What Makes Amiri Jeans So Expensive?

In the article, we will be looking at the factors that makes Amiri Jeans one of the most expensive jeans to grace the fashion space.

Let’s dig in.

What Makes Amiri Jeans So Expensive?

Celebrity patronage

The major thing that makes Amiri jeans popular is celebrity patronage. When Mike Amiri started Amiri jeans in 2014, he started small and he didn’t really have a store to start with.

But, with the help of social media, it has fast become one of the most famous jeans brands. There are lots of celebrities who buy Amiri jeans today.

Celebrities like Justin Bieber, Kendrick Lamar, Future, Gunna, Lil Baby, and many others. All of these celebrities do not mind spending thousands of dollars on one piece of clothing.

Everyone wants to be associated with something trending, something big in town. So, when people see celebrities focus on a particular brand, there’s always the tendency to raise the price high.

When Amiri started, one could get jeans for about $600. But now, it’s over $1,000. It’s just a normal thing that celebrities use expensive stuff.

This is the major reason Amiri is so expensive and seems to be only affordable for celebrities. Every one of those celebrities have followers that will be drawn to use the kind of clothings that they use.

That’s another way Amiri gain more customers. But, that cannot be the only reason Amiri jeans are expensive?


Celebrities do not patronize what is not top-quality enough for them. So, the craftsmanship of Amiri jeans is top-notch and there is attention paid to details while the jeans are being made.

It takes time to make good jeans. Amiri and his designers take a whole lot of time to produce just one jeans and that makes it worth the price.

There is no rush as every detail about one jean must be captured and included. That is why the sizing is not amiss and it’s well-fitting. Because it is handmade, it is sure to be styled as designed.

When Mike Amiri set out to start Amiri jeans, he wanted to make something different from the regular jeans. And he seems to be achieving that goal as many people find his jeans worth the price. And that is why they keep buying.

There is big difference in handcrafting a jean compared to bulk producing with a machine. That is why Amiri is still top of the game and many celebrities’ favorite.

That will remain if they keep up with the quality.  So, the time spent in making those jeans the way they are is another reason why they are so expensive.

Cost Of Shipping (Those Outside USA)

For those in other countries outside USA, there are other factors that will make them expensive. The shipping fee, the tax, and every other money invested in exporting these jeans to other countries make them more expensive.

The amount one will get Amiri jeans in Africa will be higher than the amount gotten in the USA.

So, if you’re outside the USA and you want to purchase Amiri jeans, be ready to pay more than what you see in the price tag. Other costs will be included to make the price higher.


Another reason they are so expensive is that they are a perfect fitting. You shouldn’t expect less of jeans that are so expensive. The quality is really good and the sizing is right.

Also, these jeans are built to last. I know that most of these celebrities will not use them for long, but they can stay long and the stitches won’t lose easily. I have already said that celebrities will only buy what is high quality and nothing less.

So, when you see a product frequently used by famous people, then that product must be good. The fitting is right, the style is unique, and the purpose served.

How Much Does Amiri Cost?

When Amiri jeans started, it cost about $600. This price is still expensive for many people.

But, with the influx of celebrities to the brand, the price skyrocketed to up to $2,000. Now, Amiri jeans are within $1,000 to $2,000. This must really be expensive.

So, you shouldn’t have less than a thousand dollars to get Amiri jeans. In 2014, that was possible, but now that’s impossible. This is not a big deal for celebrities because they can easily get this amount out and even more for a piece of clothing.

Amiri jeans cost more than €1,000 today. When you convert that to whatever currency your country uses, I’m sure that’s going to be a huge one. Be ready to get Amiri jeans for almost $3,000 especially if you’re not in the USA.

This is when you have to count the cost before venturing into buying Amiri jeans. There is nothing wrong in saving up for a pair. You are gonna be proud of yourself when you do.

Anything less than $1,000 should be purchased with more carefulness, especially if you’re not buying from the Amiri store.

5 Famous Amiri Model Jeans


What Makes Amiri Jeans So Expensive

The MX1 is a popular Amiri Model and it is made with 3 materials. It is made of cotton, elastomultiester and elastane. This is designed with the 5 pocket styling pattern and it is of high quality. It is also as expensive as the rest. This jean has destroyed areas and faded detail.

There’s so much much attention paid to every detail of the jeans that you can almost see and feel all of it. The MX1 is comfortable to wear and it is used by most celebrities.

You will probably still find a few of these in the store. And this is majorly for the men. This is made in the USA. There are many options available for this model and you only have to check the one you like and buy.


What Makes Amiri Jeans So Expensive

You should already know that this is a follow-up to the MX1 model. This model comes with advanced features and that also means advanced prices. The prices for the MX1 must have decreased by now for the MX2.

This means that if you have already purchased the MX1 model, you should try out the MX2 model. It has better features. Close attention is paid to the detailing of the jeans. This is also a major model for men.

It is available in different styles and colors. You can also have them in different colors so you could choose the one you want.

The MX2 is fast becoming more popular than the MX1. The intention was to have a higher grade and people want something higher. So, that is taking over the MX1 model.

It also has the 5 pocket styling design that the previous model has and it is unique in style and pattern. Moreso, it is comfortable and worth the money.


What Makes Amiri Jeans So Expensive

This is a new model Amiri jeans for women. I should have added shotgun to this list, but they seem to be out of stock. Loewe is made of cotton and it has the calf leather label.

This can be visible in all the available LOEWE jeans. The craftsmanship is unique and of high quality. If you are looking to get available jeans, these are available for quick purchase.

I particularly like the logo bootcut and it’s famous also. Loewe is not less expensive as it is as expensive as the rest. This is popular among the women who love Amiri jeans.

This is fast becoming some of the celebrities’ model jeans. This jean model is built to last and it is comfortable to wear. There will be no issue in the sizing as long as you follow the sizing chart.

One thing I like about Loewe is that there are many styles to choose from, even if each style may vary in price.


What Makes Amiri Jeans So Expensive

This is another Amiri jeans model that is fast becoming famous. From the beautifully designed jeans to the perfect sizing, you sure need to get this model.

The particular one I like is the Lana straight. It is made of organic cotton which is 100% and also with the 5 pocket styling pattern. Also, this is just as expensive as the others, so, go with your $1,000+ when you want to purchase this.

This jean is lightly faded and it is lightly distressed throughout. A very unique style. With the attention paid to the detailing of this jean, it is comfortable with a good feel on the body.

The truth is, you won’t buy any of Amiri jeans and go wrong. All the models are just good and expensive as well. With the size chart, you will know which size is perfect for you.

This model might not be that familiar to you, because my aim is to fish out those models that are unique and fast becoming famous.


What Makes Amiri Jeans So Expensive

GRLFRND is another famous model for women that is highly-priced. I like this particular one from this model; super high rise slim straight jeans. It is made of 100% cotton and it is also designed in the 5-pocket styling pattern.

The jean is so detailed that you can’t miss the detailing of this jean model. It has light whiskering and faded detail.

There is much attention paid to the details of this model. One more thing I love about this model is the flawless fitting it has.

All the collections of jeans under this model are sure to have a flawless fitting. If you haven’t heard of GRLFRND from Amiri, here is the right time to know about this model.

It is fast becoming famous and widely used by women in the USA and other parts of the world.

This model is also available in different styles and sizes that you will like. Colour is another aspect and you have many available for this model.

How To Take Care Of Your Amiri Jeans

Every clothing, no matter how expensive and how much attention is given to the details needs proper care.

Even if the jean was built to last, without proper care, you may never see those jean lasting long. For Amiri jeans, there are certain measures you should take to care for your jeans.

Avoid washing your Amiri jeans in the washing machine

This is very crucial to your jeans. There is every tendency to throw your jeans in the washing machine and just watch it get washed then you put them in the dryer to dry.

That will really damage your jean if you keep doing that. You can either give it to a dry cleaner to hand wash it or you handwash it yourself.

It is most likely that the people buying Amiri jeans may be too busy to hand wash their clothes, so it is better you give to a dry cleaner to hand wash and air dry your Amiri jeans for you.

Hang your jeans outside occasionally

By now, you should know that you should not be washing your jeans often. But that doesn’t mean that your jeans should stay in your closet until the next wear, especially Amiri jeans.

Once in a while, bring out your Amiri jeans and maybe, all your jeans and put them up for air to touch them. Your jeans need to breathe and you don’t have to deny them that opportunity.

Without that, they may get damaged and you may lose your favorite Amiri jeans. You don’t necessarily need to sun dry them, just air dry and let them breathe.

Most Amiri jeans are made with 100% cotton and that means that they have the propensity to shrink. As a result of that, always use cold water to wash your Amiri jeans.

This is another reason why you should not use the washing machine and the dryer. If you do not want to complain of shrinkage after your first wash, then do not use hot water or heat on your Amiri jeans.

These are the basic things to do to keep your Amiri jeans safe and in good condition.


Amiri jeans are expensive because they have so many celebrities buying from them and they also put in a lot of time in handcrafting their jeans.

You should keep more than $1,000 to purchase Amiri jeans.


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