What to Wear to a Retail Interview with H&M

Applying for a job with a prestigious company like H & M requires thoroughness and caution, going for the interview and knowing what outfit best suits the interview is a different ball game entirely.

This article would be covering everything you need to know on what to wear to a retail interview with H & M; we shall extensively elaborate on what applicants need to wear when going for an interview with H & M retail store.

H & M retail clothing company known for fast-fashion clothing and with branches spread across the world.

With a workforce of about 14800 employees, the need for expansion is far in the increase, and with the expansion comes recruitment.

Being a popular brand, applicants who are to be interviewed must take extra care in knowing exactly what to wear in a fast pace company like H & M.

What You Should Wear 

As stated earlier, knowing exactly what to put on should be taken with extreme care as you would when preparing your CV.

The points below should be a guide in choosing kind of outfit you’re supposedly expected to rock when showing up for an interview with H & M retail store.

What to Wear to a Retail Interview with H&M

Wear a Casual but Classy outfit

A retail store like the H & M requires prospective employees look exactly the way the company’s brand  is projected.

If the brand pride itself as fast and efficient, doing a quick permutation as to if wearing a suit and a tie for her interview would be right, then you should opt for it.

On the other hand, if wearing a tuxedo and a pair of suit trouser pose a wrong choice, then showing up in such is detrimental.

Wearing the Company’s  Branded Outfit

How would it feel to have someone who isn’t your tribe man speak your language, the excitement on your face gladly makes you welcome and accept this person right?

So it is with showing up for an interview in an H & M outfit or something looking like it.

You not only display a passion for the brand to your interviewer but an unspeakable loyalty is what you’ve shown to them which would in turn make them consider hiring you

Wear an outfit that depicts readiness

While not all casual wear sparks enthusiasm, some do reveal a readiness to work on the spot.

Wearing outfit that isn’t only casual but action laced for an interview to H &M retail store informs your employers that you are up and ready to start at the drop of a hat without losing the touch of being simple.

Although classy, pyjamas or a slippers and some other outfit just won’t work well in an interview with the H & M retail store.

Next, we would expatiate on the outfit that does not cut out right with the company’s objective.

What You Should not Wear

What to Wear to a Retail Interview with H&M

As with what to wear, the following are big turn-off to wear when applying for an interview with the H & M retail store:

Outfits of other Company with their Logos

Showing up for an interview with an outfit that  reveals the logo and brand of a close competitor at the H & M retail store not only puts you at risk of being rejected but also being seen as disloyal and a hypocrite in committing to their brand.

Before stepping outside your apartment, a careful check on what you’re wearing for the interview should be done.

Competitors’ logos, brands etc showing at conspicuous place in the outfit, should either be substituted or concealed as this would spell a bad rep when being interviewed.

Revealing and transparent outfit

While being fashionable is paramount and highly regarded when being called for an interview at the H & M retail store, “dressing to kill” is prohibited.

A strapless on a mini-skirt or a boob tube or a tight jean revealing sensitive features does nothing to add to the way the company would consider employing you.

While such outfit might be suitable in a very informal gathering or a party, any item of clothing that reveals even the slightest sensitive body area would be met with total un-acceptance.

Avoid Wearing Heavy Make-up/Cologne

Save you are applying for pageantry or it likes, a heavy application of powder, mascara, or blush is irrelevant. The rule behind what to wear is to keep it simple.

Being fashionable doesn’t mean things should be blown out of proportion. A moderate application of cosmetics makes your interviewer regard you with respect.

Avoid Bright and Brilliant Coloured Clothing

One unique selling point for the H & M brand is in how classy yet simple and less vibrant their outfit is.

One look at the colour combination in the making of their garment would tell you what not to wear when showing up for an interview at any of their retail store.

As a prospective employee, it is advised to avoid any colour that would not only draw too much attention but would as well violate company principle of simplicity.

Knowing what not to wear can be really daunting and hence the need to know how to choose the perfect outfit for interview at H&M cannot be ignored.

How to Choose the Perfect Outfit for a Retail Interview at H&M 

What to Wear to a Retail Interview with H&M

This sub-header focuses on how to choose the perfect outfit for a retail interview at H & M. The following are salient points to note

Nature of the Company

A background check on the nature of the company one desire to tender an application or sit in for an interview is crucial.

Any applicant who is to be interviewed at the H&M retail store stands a better chance of being hired if a background check on the company’s objective and aim has been done than an applicant who doesn’t even bother to do so.

What the Employees Wear

Do the workers all dress casually? Are there sections of the company that dress in a particular way than the rest?

Factoring these aspect would do any applicant good in selecting exactly the perfect outfit for a retail interview at H&M.

Employability Tendencies

If you think that after the interview the tendency to start the job instantly is certain? Then you would and should consider wearing something suitable.

The H & M Company is known to give instant employment to any applicants who have passed her interview.

Given that, the applicant in turn is expected to be prepared for it by ensuring that their outfit matches the nature of the job applied for.

Most jobs in retail require any prospective employee to work for a long period and having the right outfit for this kind of environment cannot be overlooked.

The next sub-header covers everything you need to know about the best outfit to wear for an interview with H & M retail store. 

6 Great Outfits to Wear For a Retail Job Interview at H&M 

What to Wear to a Retail Interview with H&M

As earlier stated most persons called for an interview at H & M tend to resume or start work on the spot hence the need to dress as though you are resuming duties.

Below are preferable outfit to sport when going for a retail interview with the H & M retail clothing store.


What to Wear to a Retail Interview with H&M

Not only does this aid mobility but also improves applicant readiness and display of elegance. impression they say matters, intending applicant dressed in a T-shirt and a jean in a way have already passed a message to the interviewer that he or she is ready to work even if it means starting immediately after the interview.


What to Wear to a Retail Interview with H&M

A pair of sneakers either a low sole or a high sole matched with a jean and a T-shirt is another best bet for prospective employees hoping to work with the H & M brand.

The seamless interview process and the instant resumption of duty is reason enough to wear such outfit.

This is because as patronage increases, the need to have extra hands that would meet their demand on time increases as well. How then would you expect to attend to a customer who is in haste on a high heel?


Even before having that spot as an employer at  H & M, showing up in the company’s outfit or any related product not only boost your chance of being employed but also reveal to the company your willingness to become an ambassador for the brand.

If you really want to make a first impression on your interview with the H & M, show up in their product.


If you’re not a fan of looking all too casual yet still want to look it but with a touch of class and professionalism, then showing up for an interview in blazers wouldn’t be a bad idea.

What this does to the psyche of your interviewers is to show that you exactly know your onion and when it comes to formality, you’ve got a bunch of it.


Chinos are another option for an interview choice at  H & M because it does not conflict with the fast-paced  nature of the company’s objective and work ethics.

Not only does chinos add to your charisma when applying for an interview at H & M, it speaks of a well groomed fashionista who is matured enough to handle the bustle of the ever busy retail outlet.


For a place like the H & M retail outlet with it many activities, appearing smart in a jean and a short sleeve for an interview tells your prospective employer how smart, flexible and eager you are to land a job with their company.

This in turn adds an extra point to their assessment of your being capable for the job.

Paired with a nice pair of sneakers and either a warm coloured shirt, the probability of landing a job with the H & M is certain.


Most big companies do have a lot of rules and hierarchies that for any applicant or job seeker, meeting this requirement sometimes can prove herculean.

The H & M retail store is no different. With branches and stores spread across the globe, the need for uniformity cannot be overlooked.

Job seekers and intending applicants for an interview should note that selecting or knowing what to wear to the H & M retail store for an interview is very easy to achieve.

Wearing casual yet classy wear put you in better position over teeming job seekers.

Brandishing the company’s outfits or something similar adds to your score point in landing the job while at the same thing proves you to be worthy of representing the company.

Lastly wearing something that depicts your readiness to start the job instantly crowns your effort with a consideration.

Never rocking the outfit of competitors shows how committed you are to growing their brand but wearing outrageous clothing that reveals sensitive body areas erodes every good intention applicants have for the company.

Your make-up/cologne and accessories should be applied moderately and lastly, avoid vibrant clothes.

Understanding the nature of the company before opting to rock any outfit would save you a whole lot of disappointment when it comes to choosing the perfect outfit for an interview in an H & M retail store.

Making the employees your friends’ in-order to know the acceptable dress code can save a lot for you in choosing the right clothing.

Bear in mind that after the interview is a probability of starting the job instantly and so should inform your outfit decision when meeting with the H & M retail store for an interview.



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