Why Are American Eagle (AE) Jeans So Expensive?

American Eagle jeans are expensive because as high-quality jeans they use an array of premium raw materials, which isn’t available within the country.

Hence, these products are sourced from outside the country. For example, if the price of a raw product required to make jeans go up, the hike will automatically reflect on the final retail price.

The popularity of American Eagle jeans has increased in recent times. But what did the American Eagle company do to increase the esteem it enjoys among millions of people, despite being expensive to afford even a pair?

Truth is, denim materials are mostly affected by an increase in gasoline prices for transportation of raw materials, and those hikes are seen when you decide to swipe your credit card for those jeans.

This explains clearly why American Eagle Jeans are expensive to get but generally, most durable jeans and even high-quality clothes are quite hard to afford these days.

But, it would also be helpful to know that the word expensive is actually a relative term. What do I mean? Something is said to be expensive when one has all the information on what goes into making the product.

However, in normal parlance, expensive is used for a commodity that is sold at a higher price in comparison with other brands.

That said, let’s see the other major reasons why American Eagle jeans are more expensive than some other brands.

5 major reasons why American Eagle Jeans are so popular

The American Eagle company left no stone unturned in terms of research and development

With its well selected team of research and development, they discover the best way to manufacture good quality jeans that are at the same time long lasting.

They use 100% organic cotton to produce jeans that give a comfortable feel. American Eagle jeans are known for their durability.

They can last even after 30 washes. Moreover, as a consequence of their untiring efforts to supply the demands of their clients, they have introduced into their array of products different washes; the darker the wash the higher the price.

They have produced varied styles of jeans with unparalleled and attractive looks thanks to their research and development team. It is not surprising that their loyalists still rated American Eagle jeans more highly than the cheaper brands in the stores.

American Eagle company has a greater online presence than ever before

American Eagle jeans has a greater online presence. With clever and strategic marketing, American Eagle jeans paved its way in the online space.

They took advantage of many social media platforms such as TikTok to run their campaigns geared towards the bold and the smart among teenagers and young adults.

This of course was not achieved without a cost. However, they leveraged on the popularity created thereafter to increase their prices which their clients were ready to pay.

Moreover, their investment went into creating online sales. This enabled their customers to order for and purchase jeans without going physically to the stores.

The virtual marketing was particularly brought into existence during the COVID-19 pandemic lock-down, thus facilitated the delivery to the doorsteps of their clients without any shipping cost.

American Eagle company has better customer service

American Eagle jeans became popular because in its different outlets, American Eagle ensures good customer service.

This was a result of their determination to uphold their company’s client-oriented philosophy of care. They try to provide the clients the size, the style and the wash that suits them most.

They are not out to make sales but to ensure that their clients feel good and comfortable with their buys. Once buyers discover the perfect fit for themselves, they remain loyal because the jeans have been tested and trusted.

There is a consequent and constant demand for the American Eagle jeans. This of course suggests that the customers are willing to pay the price once their loyalty has been won over.

American Eagle jeans fit in with high-end fashion

American Eagle jeans are much more affordable than other designer brands such as DL 1961, AG jeans and Levi yet have found favour among enthusiasts of high-end fashion. Some of whom are designers who set the trend when it comes to fashion. The reason is simply quality.

American Eagle company is the number six in the world rating of retailers because it made considerable efforts to use top-notch fabrics sourced from among the best mills in the world.

In addition, it is ranked number 18 in the global top brands for the Gen Z population subset, i.e. those between 15-22 years old. It is number 25 out of 100 top brands in the global ranking.

It earned over 4 billion dollars of sales revenue having the American Eagle jeans as its highest selling products.

American Eagle received a 4.3 over 5 rating by its fans, thereby surpassing their closest competitors having scores of 3.9. Having won their trust, therefore, they can afford to set a high price without fear of losing their clientele.

American Eagle jeans come in varied styles and appeal to a wider range of consumers

Initially, American Eagle jeans were targeted to teenagers and young adults but now the target market population has expanded. In order to get the attention of other age groups and personality types, they launched more varied and appealing styles.

There are regular styles for women such as flare, mom, jeggings, curvy, bootcut  jeans, 90’s, baggy, jogger, overalls, cropped, low-rise, high-waisted jeans for women.

While the women’s trends are comfort stretch, ne(x)t level dream, lu(x)e, ripped, light wash, medium wash, dark wash and black jeans etc.

For the men’s trends, there are Airflex 360,Airflex + Temp Tech, move free, ripped, light wash, medium wash, dark wash, black and non-stretch jeans.

On the other hand, the regular styles for men are skinny, slim fit, straight, bootcut, 90’s and athletic fit jeans. They also made huge efforts to be more inclusive to women of different body types and stages in life. They have sizes and shapes for pregnant women and old women.

Why you should buy an American Eagle Jeans

The reasons are:

  • Durability
  • Trusted by people
  • Trendy Jeans
  • Comfortable Jeans
  • Universal Fitting
  • Great Styles


Are you looking for a pair of jeans that will last you for many seasons? If yes, then go for American Eagle jeans.

But if you are looking for a pair that will last only for one season then you can go for the cheaper brands in the stores such as Hollister which are usually 25 dollars no matter the type or H & M.

American Eagle jeans are known for their durability and can last up to 4 years depending on the intensity of care put into maintaining them.

Trusted by people

American Eagle jeans are the favorites of many customers. This is shown in their willingness to pay extra for a highly valued and worthy brand.

They are not as expensive as designer jeans such as DL 1961, AG jeans, Levi etc but have comparable quality.

The American Eagle jeans have good ranking derived from customers’ quality rating. Despite being more priced than brands such as H & M, clients still rated American Eagle jeans higher because of the value for money as well as high satisfaction.

Trendy Jeans

American Eagle jeans are often found with runway models of famous high-end fashion designers. If your choice is to get a pair of jeans with reasonable price and qualities similar to designer denims, then start with American Eagle jeans.

Comfortable Jeans

American eagle jeans are known for their comfortable feel. American Eagle jeans are made from good quality fabric which caresses the skin and leaves you feeling good about your choice. They are desired even more than most popular designer jeans.

Universal Fitting

American Eagle jeans have been tested and trusted by a variety of clients with different body types and needs. They are not discriminative.

No matter your shape or size you will feel at home with American Eagle jeans. They also offer many colours which would suit your taste.

Great Styles

Are you looking for a non-designers’ fashionable and affordable design? If your answer is in the affirmative, go for American Eagle jeans. What type of jeans do you want? You can find straight leg jeans.

There are also tapered which are more modern and priced than the straight-leg. Do you plan to wear your jeans every day?

Then buy the more expensive pair. However, if your intention is to get a pair of jeans for special occasions, then go for the styles with a lesser price tag.

The stretchy styles do not sag, i.e. they do not sag, their shapes are kept intact, therefore do not need constant adjustment. American Eagle jeans are affordable.

Most American Eagle jeans are between 50 and 90 dollars per pair. They are often on sale which affords one to get one on 50% discount and free returns making it a buy with low-risk.

Jeggings go for a lower price tag of 37 dollars making them less priced than high-waisted jeans which can be as high as 70 dollars.


One is only ready to pay for a pair of jeans if there is an added advantage to be derived from such a purchase.

It invariably means that the true value of a product such as American Eagle depends on the satisfaction derived by the consumers.

American Eagle jeans can be a good value for the money you are going to spend if you take your time to consider your reasons for getting a pair.

So before you order for a pair of American Eagle jeans, first of all determine what you want and how often you plan to wear them.

Failure to decide wisely will lead to questions such as why are American Eagle jeans so expensive?


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