What Happened To William Rast Jeans?

One of the denim retail stores and brands which took denim production to another level and dimension is the William Rast.

The brand which was born out of the fusion of southern heritage and the conventional Los Angeles vibe brought one of the best jeans products to the space of denim lovers.

The brand had a celebrity stand, as it was jointly initiated by Justin Timberlake, a renowned musician whose style of original and bold dressing was deeply infused in this brand.

The brand was responsible for making quality, fashion-spirited designs with a premium fit. But recently, this brand was purged into a state of uncertainty, with their customers asking what went wrong with their usual mode of operation and service.

We will be deciphering the big bang on what happened to the William Rast jeans, after their years of operation.

What Happened To William Rast Jeans

History of William Rast Jeans

William Rast is a clothing line based in the US, which was initiated into existence by popular singer Justin Timberlake. Timberlake went ahead on October 17, 2006, to co-found the company with his childhood friend and associate Trace Ayala.

The brand name ‘William Rast’ is a metamorphosis of the names of Timberlake’s and Ayala’s grandfathers. How ironic? But it only showed their deep roots in the southern heritage.

With time, the brand which started as a denim company slowly started the production and sales of other clothing items like wovens, knits, outerwear, shades, and even footwear.

The brand was seen worn by a lot of notable persons in the society, thanks to the high social rank of its co-founder Justin Timberlake. On one occasion, these jeans were seen worn by actress Joanna Garcia, on almost all the episodes of CW’s “Privileged”.

In the wake of 2011, the brand entered into a limited-time partnership with popular super brand Target. This new collaboration was meant to open the new doors to success and prime, and it paid off.

But, in the surge of all these successes and establishments, the brand experienced a downturn, which first started with staff downsizing, scarcity of products, and then unavailability of their products in most retail outlets in LA.

Let’s get right into why such events took place, despite Timberlake’s involvement and support.

So, What Happened To William Rast Jeans?

What Happened To William Rast Jeans

The William Rast brand hosted and launched the Indianapolis 500 Win, through one of its stakeholders Colin Dyne in 2011.

It was rumored that Mr. Dyne was also a founder of the company but didn’t have his name on the wall like Timberlake and Ayala. However, things started getting tacky for the brand, with Colin Dyne at the hem of affairs.

On a side note, there was also an uproar of speculations all pointing toward Justin Timberlake, for the brand’s inability to deliver in a long while.

Some people opined that probably he is working on a music project which prompted the neglect on the side of the brand, while others said the brand lost its touch after it started producing fewer quality products.

The former speculation might have been mere hearsay and the latter could have been a point. Further research into the case, showed that the brand might have collaborated with a Mexican company to cut down the cost of production, which led to the decrease in quality products.

This assertion is based on information gathered from the reviews and comments of some of their customers.

However, there was also a supposition that the brand was later sold, probably a year or two after their merger with Target.

Any of that information could be true, but the bone of contention remained that the brand was pulled into a sudden black hole and has not been resurrected fully.

Are There William Rast Jeans Still Selling?

Yes, there are good numbers of quality William Rast jeans still selling. As seen in one online shopping outlet, some of these jeans that are up for sale are still new, while others are fairly worn.

But, either way, their cost is not as alarming as most premium jeans. They aimed to beat the market with both quality and cost, a strategy that only takes an A-list denim company to pull such strings. Although they are not as functional as before, they tried to prove their worth.

You can still get any of their jeans like the popular William Rast “Savoy” Ultra Low Rise Jeans, which is one of their best products.

Their jeans are available in both male and female genders, as they sought to do a total overhaul of the denim space by incorporating the bike culture.

Where Can One Buy?

You can look up jeans from the stables of William Rast in any popular online shopping mall of your choice. The likes of Macy’s, Amazon, E-bay, Poshmark, and even Zappos, still have some of these products in circulation.

Their price falls in the range of $30 – $60, which means that they are pocket-friendly for a premium denim company like them. Just like most types of denim, Amazon seems to always offer more quality products, while having you in mind if you have a small budget.

Therefore, getting these jeans which are available for both men and women from Amazon, will mean you are getting more and spending less.

However, it will be out of the line to forget to mention that their official website (www.williamrast.com), also features some of their products.

Although the site looks deserted, you can still place orders and you will be redirected to Macy’s which is like their affiliate store at the moment.

4 Favorite William Rast Jeans

The William Rast brand embodies fashion, style, trend, and equally quality which can never be overemphasized.

They were made to act as a catalyst to reshape the face of denim production and wearing, first from the Los Angeles scene and then across shores.

Timberlake did a wonderful job with the designs and presentation, for which he deserves accolades. On that note, we present to you our 4 best William Rast jeans, with quality, trend, and style.

Our Top Picks

  • Best Men’s Taper Denim Jeans – William Rast Men’s Titan Jeans
  • Best Women’s Ankle Jeans – William Rast Women’s Perfect Skinny Jeans
  • Best Women’s Flared Jeans – William Rast Women’s High-rise Jeans
  • Best Women’s Vintage Jeans – William Rast Women’s Misses Cuffed Jeans

William Rast Men’s Titan Jeans

The denim style used in the production of these jeans is for men with thicker thighs. The allowance in the thigh region does not disrupt its sleek appearance.

This is the perfect match with either button-down shirts or polos, with a trendy shoe/boot to match.

Key Features:

  • Colour: Stretch Limo.
  • Fabric: 99% cotton, 1% Elastane.
  • Closure Type: Zipper Fly.
  • Tapered Leg Style.
  • 30 & 32-inch inseam, 14-inch leg opening.
  • Rise style: Mid
  • Belt loops.


  • Price: $25.56

William Rast Women’s Perfect Skinny Jeans

These jeans are quite nice and affordable, they come in different colors pattern, such as the Animal Dot – Turn Back Hem, Back to you – Cut Hem, Aqua burn – Cut Hem.

The cut-hem design shows simplicity and as such the jeans can be worn for virtually any function. They can go with any top, from polos to cotton or denim jacket.

Key Features:

  • Material: 98% cotton, 2% Elatane.
  • Closure Type: Zipper.
  • 5-Pocket style.
  • Colour – Bright sunshine.
  • 27-inch inseam, and 10inch leg opening.
  • Belt loop.
  • Unstitched hems.
  • Skinny ankle length.


  • Price range: $3.99 – $79.50

William Rast Women’s High-rise Jeans

Most flared jeans are worn because of the convenience they provide around the ankle region, and the ease while wearing shoes or boots.

The contoured hips and thighs come in handy, as they shoe all the curves and hinges making you look more sexy and appealing.

Key Features:

  • Materials: 56% cotton, 25% polyester, 18% viscose, 1% elastane.
  • Closure Type: Zipper Fly.
  • Belt loops.
  • 32-inch inseam, 21-inch leg opening.
  • Contoured hips and thighs.


  • Price Range: $15.97 – $79.50

William Rast Women’s Misses Cuffed Jeans

This pair of cuffed boyfriend jeans is worth your money because it brings out style in a unique way. It has functional pockets that can accommodate just anything, ranging from keys to cards and including your phone.

The surface texture screams vintage, while the ripped knees show the street vibe. These are comfortable tomboy jeans, with the perfect inseam to accommodate large thighs.

Key Features:

  • Material: 99% cotton,1% Elastane.
  • Closure Type: Zipper Fly.
  • Mid-rise cuffed hem.
  • 27-inch inseam cuffed, 28 ½ inches uncuffed, and 13 ½ leg opening.
  • Belt loops.


  • Price Range: $25.68 – $56.00


The William Rast brand was founded based on a revolutionary denim style, taking on the American scene with so much speed.

Their exceptional art of detailing and use of premium fabric has improved the performance of the products. Not to talk of the celebrity influence of Justin Timberlake on them.

Moreover, the brand is on a rocky chair, drifting back and forth. But it does nothing in discrediting them for their quality delivery over the years.

They are still around, make sure to get any of their alluring products anytime and enjoy their creative innovation with denim.


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