What Happened To SoHo Jeans?

The area which is known as SoHo is actually the Southern part of Houston Street in New York City, US. This place in particular is home to so many creative innovations, with more emphasis on clothing and fashion.

And, this same place saw the birth of a denim collection which took after its name, the SoHo Jeans collection. Their focus was on women, making jeans that made a lady’s curve and feminity more defined.

The SoHo jeans did a great deal in molding and making jeans which resonated with the working-class woman, those behind the desk, and equally for leisure time like holidays.

Their main objective centered on comfort and appearance, and they made sure of that until their exodus.

We will be looking into this exodus, which reshaped the fate of one of the best retail brands to come out of New York.

What Happened To SoHo Jeans

Brief History of SoHo Jeans

The chronicle of the SoHo jeans collection is one mixed with so much passion and surge to deliver. However, the brand itself started its operations a few years before its rise to stardom in 2015.

Their placement in the spotlight came as a result of their unveiling of Oscar-winning singer, actress, and fashion influencer, Jennifer Hudson as their new face.

The multiple award-winning entrepreneurs were to be their new model for marketing following her successful role in a just-concluded TV show. This step opened new doors for the brand and the singer alike, as she was reportedly feeling the New York state of mind having been born in Florida.

Moreover, the SoHo brand is owned and run by New York & Company, a subsidiary of their parent company RTW Retail Winds Inc., with their head office at 330 West 34th Street, New York City.

The brand holds a record of producing pieces of denim inspired by the downtown vibe of New York, owing to the city’s virtue of diversity.

The New York & Company is an individual-owned enterprise that retails most wear-to-work and weekend clothing. Founded in 1918 by the Lerner Brothers, the company set up SoHo Jeans as a subsidiary denim brand which scaled up its income.

The current CEO of the company Gregory J. Scott went into the office on the 2nd of February, 2011, and has remained in office to date.

So, what happened to the SoHo brand?

The SoHo jeans were having a good time in the denim production community until the summer of 2020.

Following the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, New York & Co. parent company RTW Retail Wind Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on 13th July 2020.

The company disclosed that it was closing down on all its retail companies, with New York & Co. inclusive.

The CEO of RTW Inc. Sheamus Toal made this known to the press, mentioning that over 328 stores in 32 states of the US, running under them were being closed.

This new development shook the grounds of the SoHo jeans brand, which is an offshoot of the New York & Company, leading to their short withdrawal from production and scarcity of their products.

Consequently, in the wake of autumn in 2020, precisely on 4th September, RTW Retail Wind Inc. sold all their retail stores including New York & Company, to Saadia Group.

The New York-based investment company bought the franchise with the highest bid and also took over management of all the websites signed to RTW Inc.

This development signaled a new beginning for the New York & Company and SoHo jeans, as they transfigured from being a physical retail store to a full-time e-commerce store.

Are There Still SoHo Jeans Selling?

Yes, the SoHo Jeans brand is still selling. However, there is a likelihood that they rebranded their name and retained their product style and standard.

Because, there is another collection named SoHo Glam, which replicates the SoHo Jeans pattern. Suffice to say that the SoHo jeans collection was rebranded, following the sale of its parent company.

But this is not a piece of confirmed information because the SoHo Glam is owned by another company known as the SoHoGirl. So no new SoHo jeans are selling at the moment, only pre-owned ones.

Where Can One Buy?

You can get the SoHo jeans, but with a little stress and a lot of personal decisions to make. They are on E-bay, mind you that any original SoHo jeans you find on sites like E-bay could be second-handed.

Although the brand could have gone extinct, it is still the same vibe, and design with an addition of creativity and trendy fashion innovation.

You can trust the face of SoHo Jeans because they are as impressive, colorful, and modern.

You can order these pre-owned jeans on e-bay, with confidence as their money-back policy has you covered.

The prices are also cut down due to their second-handed status, so you get to purchase as low as $11.

My 4 Favorite SoHo Jeans

The SoHo jeans collection is one of those jeans which redefined denim fashion for women of all sizes and ages.

These jeans mostly came with the flared and 5-pocket style, with relatable designs which will add glamour to your closet if you get any of them.

On that note, the following is a description of our top 4 SoHo Jeans, which trilled us till their exodus.

  • SoHo Women’s Mid Rise Bootcut Jeans
  • SoHo Women’s Ankle Raw Hem Jeans
  • SoHo Jeans Women’s 6 Bootcut Jeans
  • SoHo New York & Co Skinny Stretch Jeans

SoHo Women’s Mid Rise Bootcut Jeans

What Happened To SoHo Jeans

These SoHo jeans still have all the glamour of their original type, even though it is pre-owned. It has a bootcut design, which is almost like the trademark of the SoHo jeans brand.

The jeans are straight-leg, flared jeans made from premium denim and a mixture of elastic materials like spandex.

The elasticity makes sure that the jeans do not fit sluggish on your body, but creates an alluring silhouette which is what most women look out for in jeans.

It has belt loops and is designed with the famous 5-pocket style. You can style the jeans with either cotton tops or jackets and heels to match.

Key Features:

  • Materials: Cotton, Polyester, Spandex.
  • Inseam measurement: 32 inches.
  • 5-pocket design.
  • Closure Type: Button, Zipper fly.
  • Belt loops.


  • Brand: SoHo Jeans
  • Care: Machine Wash.
  • Size: 6

SoHo Women’s Ankle Raw Hem Jeans

What Happened To SoHo Jeans

Just like their contemporaries, these jeans are well washed with dark color and have a strong visual appeal.

The jean is an ankle-length raw hem, with fully functional pockets and a zipper fly which aids easy wearing and taking off.

It has an inseam length that supports large laps, so you don’t have to worry about wearing tight jeans.

Key Features:

  • Material: Cotton blend.
  • Closure Type: Button, Zipper Fly.
  • Inseam: 26 inches.
  • Ankle length.


  • Brand: SoHo Jeans
  • Care: Machine Wash.
  • Size: 10

SoHo Jeans Women’s 6 Bootcut Jeans

What Happened To SoHo Jeans

This jean falls in the category of bootcut jeans, and it is well made. It is with cotton blend and lots of comfits.

They are one of the finest pieces of SoHo jeans, which embodies the bootcut culture very well.

Key Features:

  • Material: Cotton, Polyester.
  • Closure Type: Zip, Button closure.
  • Inseam Length: 34 inches.
  • Solid black colour.


  • Brand: SoHo Jeans
  • Model: Bootcut.
  • Size: 6

SoHo New York & Co Skinny Stretch Jeans

What Happened To SoHo Jeans

Slim-fit jeans don’t get any better, because these jeans represent comfortable skinny jeans in bright light.

The zipper pockets in the front add to the design flow and styling of these jeans. It is highly elastic and stretches just well to give you convenience.

Although they are second-handed, they don’t look like anything far from new, so you could actually get one of them and enjoy the feeling of wearing premium SoHo jeans.

Key Features:

  • Materials: Cotton blend.
  • Closure Type: Zip, button closure.
  • Iron zipper pockets.
  • Stretch, skinny leg.
  • Colour: Blue.


  • Brand: SoHo Jeans
  • Model: Skinny Leg
  • Size Type: Regular


The muse behind the birth of the SoHo jeans was to create a denim line that provides the basic jean options for working-class women and generally fashion-inclined women.

Their collaboration with Jennifer Hudson years ago meant that they had a front-line presence in the business of producing pieces of denim. It equally meant that they were out to serve, but a mishap happens.

And it did to them, with the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic which swept through the globe at large, affecting lots of businesses and claiming millions of lives.

The brand has just like most other brands, the resources to go up against any of its contemporaries in the league of producing quality and durable pieces of denim.

They might be off the radar of the denim-producing circle at the moment, but their imprints did not leave the scene.


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