The washing machine will clean your pants and the agitation from the water will help break down the fibers making them softer.

It’s important that you dry your pants in a dryer so it can further soften the dickies cotton fibers.

Once you have dried your pants take a lint brush and brush over the surface of the pants.

This will help remove any loose fibers and leave a smooth feel to your Dickies pants.

Do Dickies loosen over time?

Dickies pants are some of the most durable pants on the market, but that doesn’t mean they don’t lose their shape over time.

When Dickies pants are new, they fit comfortably. As they age, they may begin to feel too loose or too tight.

This is due to constant contact with another material (like your legs). when you wear them.

It can happen to any material (not just pants), and it can happen for many reasons: repeated bending, weight gain/loss, or even normal daily movement.

They stretch out to the point where they no longer fit your body.

Do Dickies shrink?

Why Are Dickies Pants So Stiff

Due to the fact that a lot of Dickies pants are made with cotton, they can shrink, yes.

I measured a pair of men’s 34×32 Relaxed Fit cotton dickies pants with a hand-held measuring tape, and found that the waist was 32″, the hips were 38″, and the inseam was 31″.

They are made of 92% cotton, 6% polyester, and 2% elastane (Lycra).

After using them for a month, I washed them in cold water on the delicate cycle with Woolite.

When I checked the measurements again, I found that the waist was 31″ and the hips were 36.5″.

The pants had also become softer and more flexible. This shows that Dickies pants do shrink!

There have been arguments in some quarters though, that it actually depends on the manner in which you wash your Dickies pants.

Wash with warm water and dry on high heat, and they will shrink. However, washing with cold water may make the Dickies pants retain their size.

How to wash Dickies pants without shrinking?

If you love your Dickies pants, you might be worried about how to wash them.

Here’s how to wash Dickies pants without shrinking:

You’ll want to make sure they’re pre-shrunk. Pre-shrunk means that manufacturers have already shrunken the pants for you before you buy them.

If the tag on your pants says “Pre-Shrunk,” you’re in luck! Just wash your pre-shrunk dickies at home like any other pair of pants.

A lot of Dickies pants are pre-shrunk, but they still require special care.

If you’re not sure whether or not your pants are pre-shrunk, check the tag in the crotch area.

If you see a number followed by % (like 3% shrinkage), that means that the pants will only shrink up to 3%.

If there is no mention of shrinkage on the tag, then follow these steps for washing Dickies pants:

  1. Soak them in cold water with a few drops of laundry detergent for 30 minutes.
  2. Rinse them in cool water until the water runs clear.
  3. Toss them in the dryer on low heat for half an hour
  4. If that doesn’t help, try soaking your pants in warm water and hair conditioner for 20 minutes, then ring them out and throw them in the dryer on low heat for half an hour.

That should help minimize any shrinking that would have occurred.

How often to wash Dickies?

If you wear your Dickies pants every day, it’s probably best to wash them every two days or so.

If you wear them less often, you could get away with washing them once a week or even less frequently than that.

Dickies pants are made of 100% cotton, and this means they attract dirt and grime much more easily than synthetic fabrics.

For this reason, it’s especially important to keep our pants clean so they don’t smell bad and can last as long as possible.

Here are a few tips to keep your Dickies looking their best

Over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to keep your favorite pair of Dickies looking great.

Whether you’re looking to freshen up your jeans, or you’re ready to replace that ratty old pair that’s seen better days, here’s how to get the best wear out of your Dickies:

Wash ’em

Wash your pants inside out in cold water and on a gentle cycle. Hang them to dry – don’t always put them in a hot dryer! This can cause premature fading.

Check for and remove stains

If you see a stain, set it aside and treat it with a stain remover as soon as possible.

Once the stain is gone, wash your Dickies again with mild detergent, and hang them to dry.

Use iron only when necessary

We recommend using iron on Dickies Performance Denim only if you have time to let the denim cool down completely after ironing.

Make sure your iron is set at the lowest setting before hitting that steam button! Avoid ironing seams and labels – your Dickies should look great without any extra effort!

Find someplace else to sit besides concrete or asphalt

Street corners are rough on your behind!

Always hang them instead of folding them

If you must fold them, use a hanger with a clip to hold them in place.

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