What Happened to Faded Glory Jeans?

Faded Glory Jeans are part of the Faded Glory brand collection. They have been the major brand of clothing on Wal-Mart for a long time until Wal-Mart stopped selling Faded Glory Jeans in 2018.

Three people started Faded Glory and they are, Michael Shane, his brother Jimmy Shane and his business partner Billy Kolber.

Faded Glory Jeans began selling in 1972 and the focus has been on others rather than themselves.

Jeans made by the Faded Glory brand have received lots of satisfactory remarks from customers as they are made with a unique style.

Having been on Wal-Mart’s favorite list for years, you must be wondering why it was discontinued. You will find that out in this article.

What happened?

Wal-Mart has had Faded Glory clothing, including Jeans, as their primary products until there was the need to discontinue it.

Faded Glory Jeans were not brought down by Wal-Mart because of any fault on the part of the Jeans’ quality.

There was a need to bring in new clothing brands to Wal-Mart. So, Wal-Mart had to make room for those new brands by taking down Faded Glory and one other brand.

One of the brands Faded Glory gave way for is Terra & Sky for plus size.

There was a need to have clothes for plus-size men and women on Wal-Mart, and since Faded Glory didn’t have that then, Terra & Sky produces plus-size clothing, so some other brands had to give way.

When you check through the catalog of Faded Glory Jeans, you’ll hardly find any for plus size. Terra & Sky came on board Wal-Mart in 2018.

Another brand that replaced Faded Glory Jeans brand is Nation for Kids. This brand of clothing focuses on making clothes just for kids.

You will agree with me that Faded Glory is not a brand for kids and does not include clothing for kids in their catalog of clothing.

Wonder Nation produces a variety of kids’ clothing for kids of all age ranges. One other brand was also incorporated in 2018 on Wal-Mart to replace Faded Glory.

From the above, we could conclude that Wal-Mart discontinued Faded Glory Jeans in order to expand their reach of customers.

They decided to put in brands that sell what the category of people who have not been frequently thought of would need.

They have other brands who sell what Faded Glory sells and they needed to bring in something new just to expand their market. So, Faded Glory Jeans had to be discontinued for other new brands to get in on Wal-Mart.

Other Products by Faded Glory

Faded Glory is not just a brand for Jeans, there are other products made by the Faded Glory brand. These include;

  • Leggings: Faded Glory leggings are part of the products made by the Faded Glory brand. It is a unique style of leggings with Faded Glory peculiarities. These leggings can be worn to any casual occasion and they are made for women.
  • Women’s Dress: also made by the Faded Glory brand, these dresses can be found in different styles and sizes. They are remarkable for casual occasions and mostly for slim ladies.
  • Camisole: this is another women’s collection made by the Faded Glory brand. It is beautifully made to be worn with jackets for any occasion or it can be worn on a sunny day for any casual outing.
  • T-shirts: T-shirts and other kinds of shirts are also produced by Faded Glory. You could find stripe shirts and any color of T-shirt manufactured by the brand. These shirts can be worn with their Jeans or any other pants for casual occasions. They have a collection of variable shirts that can be used by both men and women.
  • Hat: this is another product made by Faded Glory. Knowing the beauty and covering hats provide, Faded Glory makes them in different colors suitable for any casual occasion. This is especially used by women.
  • Men’s Short: we could say that Faded Glory has it all in casual wear for both men and women. There are also men’s shorts in the collection of their products. These shirts are made for men.
  • Socks: This is also among the collection of Faded Glory wears. It is interesting to know that there is a unique brand that also makes socks. These are made to be used with shoes for any kind of occasion.
  • Pants: Faded Glory also makes pants for both men and women. Apart from the jeans they make, they also make trousers for any occasion. Among this collection is the training pants. This can be used by both men and women in the gym or in sports activities.
  • Pajamas: Faded Glory also makes Pajamas for both men and women. This comes in different styles and colors. They can be used in the bedroom when sleeping and within the house.

So, apart from jeans, these and many other things are made by Faded Glory brand. Jeans just happen to be a primary product in their collection.

Can You Still Shop for Faded Glory Jeans in 2022?

You might be wondering where and if you can still purchase Faded Glory Jeans again in 2022 since Wal-Mart has decided to discontinue selling Faded Glory products.

The answer to this question is not far from the obvious. We still have Faded Glory Jeans in the stores of many vendors today and it only points to one thing.

Faded Glory Jeans can still be purchased even in 2022.

Faded Glory brand is now owned by the Bonjour Group and they make over $3 million. With this information, we confirm that Faded Glory Jeans are still on the market.

Today, Faded Glory Jeans are being merchandised by K-Mart. Maybe you have used Faded Glory Jeans before now and you have probably heard of the unfavorable announcement from Wal-Mart.

Worry not, you can still get Faded Glory Jeans today made by the same brand. You can shop for them on K-Mart or Amazon store.

FAQs on Faded Glory

We will consider some frequently asked questions that may arise from this article or from whatever you have heard about the Faded Glory brand and try to answer them accordingly.

Is Faded Glory a K-Mart brand?

If you read a few lines back, you will discover that I mentioned you shop for Faded Glory Jeans on K-Mart.

Because of the fact that K-Mart sells Faded Glory Jeans and other products, a lot of people think that Faded Glory is a K-Mart brand.

The truth is that K-Mart is a store that sells a variety of different things, they only sell Faded Glory Jeans and other clothes, Faded Glory is not a K-Mart brand. Faded Glory is a brand on its own.

Who manufactured the Faded Glory brand?

As stated in the first paragraph of this article, the Faded Glory brand of clothing was manufactured by three men – Michael Shane, Jimmy Shane, and Billy Kolber.

These three started selling on Walmart until they were discontinued Walmart. Along the line, the Bonjour Group took over Faded Glory and has been the owner of the brand to date.

So for now, the Bonjour Group manufactures all the clothes including Jeans in the Faded Glory collections and these Jeans are still available for shopping today.

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  1. kmarts went out of business around here a long time ago. Its too bad i cant find faded glory jeans as they were the ones i felt comfortable wearing, All clothing it seems like at walmart are for younger cutesy women. i am 74 and faded glory jeans fit just right.

  2. Still don’t know where I can purchase Faded Glory products since KMart no longer exists. Is there anywhere that new Faded Glory products may be purchased?

  3. Just loved the Faded Glory stretch pants and tops. Good quality, long lasting plus washing easy. VERY comfortable….Let me know where to find these don’t do online shopping ????


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