Do You Wear Underwear With Fabletics?

Wearing underwear with Fabletics shorts or any other shorts is something that we are going to deliberate on in this article.

A lot of Fabletics-lined shorts come with inner linings which serve as the underwear in that case. So, if you have such shorts, there will be no need to wear extra underwear with them.

If you have Fabletics shorts that are without an inner lining, then you can wear underwear if you must wear it. Most men I know do not bother wearing underwear under their shorts because they need extra comfort and air.

But, if you must wear underwear with your shorts, then get the shorts that are with inner lining.

8 Styles For Shorts With Underwear

I have selected some styles of shorts that come with inner linings which serve as underwear.

The inner tights with pocket

Do You Wear Underwear With Fabletics

Here is an example of shorts you can get with an inner lining or tight. This tight comes with a side pocket where you can keep your phone, money, key, or any valuables while you are running or exercising in it.

With these shorts, you do not need to wear extra underwear with them, because it is already made with an inner lining that serves the same purpose.

Some men would prefer cutting off the lining just to stay comfortable in the short. But, I think that with this side pocket in it, you might want to keep it this way.

Getting this is not actually expensive and you can use this anywhere without having to wear any extra layer of clothing. This short is fashionable and stylish.

You can wear it for running, jogging and you can wear it in the gym. As a man, you might not want to wear this all day, as you might not be very comfortable.

So, I will advise that you wear this only when you are exercising or when in the gym or while playing any sport. You can get this from any store near you.

Shorts + net lining

Do You Wear Underwear With Fabletics

Most sportsmen and women will definitely prefer this very style. Not only is the short flexible, but the lining also gives enough room for the lower part of your body. So, you won’t struggle for space down there while running.

Also, the lining is breathable and moisture-wicking. Air can easily get to your lower body and sweat gets dried on you easily. You might find this in other colors if white is not your choice.

This pattern is not only sporty, it is fashionable and stylish. I am sure that you can find this in most stores, or you can check the Fabletics store for more of this.

I recommend this to men who value decency and still want comfort between their legs. This will not be expensive to purchase.

You can either get it from Nike or any other store. The material is stretchy and the sizing will not be an issue. This is more comfortable and flexible and it is suitable for both men and women.

Inner lining + shorts for women

Do You Wear Underwear With Fabletics

I know that women especially will find this style fashionable. That is why I specifically selected this for you all. The beauty of this is that it comes in different color combinations that you will certainly like.

This style also comes with a side pocket for the tight and this is what most women will want. You can have your phone handy for quick calls while you are exercising.

Also, the shorts may also be worn on casual occasions and not just in the gym. So, if you are a woman who loves to dress in style, then this is for you.

The tight is attached to the shorts and that makes them very easy to wear. With this, you do not need extra underwear, except if you really think it’s necessary.

For me, I don’t think it is necessary to wear extra underwear with shorts. You can also get this at an affordable price in any store you like. You will most likely get the right fitting if you size right while purchasing.

But, that might not be an issue because this is already stretchy and the waist is elastic. So, the fitting is sure. I just like the design and style, it is so stylish and fashionable.

Shorts + inner tights

Do You Wear Underwear With Fabletics

This is basically something for the men. The fact that this can be comfortably used while doing sport or running without bordering on letting your junk loose is admirable.

I know that a lot of men do not mind letting the in-between of their legs show, but there are those who mind. If at any point, you do not feel comfortable wearing the shorts with the tights, you can cut off the tight and wear them that way.

But, that will be better with a longer short. You can find this simple pattern in different colors and you can get your favorite.

Girls who are into sports can also wear these as it is basically sports shorts. The major thing here is that the short comes with underwear and you do not need to wear an extra one. It is affordable to style and you use this with any of your sports t-shirts.

You can use this for running, walking exercises, or gym exercises. So, if this is the style you like, you can hop into any store and get yours or simply order it from any online store.

Transparent shorts + inner lining

Do You Wear Underwear With Fabletics

For fashion’s sake, I think I love this short. There is this way of making people see something they can’t really see. So, while they look, they think they are seeing it, but they are not sure of what they are looking at.

That is the kind of effect this short will give when you wear it. So, the inner lining is not transparent and it is thicker than the short itself. The short is net in nature and people can easily see your lining, but they can’t see between their legs.

The color combination of this is actually stylish and I wish a team will just get this as their uniform.

It comes with a rope closure and it is so cute. You might as well just order this as a gift for a friend or son. This will not be expensive to style, even if you want to make it yourself.

With this, you can even wear it around town with a nice shirt. You can just wear it for shopping and an evening walk with a friend.

Wearing shorts like this can boost your self-confidence while doing any sport and you are likely to perform better because you look good.

Short skirt + tights

Do You Wear Underwear With Fabletics

This very style is not only for sport but also for everyday casual wear. And, I know that many ladies will like this. This is fitting on plus-size ladies. Yes, plus-size women can also style this short and tight in the gym or anywhere.

This style also comes with a side pocket that can comfortably fit your phone or any valuables. The pocket is not only for your items, but it’s for the design and fashion as well. So, if you like this design, always look out for the ones with pockets by the side.

The previous styles had always been pant shorts, but this is a short skirt and it’s just unique.

While there may no much difference from the regular shorts, it’s just unique and stylish. It will do you much good to appear in a different style aside from your regular shorts for your tennis game.

And of course, this is basically for women and unless you cross dress, it’s not for men. You can find this in several colors and you will love them. It is fashionable and comfortable to wear.

The slit on the skirt makes it flexible to move and do anything you want to do.

Shorts with slit + inner lining

Do You Wear Underwear With Fabletics

This short is breathable as it is made with tiny holes for air to pass through. The short is slit for flexible movement and the inner lining is not very tight on the body.

So, they won’t have to struggle for space to breathe between their legs.

I think the lighter the color, the better the breathability. So, that is why I picked a white color for this style.

And then, the waistband is elastic so there are not many issues with the waist sizing. If you do not want it in white, you can get it in other colors and rock your style.

This is just a style inspiration for you. You can get the inspiration from here and style one for yourself. Better still, you can get this in any store near you or purchase it on Amazon store or any other store. I don’t think this will be expensive to get. It is much more affordable for you.

With this very short, you can even cut off the lining if you do not like it there. The short is long enough so, you can remove the lining to feel more comfortable, especially for men.

Short with pocket + separate tights

Do You Wear Underwear With Fabletics

So, I decided to bring in a style that you could rock if your short doesn’t have a lining and you really need to wear underwear under the short.

You can simply get tight underwear and rock it with your shorts. You can easily style this as you do not need to look for special shorts and tights.

But, if your short already has a lining that may not be visible, you do not need to wear tights under it. You can get any of Fabletics shorts and get tight to achieve this style.

You can see that the short itself comes with a pocket where you can keep your stuff and just put your hands inside for warmth. With this style, you can decide to style it with any color of your choice and rock it as you like.

This is not only for men, women can also decide to style shorts and tights this way. Most times, the fashion is to ensure that the inner lining is visible and that’s just the beauty of this style.

This style will be very affordable to achieve. You can use this for jogging, running, strolling, and in the gym.

Can You Wear Fabletics Shorts Without Underwear?

Yes. Most men prefer to wear their shorts without any underwear even while doing sports. They enjoy the extra air and they actually need the air for the lower part of their body.

So, if you are wondering if you can go ahead and wear your shorts like that letting your junk loose, you can do that if that makes you comfortable. If you have not been doing it, it might feel strange on the first try, but you will get to enjoy it with time.


People often wonder if wearing underwear with Fabletics shorts is actually cool or not. Some men might feel bad for wearing their shorts without underwear because they think it’s not cool.

Which one do you do?

Ideally, men are not supposed to wear underwear under shorts, especially when the short comes with a lining. The lining is serving the same purpose as the underwear you want to wear. You can wear underwear if the short doesn’t have lining or if you cut off the lining.

In this day and time, it is not just about decency and comfort, it’s about style and fashion. That is why I have suggested some styles of shorts that come with cool inner tights or lining where you can get and rock a unique style. So, you can try any of these styles.


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