What Is Size 30 in Kancan Jeans?

Size 30 inches in Kancan jeans is a medium size. Sizes that range from 28.5 to 32 inches are regarded as medium size.

Take note that this sizing is applicable to Kancan jeans because it runs large. This sizing is a bit different from regular jeans out there.

Knowing if a size 30 is medium or large makes it possible for you to decide what exactly you want to get when next you want to shop for Kancan jeans.

You do not have to beat about the bush when you want to pick your size. This is also important in situations where you may go to another location where they use a different style of sizing for jeans, you will still be able to choose your size.

You can simply say you want to get medium-sized Kancan jeans and it will fall within the range of 28.5-32 inches. You can see how it has been made easier for you.

You should note at any given point in time that the size 30 inches in Kancan jeans is medium.

Is size 30 Large?

In women’s jeans, a size 30 inches is not large, it is medium. You should know this at all times in order to not make a mistake when you want to purchase jeans for yourself or for someone else.

In some places, the way they size their jeans is actually different. When you are aware of the different ways jeans are being sized in different places, you will be able to precisely pick your size without mistakes.

If you wear size 30 inches jeans and you want to go purchase jeans at any physical or online store, you can simply head to the store and inform them that you want to purchase medium jeans.

In places where the size of jeans is usually labeled as small, medium, or large, once you tell them the size you want, it will definitely fall within the range of your exact size, and the good thing is that it will fit you well.

The same thing is applicable when you shop online for your jeans, since you are a size 30, you can easily pick a medium size on the website and it will be the size.

What size does Kancan XL fit?

Kancan XL fits sizes 35-39 inches waist size. If you wear XL jeans and you want to get Kancan jeans for yourself or someone else who also wears this same size, the best thing you are to do is to go for sizes between 35-39 inches waist size.

You also need to check your waist size to be sure it falls under sizes 35-39 inches waist size.  Any size that does not fall within the size range of 35-39inches, you should not regard it as XL.

Now that you are aware that Kancan XL fits sizes 35-39 inches waist size, you would know what size to pick when shopping. Shopping online or offline will not be an issue for you.

One thing I would always advise you to do if you love to shop for new jeans frequently, you should visit a tailor close by to get your exact waist and hip measurement in inches and centimeters.

This will help you when you are buying jeans so as to not pick a size that will end up being too small or too big.

What is size 30 jeans in the US?

Size 30 inches jeans in the United States is actually a size 10.

I have mentioned it above that when you get to a different location you may notice a difference in the way the size of jeans are being taken.

Something similar happens in shoes as well, the way shoes are sized in the UK is different from the way they are sized in the US and Australia. Jeans are not left out, sizes in the UK are quite different in the US.

That is why when you go to the United States to purchase jeans, if you wear size 30 inches jeans, you would end up going for size 10 US size.

Sizes differ across the globe, and you would be doing yourself good if you are aware of this and also apply the knowledge anytime you are shopping either online or offline.

What size 30 in EUROPE?

Size 30 inches in Europe is waist size 40.

Just like I have mentioned earlier in this article, when you go to different locations, you will see that the way they size their jeans are different.

It is different in the UK, in the US, and also In Europe. In Europe, a waist size 30 inches is equivalent to a size 40.

This makes it easier for you to know what your exact size is to avoid making the mistake of buying jeans that may end up not being your actual size.

When next you go shopping either at an online shop in Europe or an offline one, you would not see the regular sizes you see in other places like in the US & UK, you will see different sizes entirely.

When you are familiar with these sizes, it will make it so easy for you to pick a size without beating around the bush. It becomes easier when you know your regular waist size in inches.

What is a size 29 in Kancan shorts? 

Size 29 in Kancan shorts is an Extra large size(XL).

Kancan shorts do not have the exact same sizing as Kancan jeans, this is because the jeans and the Shorts usually have a different fitting and when you wear them you will be able to see the difference between the fitting of Kancan jeans and that of Kancan shorts.

When next you are going to buy Kancan shorts, do not assume or expect to use the same sizing that you use in Kancan jeans, they are slightly different.

What you need to do is that you should, first of all, know your exact waist size in inches, then you can go ahead to compare it to the Kancan jeans size you want.

If you wear waist size 29 jeans, then what you should buy is an extra-large Kancan short. Remember that Kancan is stretchy, when you wear it, the shorts will be able to stretch to a certain extent and it will still size you properly.

Is size 30 jeans a size 12 in all jeans?

Size 30 inches jeans are not always size 12 in all jeans. This is because sizes vary based on if it is a male or female wearing the jeans and also, based on if the jeans run small or large.

A size 30 jeans is size 12 in the majority of the jeans but not in all of them. However, size 30 inches in other types of jeans would range from size 10 to size 12 depending on the gender and probably the location.

If you wear size 30 inches and you go for jean sizes that are within the range of 10 to 12, you would be comfortable in the Jean and it will fit well.

Another contributing factor to the fitting of the jeans is that it is capable of stretching a bit, so when you wear it, it stretches and becomes your exact size, thereby making you feel so comfortable in the jeans.

What is a size 5 in Kancan jeans?

A size 5 in Kancan jeans is a small size that is equivalent to 28 inches waist size.

In Kancan jeans, small sizes usually range from size 26 to 28 inches. This gives you an idea of what to go for each time you want to shop for a size 5 Kancan jeans.

This will also help you in situations where you may go shopping in a different location that may not make use of the regular sizing system that you are used to.

You may likely come across a different sizing system entirely especially if you are in the UK Or Europe. The UK uses smaller sizes while Europe uses larger sizes.

If you wear a waist size 28 inches, if you want to shop in a US store, you should select a size 5 jeans. With this knowledge, choosing your jeans size while shopping at any online or offline store will not be so much of a hassle for you.

You can simply head to any offline or online store in any country and pick your jeans size.


Size 30 in Kancan jeans is medium size. When you search other jean brands for size 30 you may see it as a small size.

I mentioned at the beginning of this article that Kancan jeans have a slightly different sizing to regular jeans out there, and you should always have this in mind when you go get Kancan jeans.

One of the contributing factors to the difference in sizing is because Kancan jeans stretch and they also run large. You may have to size down when you are selecting your size of jeans.


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