Can You Wear Ripped Jeans to Work at Amazon Warehouse?

Why not?! Feel free to lose your job!

Amazon sells ripped jeans, baggy pants, and all kinds of crazy styles so anyone would want to ask if a worker is allowed to dress in those styles too. It is wise to let the workers advertise the products by using them too but not in this case.

First, Amazon is just a channel for trade so the company might not care if ripped jeans are being sold on the website or not.

To answer the question; Can you wear ripped jeans to work at the Amazon warehouse? No! It is important to note that Amazon likes its workers to dress smartly, so ripped Jeans are a No. You are definitely allowed to wear fitted clothes.

Actually, you are not just allowed but you are required. You can’t go to a factory, dressed in oversized clothes. That is more like an invitation to an accident or, much better, a dismissal.

Why you cannot wear ripped Jeans to the Amazon warehouse

You shouldn’t wear ripped jeans to work at the Amazon warehouse and there are a ton of reasons to consider it a bad idea:

  • Torn clothes are dangerous in a workplace
  • Ripped jeans portray you as unprofessional
  • The appearance of workers can affect how Amazon is viewed as a company.
  • Amazon has rules on the dressing of workers.

Torn Clothes are Dangerous in a Workplace

Asides from the Amazon warehouse, most workplaces have times when things have to be done in a rush. The companies need the workers to move smartly when they have to.

You can take a look at a factory where they work with machines. A tiny loose thread can cause a huge accident if care is not taken. For this reason, some dressings are prohibited.

Even in cases where the company rules are not well enforced, the workers have to watch their own backs and make sure they are not putting themselves in unnecessary danger by just their dressings.

Similar to this, the Amazon warehouse has hours when the workers need to move smartly. Truly, Amazon allows workers to be casual to a point but torn clothes and hanging threads are not allowed.

Ripped jeans, however, are considered torn clothes too and are automatically disqualified as allowed forms of dressing.

Ripped Jeans Portray You as Unprofessional

Amazon allows the workers to dress casually and smartly but professionalism is not thrown out the window. It might be just beside the window but not out.

When you go to work dressed right, your bosses get an impression. If you dress in ripped jeans or something just as casual as that, you will only be perceived as a joker.

Amazon enunciates the level of informality it expects from the workers but considers ripped jeans as too casual for the role a worker is expected to play in a warehouse.

Now, that is from the view of Amazon as the company. Ripped jeans cannot portray you as a professional anywhere.

You can imagine going to work in the early morning, dressed in ripped jeans, dangling earrings, and long hair. Then someone walks up to you and asks where you are heading to.

You would probably reply quickly without realizing what is wrong at the moment. The person will consider your workplace as a joke. That is just the view of a random person staring at your ‘official’ dress as you head to work.

Working for Amazon can require contact with customers, even though the Amazon warehouse doesn’t,  and delivery of packages. This is one of the most important parts where your appearance matters.

Delivering a package to a customer while dressed in ripped jeans. You could probably consider it none of the business of your customers but your professionalism will be questioned.

Your Appearance Affects Amazon as a Company

The appearances of workers affect how Amazon is viewed as a company. After referring to your professionalism as a worker, the company will also be referred to for allowing such casual dressing in an official environment.

Once these dressings are allowed by the company, the company will be noted for that and that will affect how Amazon is viewed.

This goes beyond why you shouldn’t wear ripped jeans to the Amazon warehouse. This has more to do with why Amazon will not let you wear ripped jeans to the warehouse.

In the case of a factory where machines are worked with, as mentioned earlier when workers get in an accident, the factory has to deal with it.

When the company allows its workers to dress in ripped jeans and the ripped jeans cause an accident, the company will have to take all of the blame.

This might be a minor reason but it is similar to the Amazon warehouse. Minor accidents can be caused by the loose threads you flail around so it’s better to keep the threads away and stay safe. If you won’t, Amazon will force you to.

Amazon Has Rules On Dress Codes

Amazon has a dress code, even though it doesn’t require all the workers to be uniform in their appearances.

The fact that Amazon has a policy that stands coming to work in ripped jeans should be enough to discourage you.

In a case where you act against your company policy, you know what happens after that. You either get a warning or you get dismissed.

The same applies to employees at the Amazon warehouse. If your dressing doesn’t comply with the laid-down rules of the company, you either get a warning or start preparing to stay home.

Amazon Dress Code (Jeans)

The Amazon dress policy allows the workers to dress comfortably in the warehouse. However, your comfortable dressing is not allowed to affect your productivity at work which is why some accessories and clothes are not allowed at the warehouse.

As a worker at the warehouse, you are allowed to dress in jeans but they must be fitted. Amazon urges the workers to refrain from dressing in anything that dangles and this includes earrings, your natural hair, loose threads, and the threads from your ripped jeans.

As mentioned earlier, there is a tendency of causing an accident with these items while working in the warehouse.

If you will dress in jeans, they must not be baggy or long enough to make you stumble. Your bottoms must not be sagging.

This will affect your mobility and performance at your workplace so the policy only allows pants that are fitted and comfortable on your legs.

Amazon Dress Code (Shorts)

Most Amazon warehouses require you to wear long pants so shorts may not be allowed. This is because shorts may turn out burdensome and dangerous.

Shorts are not only dangerous with the machines. In the Amazon warehouse, short revealing pants may attract people who will try to take advantage of you so wearing short pants is prohibited.

However, some Amazon warehouses may permit you to wear shorts but you will have to follow the dress code. The shorts must be ‘long’ enough to reach your knees.

Shorts that are mid-thigh are not allowed in the warehouse and baggy pants will affect your mobility likewise.

Dismissals rarely happen quickly in the warehouse, that is, you get a series of warnings first. While the breach of dress codes may seem a minor offense, the constant breaking of the rules is not tolerated so the workers earn points.

Points sound good when you first hear the word. It sounds like something that leads to a promotion.

The workers earn a point every time they break a rule, no matter how minor it is. That is the warning they get. When they earn up to 6 points, they are ‘promoted’ out of the company.

Amazon Dress Code (Leggings)

The Amazon warehouse doesn’t have an official dress code but the company frowns at the wrong clothes that tend to impair performance. In other words, instead of having a dress code, Amazon has a list of clothes you are not to wear.

The leggings and a few other similar casual clothes were on the list. This changed recently and you can now wear leggings to the Amazon workshop.

You may want to celebrate that, having the comfort of your leggings while working, but you’d better keep your head up and eyes open before you get points of promotion.

You only get five warnings before the “good news” happens… and when the “good news” happens, you would be allowed to run wild and free.

That is not very good since the payment isn’t going to run with you so you have to be careful of the dos and don’ts.

If you will work in the warehouse in your leggings, you have to make sure they are not sheer. Asides from the distraction you cause for others and the risk of getting abused by fellow workers, you might successfully get a point for the obscenity.

Amazon Dress Code (Sweatpants)

As mentioned earlier, Amazon does not have an actual dress code for the workers but there are rules against some pieces of clothing that are believed to hamper the mobility and effectiveness of workers.

The Sweatpants are not directly mentioned to be against the dressing rules but we also have to take note of the fact that ‘sweatpants’ are not directly mentioned to be allowed in the Amazon warehouse.

However, the sweatpants are actually allowed to be worn in the Amazon warehouse and many of the workers use them every day.

The Amazon dressing policy is against drawstrings, as much as it is against earphones and loose threads. For this reason, some sweaters are not allowed in the workplace.

We have to take note of this, however, since the sweatpants have drawstrings on them. As a worker who has heard and seen other workers dressed in sweatpants, you can easily defend yourself when confronted with the accusation of wearing sweatpants.

You can get away with that but you should also remember some dressing policies were laid for the safety of the workers.

If a loose thread, an earphone, and the drawstrings on a sweater can cause an accident, then the drawstrings on your sweatpants can do just as much.

In short, wearing sweatpants is not against the rule but you should be careful, anyway.

Amazon Dress Code (Dress Pants)

Once again, Amazon allows its workers to dress in fitted business-casual clothes. Whichever pants you will be wearing to the Amazon warehouse must be fitted.

Pants that are not allowed include baggy pants, heavy pants, pants with flared legs, ripped pants, skirts, and shorts.

These pants are believed to affect work effectiveness. Other pants that are prohibited due to immorality include short pants and sheer leggings.

Amazon, however, allows the workers to dress in jeans, as long as they are fitted and comfortable on their legs. As a worker at the Amazon warehouse, you can dress in leggings (as long as they are not see-through), sweatpants, Joggers, and even pajamas.

This is mostly because the warehouse workers have no contact with the customer so a professional look is not required.

Amazon prohibits loose threads, dangling ornaments, and drawstrings (basically anything dangling) so you should look out for all of these when you dress up to go to work. This is for safety and nothing else.

Why What You Wear to Amazon Warehouse is Important

  • Proper Look
  • Comfortableness
  • Safety

Proper Look

While Amazon really cares about how the workers feel, some of the dressing policies were laid for a bit of professionalism.

For this reason, ripped jeans and baggy clothes are not allowed to be worn in the warehouse.

One may tackle this idea since the policy allows the workers to dress in pajamas and leggings, which are not professional in any way.

However, asides from the theory of professionalism, the warehouse requires a lot of safety precautions to avoid accidents.

These precautions prohibit loose threads which can be found in ripped jeans. The baggy jeans may not have loose threads but for a worker who has such a heinous task to get done, a cumbersome cloth will do no good.


As mentioned earlier, Amazon cares for the workers so uniforms are not imposed. This is because many may find uniforms uncomfortable to work with.

For this reason, Amazon allows the workers to dress comfortably, even in leggings and pajamas, as long as efficiency is not affected.

One can surely find a comfortable choice of clothing from the list of accepted clothes in the Amazon warehouse so comfort is fully catered to.

In addition, for a worker at the warehouse who has to do so much work, uncomfortable clothes would only worsen the situation.


This can be considered the most important reason to wear the right clothes when working in the Amazon warehouse. The warehouse is like any other factory.

As mentioned earlier, baggy and ripped jeans are prohibited for safety reasons. A loose thread or a piece of clothing can be snagged by a machine.

The little overlooked parts of your dressing can lead to ghastly accidents which is why the right clothes must be picked before choosing to work in the Amazon warehouse.


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