Can You Wear Joggers as a Walmart Employee?

There was a certain state of things over at Walmart retail company,  before the 2018 revolutionary change in the dress code for workers was introduced.

Prior to this new development, the company which sits high in the ranks of top retail stores had a rather more strict rule for dressing.

This article would be shredding the myth on whether Walmart has a uniform and its dress code, and I will also discuss whether the wearing of joggers for sporty-fashioned people, is permissible.

Can you wear joggers to work at Walmart?

Can You Wear Joggers as a Walmart Employee

The answer is simply no! You cannot wear joggers to Walmart as an employee. Despite the new reform of 2018, sporty and athletic wear was still prohibited.

And since, joggers, or what most of us know as sweatpants fall into that category, it explains why it is not allowed.

Most companies and firms have a certain dress code for their, which they think affects the purchasing power of their customers. Some of these rules are set aside, with no provision for amendment.

Can You Wear Joggers as a Walmart Employee

There is some kind of refrain notice given to the employees at the point of an interview, especially if you are considered for a position which you probably applied for.

On a different note, I guess the reason for this prohibition is because joggers or sweatpants are viewed as a comfort-oriented dress code, and this realization conflicts with the interest of the workspace which is of work.

What Then Can You Wear as Pants Dress Code at Walmart?

Regardless of their rules against the wearing of joggers, there are several other pants that are not bound by the company’s directives on dress code.

These pants serve you on a wider and higher level of comfort, style, and convenience within and around the Walmart working space.

So, you can choose to wear anything within the range of the pants which I am about to list.

  • Denim jeans.
  • Cargo trousers.
  • Chinos pants.
  • Slacks
  • Capris pants.
  • Khakis

Denim Jeans

Can You Wear Joggers as a Walmart Employee

The workers at Walmart both male and female, are allowed to wear jeans to work. Whether you are working as a cashier, customer attendant, or administrative staff, there are no boundaries as to who to wear jeans in the workspace of the giant retail company Walmart.

The jeans are expected to be neat, void of stains or patches or shreds.

Cargo Trousers

Caro trousers are also allowed as a pants dress code for workers in Walmart. This pair of comfortable pants move very easily and supports the efficiency of a worker.

So, it is very much accepted as a dress code pant for Walmart. I love these trousers and I bet I would rock them to work if I were working at Walmart.

Chinos Pants

Chinos are generally cool pants made from lightweight twill or a cotton blend that stretch. If you have these pants, you would testify to the level of comfort that these pants provide.

Walmart also endorses the wearing of chinos as one of the pants recommended for workers.


Can You Wear Joggers as a Walmart Employee

These relatively loose-fitted pants which are prevalent wear for men are also allowed to be worn as a substitute for joggers in the Walmart working environment.

Wearing slacks affords you the comfort of feeling relaxed in your pants, and it is the solution to the problems of having snug-fitted pants. The space in the thigh region creates enough room for you to counter friction of any sort.

Capris Pants

I will also love to state that capris pants are also recommended for workers in Walmart. Although this may look off, due to the calf-length of the pants but be as it may, it is allowed for the workers of Walmart to wear.

Can You Wear Joggers as a Walmart Employee

These pants are super comfortable and stylish although they went out of vogue for some time. But I think wearing these pants would relieve you of discomfort because they are a good choice for high-temperature conditions.

I suggest you wear this to work especially during the summer period.


Those light-brown colored pants that look evergreen in your wardrobe, are also on the list of pants that you can wear to Walmart as a worker.

The company’s directives also state that these fitting sets of pants can be worn in place of joggers.

Khakis mostly come in a uniform color of light brown which means you do not have to worry about turning your closet upside down, in your quest to find pants with a color that fits the working environment.

Walmart Employee Dress Code Shirts

It is no longer a taboo for the workers of Walmart to wear a variety of colored shirts. You can now wear any type of shirt, irrespective of the color or design.

This is not the same practice before the 2018 dress code reformation of the Walmart companies. The reformation saw the introduction of other styles of a shirt which was not previously worn.

The initial dress code for shirts is a plain blue or white shirt, which the Walmart retail company introduced since its inception.

Similarly, the shirts were meant to be void of graphics with emphasis on ‘plain shirts’. Shirts with brand logos, symbols, or signatures are not allowed, likewise any designs that would incite inconvenience on the customers.

So, it will be imperative for you to only wear the shirts which fall within that specification, while still wearing them in your desired color or design.

Walmart Employee Dress Code Shoes

Just like clothes worn on the body, Walmart also has its own rules which guide the conduct of its workers when it comes to wearing footwear.

Currently, you can wear virtually any footwear or shoes, provided that your toes are not visible. Closed-toe shoes are highly advocated for, hence their recommendation as a dress code shoe for workers in Walmart.

Footwear like sandals, flip flops, slides, and even crocs are all seen as prohibitive footwear for the workers at Walmart.

Therefore, wearing any of this footwear which I just stated here could attract punishments like suspension or at large outright relief of duty.

Following the dress code reform of Walmart in 2018, sneakers were included as acceptable footwear for Walmart workers. Be it staff supervisor, or the least functionaries like the cleaners, you can wear sneakers.

The whole point of this inclusion is to make sure the workers are comfortable working and move without difficulty.

This new inclusion scraped off the old rule of wearing only dress shoes which could be inconvenient for people with posts like crate movers or carriers.

Walmart Employee Dress Code Hair/Head

Before the 2018 dress code reformation, there were rules by the Walmart corporation which censored the type of hairstyle or cut worn by their workers.

The male staff were meant to have nice and decent hair cut, which does not incite any wrong impression on the workers.

As for the female, they were meant to go on braids or blondes but should make sure that they do so with their natural hair and no dyes.

Consequently, the reform changed the scope of things on hair styling and approved the use of dye on the hair by customers.

They are currently allowed to dye their hair, but I think you should avoid bright dyes like neon which could be distracting to the customers.

This acceptance aims to make sure that the workers at Walmart feel freer and entitled to their personal choice of hairstyle, as against the previous practices where they were mandated to abide by a particular hairstyle.

All these restrictions by the retail giant made some of their workers drop out, having not been to cope with the strict work culture.

Other Important Things to Note about What Employees Wear to Walmart

Aside from the restrictions on the dress code of Walmart workers which I stated earlier in this article. There are other important dress codes or tips to put into consideration for the overall outlook of the workers of Walmart.

These other things can decide your fate in working for Walmart because neglecting them could land you in your supervisor’s office for explanation or defense.

The following are the other important things you should know about what employees of Walmart wear to or during work hours.

  • Walmart vest and name badge.
  • Shorts/skirts.
  • No ripped or patched jeans.
  • Wearing hats.
  • No revealing clothes.
  • No leggings.
  • Accessories

Walmart Vest and Name Badge

Can You Wear Joggers as a Walmart Employee

The Walmart vest is a prerequisite to be worn by workers of the company. The vest is given to you once you pass your screening and interview as a worker, as a newbie package for joining them.

The vest plays the role of distinguishing between the ordinary worker and the administrative staff. It also states the department to which each worker belongs.

On the other hand, the name badge is simply for easy identification of workers around the working space.

You can actually customize the badge to your taste if you so wish, but I think you will need permission from the senior staff to approve of such.


As part of the pant dress code for the workers, shorts can be worn to work in Walmart. Although there is a rule, and this rule ensures that the shorts remain decent enough to be passed by your supervisor.

And in order for you to pass these tests you will need shorts that are your knee-length or are 1-2 inches above your knee.

Anything higher than this could attract a summon for an answer and possible questioning. Skirts are also frowned at by the female workers, especially short skirts.

No Ripped or Shredded Jeans

Can You Wear Joggers as a Walmart Employee

This is just a straightforward rule which I think makes sense and should be adhered to if you want your job at Walmart to be a lasting one.

You should desist from wearing any jean that is shredded in any form or sort. This is to maintain decency in dressing while attending to a wide range of people.

Wearing Hats

Wearing hats is allowed for workers in Walmart, but there is an important notice to this. Only Walmart ball caps are allowed to be worn, and the persons sitting on the cashier function are not allowed to indulge in this privilege.

This is so that customers would be able to transact freely with him or her, without getting worried about identification.

No Revealing Clothes

This is another point on my list of things which you should consider in wearing things to work in Walmart mega retail company.

This rule is specifically for the ladies who would want to look stunning or attractive at work. News flash, Walmart does not condole such a dress code.

Anything ranging from tank tops to low-waist denim jeans is frowned at.

No Leggings

Why would you wear tight dresses like leggings to work? I guess some people just love exercising their fashion prowess everywhere, but these kinds of stuff like leggings are not allowed.

They are highly disapproved by the company’s administrative arm and could get you fired if you continue to dress in that manner despite numerous warnings.


Wearing long earrings, large bangles, and chains is not allowed at Walmart as a worker. First, these kinds of stuff can get caught up in the point of duty or cause a different perspective in the way customers view the company.


The Walmart company made some reformations to the dress code for workers and it has taken effect since then till date.

These reformations prompted more freedom and acceptance of workers, where the workers’ different fashion senses and styles were embraced.

However, this does not rule out the regulations placed on these new dress codes because they still need to remain under the auspice of morality and societal standard.

I believe you have come to realize the reason why joggers or what we also know as sweatpants cannot be worn to Walmart as a worker.


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