What Happened To Wrangler Jeans?

It’s safe to say that Wrangler is one of the three most important American denim brands alongside Levi’s and Lee.

Blue Bell’s acquisition in the 1940s of Wrangler has made it a symbol of the American spirit for those who work hard, appreciate individuality, and still desire pants that can stand up to the rigors of their work environments.

This was the beginning of Wrangler jeans as an actual company. Rodeo Ben, a Polish-born cowboy, had a surprising lack of American ancestry.

So, What Happened To Wrangler Jeans?

Jeans are being phased out by the owner of Wrangler and Lee to focus on active wear. The owner of two of the most storied denim companies in the United States is looking to exit the denim industry.

Lee and Wrangler denim labels are among the many brands owned by VF Corp, which has announced plans to spin off its denim division.

Vans, The North Face, Timberland, Reef, Icebreaker, and other “activity-based lifestyle brands” will be the primary focus of the company going forward.

Businesses that become a burden to their parent in terms of resources and manpower are more likely to break off their brands.

VF Corp’s denim division, which includes Rock & Republic and Riders by Lee, has been the company’s weakest link, despite the company’s claims to the contrary.

When it released its annual sales forecast in July, it predicted that its denim business would grow by zero percent.

Outdoor wear is expected to grow by 6 to 8 percent, active wear by 13 to 14 percent, and work wear by more than 35 percent, the company predicts.

As a result of this decision, shoppers are increasingly looking for denim that is both comfortable and functional, even if they aren’t planning on wearing it to the gym all the time.

Activity wear continues to outsell other apparel categories despite a slowdown in sales.

When Did Wrangler Stop Making Jeans in the US?

Since the last American factory for Wrangler’s denim closed in 2005, the brand no longer makes any of its denim in the United States.

American football quarterback Brett Favre recently wore a pair of Wrangler jeans while playing a game of touch football in the mud for the company’s latest ad campaign. However, Wrangler denim is no longer manufactured in the United States.

How To Date Wrangler Jeans?

Wrangler is one of the longest surviving denim makers in the world. For more than a century, Levi’s has been producing long-lasting denim products, most of which have become household names.

Even after all these years, Wrangler denim jackets and jeans continue to be a huge hit with the public.

It was thanks to Dale Earnhardt’s sponsorship and advertising that Wrangler’s popularity soared in the 1980s.

As a result of the One Tough Customer advertising campaign’s success, the Wrangler brand has since sponsored several other Nascar drivers, including Ricky Rudd, Jody Riley, and Steven Park.

As early as the 1940s, the Blue Bell Company began producing and manufacturing the first Wrangler jeans, which quickly gained notoriety for its close collaboration with cowboys to develop the perfect fit.

Wrangler’s sales would soar as a result of this look becoming iconic. A successful European launch of the Wrangler brand led to the dissociation of the Blue Bell Company’s logo from the Wrangler brand.

This occurred in the 1960s, which is why the use of the Blue Bell on the logo or tags is a classic sign that you have a very old vintage Wrangler piece.

Wrangler’s updated logo, which has changed over the years, can provide us with a hint as to the piece’s era.

Here’s how to date a Wrangler Jeans’ era by its logo:

1940 – 1960

  • The rope-like design of the original logo was inspired by the cowboy scene.
  • If you look closely, you can see that the logo is tilted.
  • The Wrangler brand’s parent company, Blue Bell, was frequently displayed above the logo.

1960 – 2010

  • The new logo features a blockier font than the previous design, which was a significant change.
  • Until the last two decades, this logo was rarely seen on tags or designs, but that has changed dramatically in the last decade.

2010 – Present day

  • The modern logo was heavily influenced by the original logo and returned to its original roots.
  • This logo is not slanted like the original and does not use the lasso effect.

Wrangler Jeans can also be dated with the use of a product tag.

The exclusion of the Blue Bell is the only notable change that has occurred over the years. Wrangler, like most modern tags, has migrated away from having the styles stitched into the tags rather modern tags have the details inscribed on them.

For example, some tags may have been used in both of the following decades: the 1960s and the 1970s.

1950 Wrangler Tag

  • It had a script-like font and a bluebell above it in the original Wrangler logo,
  • Fonts were reworked in the 1950s to incorporate a lasso style into the text to appeal to the cowboy aesthetic of the time.

1960 Wrangler Tag

  • Even after Wrangler changed its logo, the Blue bell remained on top of it.
  • If your Wrangler is vintage, you’ll recognize it by the Blue bell over the logo, which ceased to be used in the 1960s. An item with the blue bell will be at least 50 years old.

1970 Wrangler Tag

  • The typeface was unchanged until the 1970s when it was thinned out and brightened up in yellow.
  • In the 1970s, black tags were used far more frequently than they were before.
  • In an effort to broaden the appeal of the brand, women’s lines were first designated as such.

1980 Wrangler Tag

  • A blockier font was used on some clothing lines in the 1980s, which marked a significant departure from the previous font.
  • Many tags still use the original font, but a shift away from lassoing the font is evident.

1990 – Present Wrangler Tag

  • These tags began to feature the newer logo more frequently.
  • The new, more consumer-friendly lettering now includes details on sizing.

Are Wrangler Jeans Still As Popular?

Yes, Wrangler Jeans are still a well-known brand. Nothing else comes to mind first than Wrangler Jeans when you think of denim.

What a great find! Aside from farmers and other workmen, Wrangler jeans are also popular for the standard office or school attire.

Wrangler is one of the most well-known and trusted brands when it comes to denim. Men’s and women’s high-quality and long-lasting work and casual clothing from Wrangler and other legendary brands like Lee and Levi’s have long been the gold standard.

Aside from being a popular clothing brand, Wrangler is also a symbol of the American dream.

The denim manufacturer has been producing jeans for the American market for many years now. Currently, Wrangler has a wide variety of jeans available to customers around the world.

The company’s jeans are well-known for their ability to hold up well over time and to accommodate a wide range of body types.

The brand’s denim jeans are also popular with those looking for a versatile pair of jeans that can be worn with a variety of different outfits.

Wrangler jeans aren’t just for farmers and other hard-working people; they can also be worn to the office or school and for various social occasions.

They also come in a variety of sizes and styles, making it easier for you to find the right pair of jeans for your body shape.

If you’ve ever struggled to find your perfect pair of jeans, this denim brand has released a fit guide that can help both men and women figure out what style is best for their body type.

As the first step in your quest to find the perfect pair of Wrangler jeans, check out the brand’s fit guide.

Who Wears Wranglers?

What role do celebrities play when it comes to setting fashion trends? If you ask us, yes. Without a doubt. Celebrities can always find a way to inspire us.

Wrangler is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, and here’s a list of some of the most famous people who have worn their jeans.

David Beckham

What Happened To Wrangler Jeans

Beckham prefers the Wrangler Blue Bell ripped denim shirt with two chest pockets, which has a faded ripped denim wash. He paired it with a simple grey hoodie and a pair of slim black jeans for an effortless look.

Harrison Ford

What Happened To Wrangler Jeans

When we mention Harrison Ford, we have to include the fact that he wore Wrangler jeans for his own wedding to Calista Flockhart!

Freddie Mercury

When we think of Freddie Mercury on stage, we think of his famous white Wranglers, which he wore with a plain white vest in a way that has become iconic.

Selena Gomez

What Happened To Wrangler Jeans

Cropped Wranglers replaced skinny jeans for Selena Gomez. Like skinnies, they have a high waist and are just as flattering.

Aqua Halter Rib Bodysuit, Wrangler Jeans, and Dear Frances Boots top off her look perfectly.

Jared Leto

Jared Leto, the lead singer, and songwriter of Thirty Seconds To Mars has been spotted wearing his Wrangler shirt numerous times in public.

Just a sampling of the A-listers who swear by their Wranglers. Have you been inspired by someone?


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