What Happened to Menora Jeans? (Let’s Find Out)

Menora has been one of the most popular fashion lines on Target for years, but that is not so right now. What happened to the Menora brand on Target?

In 2017, Target came up with the announcement of phasing out the Menora brand and a few other fashion brands from their company.

Presently, Menora Jeans are not in the Target store. This was not good news to patronizers of Menora wears.

It is discovered that, in order for Target to compete with companies like Amazon, they decided to discontinue Menora Jeans and brought in several other fashion brands.

So, Menora Jeans is out of Target stores by the end of 2019.

Why was Menora Jeans phased out?

Target intended to expand its market and also meet the needs of its customers. Menora brand and those other brands that were also discontinued were becoming homogenized for Target, so, they had to give way for new fashion lines to come.

Target’s CEO, Brian Cornell made the big announcement in mid-2017 about the phasing out of Menora, Mossimo, and two other brands in order to bring in 12 new brands.

Target decided on growth and that affected Menora Jeans in their store. These brands were fully phased out towards the end of 2019.

Here are the first four new brands that were introduced to replace Menora and Mossimo.

  1. JoyLab: This is a women’s fashion line that makes their wear towards edgier street styles. Target addresses them as “women’s fitness meets fashion and function range”. They came in to replace Menora Jeans and wear them in the Target store.
  2. Goodfellow & Co.: While JoyLab is a women’s fashion line, Goodfellow & Co is a men’s fashion and accessories line. They make men’s apparel and accessories. They focus on fabrics and fit and they hope to become “top-of-mind” on men’s minds when it comes to fashion.
  3. Project 62: this brand is concerned with modern-day home accessories. Target describes them as “a modern home brand thoughtfully designed for everyday life”. This brand also came in place of Menora and Mossimo in the Target store.
  4. A New Day: this new brand in particular was to replace Menora Jeans and wears. They focus on “mix and match” style and they have a variety of classic wears in their collection. Target describes them as “Modern and Classic”.

During the years, other brands were also introduced after these ones to replace Menora and Mossimo.

What Happens Now to Target?

Target is consistently growing and increasing its market reach and brands. As I have said before, they aim to compete with the leading online store, Amazon. You will agree with me that that is a great feat to achieve.

They’ll need great management to do so. Having introduced four new brands into their store by 2017, they are gradually taking in other new brands that suit their specifications.

Apparently, Target is doing great without having Menora Jeans in their store, even when Menora was the most popular fashion brand in their collection.

With fashion ideas from A New Day, Goodfellow & Co., JoyLab, home accessories from Project 62, and every other product that is retained on Target, they are gradually growing towards their goal.

We hope to see the time Target will truly be a competition to Amazon store. By then, it will be a goal fulfilled and a great success for them.

But, how long will it take Target to actually compete with Amazon considering the level Amazon is at right now?

What Happens Now to Menora?

Menora fashion brand which was acquired by Oxford Industries in the 1980s eventually was sold out to Target in the early 1990s.

They focus on putting a modern twist on classic styles. They have been one of Target’s favorite fashion brands since its inception in 1991.

It is even said that Michelle Obama, a one-time First Lady of the White House has been spotted wearing apparel from the Menora collection.

That is to say how popular Menora was. Today, Menora is no more sold under Target and this means a lot of things.

The customers who shop in Target store for Menora wears may end up shopping for another brand because they won’t find Menora products at Target.

That is a loss for Menora. Presently, there is no certain information about the ownership of Menora. Since Target actually owned Menora, it is not said if they sold it out.

But, Menora products are still out there for sale. The consequence of being phased out of Target is that they may lose their customer’s trust and it may take a long time to gain it back.

This doesn’t sit well for Menora and it seems like they are out of the market. So many people after learning about the announcement from Target have forgotten about Menora products and they are almost becoming extinct.

But, has Menora really gone extinct?

What does this mean for Menora Shoppers?

You will agree with me that this has greatly affected Menora shoppers. Let’s say, Michelle Obama who once possessed Menora wears, desires to get a new purchase of Jeans from Menora.

She will be disappointed to find out that she can’t get them from the trusted Target store and she might want to either change her mind about buying Menora products to purchase from some other brand.

Reading reviews online indicates that shoppers really loved Menora products and they were lamenting not being able to shop for Menora wears again.

Maybe, you might be in the same shoes and you’re wondering what to do or if at all you can still shop for Menora wears.

Presently, Menora products are available in stores like eBay and some other stores. Yes, you can still shop for Menora wears online.

We do not know the arrangement of Target with those stores, but we know that you could still shop for your favorite Menora Jeans today. Just that you can’t shop them on Target stores again.

What does this mean? If you are missing wearing Menora wears, simply go to the online shop mentioned above and shop for them. Even if you have not been shopping for Menora wears, you could start doing that using the above stores.


Brian Cornell is really dreaming big for Target Corp and he is actively implementing ideas that will gear Target to the same level as Amazon, if not higher.

Menora is phased out as a result of that goal and Menora is being replaced by other fashion brands. It is not totally the end of Menora products as some other stores are selling Menora Jeans and wears.

The only thing is that we are not yet sure who currently owns the Menora brand. If you want to shop for Menora wears, go to eBay and select from the collection of Menora products they have there and make your purchase.


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