What Happened to Old Navy Elevate Leggings?

Old Navy Elevate Leggings are a brand of compression leggings that is owned by Old Navy. The Old Navy Elevate is a type of compression legging that works perfectly to allow blood to flow around your body while working out.

Do not think these compression leggings are like regular leggings out there, this compression leggings is more sporty and built in such a way that it gets tight on your legs in a way that blood will flow well.

These compression leggings are more sporty than the regular leggings out there. Old Navy Elevate is usually lightweight and comfortable when you wear it.

It is easier to work out in clothes that are super lightweight because they almost make you feel like you have nothing on, even though you are actually wearing something.

Along the line, after years of selling the Old Navy Elevate leggings, something happened to the Old Navy Elevate brand. I will explain that better in the next segment of this article.

So, what happened to Old Navy Elevate Leggings?

What happened was that the Old Navy Elevate was rebranded and renamed. The brand was changed from “Old Navy Elevate” and became “Old Navy Powerpress”.

So, when you want to purchase any of the Old Navy Leggings, you will not see “Elevate” as the name, what you will see is “Old Navy Powerpres” leggings.

Do not be surprised when you see the name change, or do not think that because the brand has changed its name, the quality will drop.

The quality did not drop one bit even after the name change. In fact, the quality still remained very good. The quality, comfort, and durability of the leggings have remained the same even after the rebranding.

The Old Navy Powerpress leggings are still one of the best compression leggings that you can buy and enjoy it all day long as you make use of it. The good thing is that they are affordable.

The fact that they are affordable does not mean that they come with a lower quality build. The Powerpress leggings come in 85% polyester and 15% spandex.

This combination makes really good leggings and also guarantees that the leggings will last a really long time for you.

Are the old Navy Elevate Leggings still available? (Where can you get them)

Yes, they are still available, but because Old Navy has discontinued the Elevate leggings, the Elevate you would see online are very limited and you can only get access to very few Old Navy Elevate leggings on the Old Navy website.

Since Old Navy Elevate was rebranded to Old Navy Powerpress, you can get access to a lot of Old Navy Powerpress leggings.

Here are the various places where you can get the leggings:

  • From Old Navy physical store
  • From the Old Navy website From the

Old Navy physical store

The Old Navy physical store is the most accessible place to buy the Old Navy Elevate leggings. This is because many of those who are advanced in age may not have access to the internet, even though they have access to the internet, not many of them love shopping online.

Leave shopping online to the younger ones. Older ones usually love to have that old-fashioned in-store shopping experience.

That is why Old Navy stores are made available worldwide so that those who prefer to shop physically can go to the physical store to pick up any of the items they want to get.

You can get it at any of the Old Navy physical stores in New York City, Mexico, Chicago, San Francisco, etc.

There are over 1,106 Old Navy stores around the world, and you can always locate the nearest one in your city.

From the Old Navy website

The Old Navy website is another easy place where you can get the Old Navy Elevate. The majority of those who shop online are younger ones who would rather go through that online process than have the in-store experience.

One thing that the Old Navy website does for you is that it helps reduce the stress of having to walk or drive down to the store, you can simply order online and you would get what you ordered in no time.

Because the brand has already built customer trust, customers are not scared to shop online. In fact, some even prefer to shop online to shop at the physical store. You should do the one you prefer, be it shopping online or shopping physically.

3 great Old Navy Elevate leggings to buy

Just very few Old Navy Elevate leggings are available for sale due to the rebranding that happened. However, you will be able to lay your hands on a wide variety of the Old Navy Powerpress leggings.

Take a look at the various Old Navy leggings.

Old Navy Elevate High-waisted Leggings

What Happened to Old Navy Elevating Leggings

This is a high-waisted legging that sits well on your waist when you wear it. This particular one has an elastic waistband that makes it so comfortable for you around your waist area, not minding how wide your waist can be.

The elastic waistband makes it easier for the leggings to adjust to the size of your waist and still return to their original size and shape.

You will also be getting an on-seam side pocket on both hips, this is actually a good thing because some other Old Navy Leggings out there come with just one on-seam side pocket which limits what you can do with the side pocket.

Across the calves, there is breathable nylon mesh, and also at the sides of the leggings. This helps to create vents and prevent moisture. While you are working out, there is every tendency that you will sweat.

That is why the leggings come with a Go-Dry moisture-wicking technology which helps to keep you dry and comfortable as you workout.

No one would enjoy working out in an outfit that makes you sweat a lot and does not wick the sweat. This Old Navy Elevate is a good one and will serve you well.

High-waisted Old Navy Elevate (Powerpress) leggings

What Happened to Old Navy Elevating Leggings

This is one of the best compression leggings you can wear for workouts. While you are working out, there is every possibility that you will stretch or make some ultimate movements, the leggings make it so easy for you to stretch or make swift moves because of the four-way super stretch feature that it comes with.

When you wear these leggings, they sculpt your shape, making you look attractive. It is also smooth and breathable, which means you are less likely to sweat profusely in the leggings.

If you are the type that sweats a lot, especially when you are doing a tedious task you need not worry because the leggings come with a Go-Dry moisture-wicking technology that works to keep you dry and comfortable all day while working out.

This may be a new name, but it is still the same great performance you get. This legging is machine washable. This means you can wash it in the machine, but it is best if you use cold water to wash it properly. This legging is really a good one.

Old Navy Elevate (Powerpress) compression leggings for women

What Happened to Old Navy Elevating Leggings

This legging has a good feature that helps to prevent chafing. That feature is known as the Fat-lock feature. It is also gusseted for ease of movement. You do not always see this feature in many leggings of this kind. This makes it a unique one.

With an elastic waistband, the Leggings will be able to adjust to your waist size while being able to return to its original shape when it has been removed. This is what makes good leggings.

If you get to purchase these leggings, you will be getting a whole lot without having to spend too much money. I like that these Powersoft leggings are affordable and do not require you to break the bank just to own a pair.

Old Navy makes some of the best compression leggings in the world, and these ones I reviewed here are going to meet your needs while working out at the gym.


Old Navy Elevate will now be referred to as Old Navy Powerpress leggings. This rebranding did not make them compromise on the quality of the leggings; they still maintained the good quality.

Know that because of this rebranding, you will no longer see the name Old Navy Elevate in many of the Old Navy leggings, what you will see instead is the Old Navy Powerpress leggings.

You can get the Old Navy Powerpress leggings either by visiting their physical stores across the world or you can shop online. Whichever method you use, you will end up getting what you ordered.

Older people tend to shop offline while younger ones prefer to shop online most of the time. You should make use of the method that suits you best.


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