What Is Size 27 in Kancan Jeans?

In Kancan jeans, size 27 is equivalent to a small size. Size 27 is tantamount to 68.5cm waist size.

Any waist size that ranges from 27 to 28 inches is usually regarded as a small size.

When you are aware that size 27 in Kancan jeans is equivalent to a small size you will definitely know what and how to refer to it each time you want to purchase one either for yourself or for someone else.

You can simply walk into a cloth shop when you want to purchase any of the jeans and go ahead to pick a 27 which you already know that it is small and equivalent to a waist size of 68.5cm.

This saves you the time and stress of having to look for your size all over. The same thing is applicable when you are shopping for Kancan jeans online, as long as you are already aware of the size you want, you can simply click and order the exact size without hassle or difficulty.

What is a size 27 equivalent to?

A waist size of 27 is equivalent to a hip size of 37-38 inches. This gives you an idea of what to expect an idea on what to go for when you want to select the hip size in inches.

The waist size is a bit different from the hip size. They are different in the sense that the hip size is the part of your abdomen that is situated between the hips and the rib cage.

The hip size is slightly below the waist size or waist level this is why the hip and waist size is usually different. While the waist size is usually the area situated on the top of your hip line or hip bone and below your rib cage.

Now that you are aware of what the waist and hip sizes are you will be able to know how to differentiate them and you will also know what a size 27 is equivalent to.

When next you want to purchase your jeans, knowing the hip size and the waist size will give you in-depth knowledge about the exact jeans you want to get.

Is 27 inches waist small?

Yes, 27 inches waist is small.

I mentioned it earlier in this article. Knowing that 27 inches waist is small gives you the idea of what you are to expect or what you are to go for each time you want to purchase one.

In some stores they may only indicate that the jeans are small in size, they may not clearly state the exact size, but as someone who is already aware that small is the same thing as 27 inches waist size in Kancan jeans you would easily pick a bean for yourself and not have any issues on the size you chose.

One important thing about buying jeans is the size, if you get the wrong or you do not pick the exact size, the jeans would be of no use to you, except if you want to request a replacement due to wrong sizing.

That is why I am explaining it in this article so that you will be able to choose your size correctly or if you choose to buy for someone, once the person tells you their size you will be able to know if the size is medium or small.

What is Kancan US size 27 in the UK?

Kancan jeans US size 27 is size 9-10 in the UK. This gives you a hint on what exactly you are to expect or what you are to go for each time you want to shop for a size 27 in the UK.

Many people are used to purchasing US size 27, however, when they go to places like the UK that use a different type of sizing from the US, you would see are a type of sizing and if you are not familiar with it, you may not be able to choose the accurate size that you want to get.

Now that you know what a size 27 is in the UK, you can simply go to any UK store to shop for Kancan jeans and pick the accurate size without making any mistakes. This makes it even easier.

If you are shopping in a UK store for someone else who is a size 27, you can simply walk in the UK store and go for a size 9-10 and it will end up being accurate.

The same thing is applicable if you are shopping for a size 27 Kancan jeans at an online UK store, all you need to do is just select a size 9-10 and it will be just as you picked, when you finally get the jeans you purchased, it will end up being your exact size which is actually a good thing.

This would definitely prevent you from going through the hassle of returning the jeans or asking for a replacement.

How do you know your Kancan jeans size?

The best way to know your Kancan jeans size is to make use of a size chart.

You want to select the size of Kancan jeans you want to go for, you need to take a look at the size chart to be sure of your size and to prevent anything that will cause you to select jeans that may be too small or too big for you.

With this size chart you will be able to know your Kancan jeans size:

Size Size of jeans Waist size (inches)
Hip size (inches)
00 23 25.5 33
0 24/25 27 34/35
2 26 28.5 36
4 27 29.5 37
6 28 30.5 38
8 29 31.5 39
10 30 32.5 40
12 31 33.5 41
14 32 34.5 42
16 33 35.5 43
18 34 36.5 44

This simple size chart will guide you on how to know what size you should go for when you want to buy Kancan jeans. If you are not sure of your size chart you should just assume, else you will end up choosing something that is too small or too large for you.

The best thing you should do is take a look at this size chart and select which size you want to wear and go ahead to pick it.

What is size 27 in women’s Kancan jeans? 

In women’s Kancan jeans, a size 27 is a size 4. You can also interpret that as a small size. You should know this at all times when shopping for Kancan women’s jeans.

You can simply walk into any store seeking to buy size 27 women’s Kancan jeans, In size, you are already aware that a size 27 is a size 4 as well, it is also a small size.

Some stores may not indicate it as size 27 there, it may either be indicated as size 4 or small size depending on your location.

Whichever store you go to, you would definitely know the size you are to go for, and you will not make the mistake of having to choose a size smaller or larger than your actual size.

Is a size 27 a size 4?

Yes, a size 27 is a size 4. The size 4 is actually the dress size.

And this dress size is also important when choosing the exact size of top you want to buy. The dress size is basically the size around the bust or chest area. With this size, when you want to buy a t-shirt or a polo you would know the exact size you are to go for.

The dress size is an important part that you should not miss out on or even get wrong, if you do, the dress will not fit you properly and you may have to opt-in for a refund or replacement.

Always have it in mind that a size 27 waist size is a size 4 dress size and this will make things easier for you.


In Kancan jeans, size 27 is a small size. The good thing about knowing this is that it will make selecting your size so easy. It will also help you not make the wrong choice while selecting your jeans size.

Shopping in different locations is actually a whole different experience, when you get to different locations like in the US and the UK, you will notice that they make use of different sizing formats and it will be good if you familiarise yourself with the format.

For example, a US size 27 is equivalent to a size 9-10 in the UK. When you are aware of this you will know full well that there are differences in sizes and also it is important you know these sizes in situations where you may be shopping in different locations.

At this juncture, this article must have answered your questions about Kancan jeans size 27.


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