What Happened To 3×1 Jeans? Here’s What We Know!

One of the few retail stores turned brands, that had a deep but crucial impact in the world of denim is 3×1 Jeans. Although the brand is not a big one like most of its contemporaries, it managed to carve out a niche for itself.

With designs that sort of tried to give denim fashion a new look, especially with its dominance in the city of New York fashion scene.

Following its unveiling in 2011, it has moved on to produce some types of denim with quality material and authentic design. But tragedy struck, and the once lit and busy store of 3×1 in New York turned into a dark corner.

They sent messages to congratulate their customers for having faith in them for the whole time they were operating. What went wrong, you may ask? Did they go bankrupt? Was the brand bought over?

These questions and speculations have been raised by people over the years, since their sudden closure in 2020. This article seeks to provide answers to those questions, on a lighter note.

What Happened To 3x1 Jeans

History of 3×1 Jeans

The 3×1 jeans brand fully began its operations in 2011, just like many other brands which have worked on newer denim designs.

Their launch meant an addition to creativity in the circle of denim producers and they did justice to that. The torchbearer and founder of the brand Scott Morrison were regarded as a denim genius.

So, launching the brand was just his way of presenting his creative designs and denim expertise on a more standard platform and canvas.

The brand featured a lot of innovative ideas like having an on-site factory inside the store, that showed customers how their selected denim was cut and sewn into jeans.

This unique marketing style which they implored, was one such marketing style in the business of denim production. In later years after their launch, they joined forces with Nike, which is a renowned footwear brand.

Their marriage gave birth to the denim-inspired NIKE AIRFORCE 1, a Nike shoe collection that has its upper material made with denim.

What Happened To 3x1 Jeans

Just as expected, the brand’s founder Morrison was behind the Nike project and continued to dish out more lovelies.

They made other products, like the 3×1 MiMi Cuttrell and their washed denim which gave out an authentic appeal.

But in the wake of the pandemic in 2020, the band announced that they were leaving the scene and thanked their customers and associates for sticking around throughout their years of service.

So What Happened To The Brand?

Sometime around 2020, the main store of the 3×1 jeans brand that is located at 15 Mecer Street, in SoHo, New York closed down.

Although the closure was preannounced, the general public was still left in a state of dissatisfaction with a lot of questions flying around.

It was gathered that Scott Morrison, the founder spoke about this closure and disclosed a couple of things as the reason for the shutdown.

However, he was not very direct to point out the problem, he mentioned that the stores were closed due to both personal and professional factors.

A further search discovered that Morrison has a son Leo with his wife Gracileia, who was diagnosed with an uncommon genetic disease known as Brain-bridge – Ropus Syndrome.

The disease affects the brain in some way and Morrison felt that his family needs him more. In a bid to sensitize people about his son’s illness, he opened a non-profit foundation (LeosLightHouse).

All his effort was to salvage the moment, but he felt overwhelmed with both business and family, so the thought to close down the store was conceived.

Subsequently, the pandemic saga also contributed to the closure of the store. Most retail stores in New York closed down, online shopping became the new norm and the once-lit SoHo area became like a dead zone.

Sales were dropping, bills were piling up and Morrison thought that it is the perfect opportunity to call it quits and take care of his family.

He did just that and relocated with his family, for a better evaluation and love-filled life. Morrison now works as a consultant for other denim brands, having left his own to pursue more time with his family.

Are There 3×1 Jeans Still Selling?

Yes, there are still 3×1 jeans up for sale. Even though their retail business came to a halt in Jan 2020, their wholesale business is still functional with a head store in Milan, Italy.

After their closure, the brand’s international sales and production were taken over by their European distributor, In Style.

Recently around the spring of 2020, In Style took over all distribution and also the control of 3×1’s official website. The website’s physical location which was formerly at 15 Mecer street, SoHo, has now been changed to the address of Instyle, in Milan.

Consequently, there are still some of their products up for sale on their website, so you can order them and have them shipped to you from Italy.

Where Can I Buy One?

You can get one from the official website of the brand, but it will be shipped to you from Milan, Italy. The 3×1 jeans brand is still being sold but not like in old times, because of the formal closure of their main store in New York.

The brand which was taken over by their European distributor In Style resurfaced in the denim market after the spring of 2020. You can place orders for the jeans on their website, or you can check them out in other online shopping malls.

These jeans are available on popular online retail shopping sites, like Amazon, E-bay, Lyst, and Farfetch among others. All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone or PC, visit any of these sites and place your orders.

4 Favourite 3×1 Jeans

Despite that the 3×1 jeans brand has been out of the retail market for quite some time, they still have some of its best products in circulation. These jeans vary in shape, design, color, and even fabric.

But they are all the creative innovation of the 3×1 jeans brand. These jeans are mostly multifunctional casual jeans, which have a touch just like designer jeans.

Here are our favorite jeans made by the 3×1 brand.

Our Top Picks

  • Best High-waist jeans – 3×1 Women’s Malone Shelter Austin Crop
  • Best Slim-fit Jeans – 3×1 N.Y.C Women’s Jeans
  • Best Crop Jeans – 3×1 Women’s Dutch White Aimee Jeans
  • Best Bootcut Jeans – 3×1 N.Y.C Bootcut Jeans

3×1 Women’s Malone Shelter Austin Crop

These pair of jeans are just readily available for any of your outdoor activities, like a quick dinner date or a coffee meeting.

They are affordable and come in different sizes. The contoured waistband and high waist structure foster balance and convenience when wearing it.

It is straight slim leg jeans, due to the cropped inseam. You will find them very cozy to jump in.

Key Features

  • Fabric: 100% Cotton.
  • Closure type: fly flap with silver buttons.
  • High waist structure.
  • Cropped Inseam.
  • 5-pocket style.
  • Slightly frayed hem.


  • Brand: 3×1
  • Model: Shelter Austin Crop

3×1 N.Y.C Women’s Jeans

If you are looking for jeans that will give you an interesting look, while still fitting your slim body then these jeans are just the right option for you. It has a 5-pocket design and is made with a combination of cotton and elastane.

They fit in just well for bright times like the spring, which you can style with a coat and a cotton-made top vest.

Key Features:

  • Fabric: Cotton, Elastomultiester, Elastane.
  • Closure type: fly and button with dark metallic branded hardware.
  • Five-pocket style.
  • Boot cuff.
  • High rise, slim fit denim.


  • Brand: 3×1
  • Model: WP0070986

3×1 Women’s Dutch White Aimee Jeans

What more do you look for in white jeans, than this? Sleek to every test, crop wide leg, and just the right silver button to seal it all. These Dutch White Jeans are pocket-friendly and live up to their worth.

Key Features:

  • Fabric: 98% cotton, 2%.
  • 3X1 logo button.
  • Crop wide legs.
  • Zipper Fly.


  • Brand: 3×1
  • Model: WPAWL0952

3×1 N.Y.C Bootcut Jeans

Tired of skin-tight jeans, you have to love this. They are frayed hem jeans with split hems, the type that comes down your ankles and over your shoe or boot.

They are made with fine cotton and elastane which adds a little elasticity to the jeans, so you don’t have to worry about them fitting snag on your body.

Key Features:

  • Material: 92% Cotton, 6% Elastomultiester, 2% Elastane.
  • Button closure type.
  • Zip fly with belt loops.
  • Bootcut design.
  • Aspro white stretch denim.


  • Brand: 3×1
  • Model: W3SSB0986


Scott Morrison and his team were able to create magic, within their short time frame. These jeans were made from a place of uniqueness, creativity which is manifest, and finally quality.

They were spotted on celebrities like Rihanna, which showed their quality and standard. Although the main store is closed due to circumstances, the indelible mark which was left behind by the brand remains recognized.

They are being distributed by InStyle, an Italy-based fashion brand and company. Visit any trusted shopping mall online and get any of these amazing products, you will be impressed that you did.


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