Do You Need to Wear Underwear With Lululemon Lined Shorts?

If you’re familiar with running shorts, then you would know that many are designed with In-built Underwear. Lululemon shorts are no exception to this.

Many of them have liners that are meant to serve the same purpose as your regular underwear.

The liners are lightweight, sweat-wicking, and non-chafing, or a heavier Luxtreme® fabric that provides extra support around the thigh and its muscles.

While many may find this annoying, many also welcome the design. However, not everyone understands the purpose of these liners and is keen on finding more about them, which brings us to the question, do you wear underwear with Lululemon lined shorts?

Lululemon lined shorts are designed to be put on without underwear. The in-built underwear offers the same support and protection as your regular underwear.

Wearing underwear with Lululemon lined shorts defeats the purpose of the liners. In addition, it often leads to chafing on the skin and discomfort. However, this is not the same for everyone as some people choose to do so.

What Is The Point Of Underwear Lining In Shorts?

In-built underwear lining in shorts is beneficial. They’re created with suitable materials, particularly mesh to keep users very comfortable.

These linings are usually lightweight and loose-knit, providing better breathability than your regular underwear. There are different kinds of lining employed by different brands, but they all serve to provide better support and protection to the crotch and thigh area. Below are the reasons for underwear linings in shorts;

1. No Need Worrying About Underwear

As an athlete, breathable and comfortable underwear is very important to keep you relaxed as you perform and to enhance your performance unless you want to go commando.

Most runners tend to go for cotton, and this would be good until it gets too hot. But, with underwear-lined shorts, you don’t have to worry about the best underwear suitable for running or other forms of exercise.

These lined shorts are built to eliminate discomfort in any condition. Moreover, they feature the best material that will serve you well.

2. Doesn’t Ride Up

With the designs of lined shorts, they’re meant to stay at their natural position at the waist without riding up or down.

This riding motion is especially disturbing when exercising as you would’ve to keep adjusting your shorts. But, with underwear-lined shorts, this would be eliminated and you can perform without worry. However, you’ve to buy the right fit for you to achieve this.

3. Moisture-Wicking

One great advantage of shorts with liners is the moisture-wicking properties they possess. These liners are designed with materials that pull away sweat and don’t soak it up. This is exceptionally convenient as sweating in the crotch area and buttocks can be very disturbing.

Not all underwear has this property. Cotton is breathable but can soak and keep in moisture. So, these underwear-lined shorts are perfect for better performance and maximum comfort.

4. Breathability

Liners in shorts are mainly made out of thin and loose-knit fabrics that allow adequate in-flow of air to the crotch region. These few layers of fabric reduce heat, keeping you cool and dry. In addition, as you exercise you won’t feel too hot and congested as opposed to wearing normal underwear.

5. Prevents Chafing

Chafing is common among athletes and results from skin to fabric friction with sweat and moisture. This irritates the skin and often leads to rashes if not eliminated.

Liners are well-built with soft materials that are skin-friendly and eliminate chafing. So, underwear-lined shorts are good to prevent this concern.

6. Better Protection

An underwear-lined short provides better protection from germs and bacteria, reducing the risk of infection.

Sweaty buttocks and crotch is a good breeding ground for bacterias, but this is eliminated with linings that provide premium breathability and moisture-wicking technology.

In addition, when you sit on the ground, particularly after a race, the liners serve as a layer of protection against germs.

7. Muscles support

Compression types of liners support the muscles by enhancing blood flow and holding it properly. This will improve your performance and your health.

Do All Lululemon Shorts Have In-built Underwear?

No, not all Lululemon shorts have in-built underwear. As much as the in-built liners serve a very good purpose by providing adequate support and protection, not everyone likes them. So, Lululemon provides non-lined shorts alternatives for those who prefer them.

This will allow those who prefer to dress and perform without undies to do so and also allow people to make their choice of panties. It’s all about what’s comfortable for people. 

So, if you wish for non-lined shorts, you’ve got the option of purchasing shorts without in-built underwear. Also, you can cut off the linings in shorts with these liners if you wish to.

5 Great Lululemon Shorts With Liners You Can Buy

Lululemon Lined Shorts Unique Features Review
1. Lululemon Breaker Shorts Mesh vents are placed on the back for breathability 4.6
2. Lululemon Speed Up Shorts They’re built with three functional pockets for storage 4.5
3. Lululemon Hotty Shorts They’re designed with reflective details to enhance visibility in low light 3.6
4. Lululemon shorts Low Rise They’ve got a low-rise waistband with a drawstring for a better fit 4.6
5. Lululemon  Fast and Free  Shorts They’re built with their OOM (Out Of Mind) liner that comprises polyester and elastane 4.5
6. Lululemon T.H.E Lined Shorts The liners are designed with a 3D breathable pouch for support 3.5


1. Lululemon Breaker Shorts 

The Lululemon Pace breaker shorts are one of the best designs from Lululemon that offers splendid support and protection to users.

They’re multi-functional shorts that are great for running, walking, or just lounging around in the house. In addition, they’ve excellent quality that provides great fit and comfort.

The Men’s Pace breaker shorts comprise swift 86% polyester and 14% elastane. This mix adds to the durability and stretch of these shorts. This 4-way stretch fabric is lightweight and with sweat-wicking quality. In addition, they’ve got a mesh vent placed on the back for breathability.

Also, these shorts are designed with an OOM(Out Of Mind) liner that fits like shorts rather than a brief. The OOM liner is built with mesh fabric, an in-built pouch for extra support, and a phone pocket. This liner is quick to dry and has excellent breathability

The  Lululemon Pace breaker shorts are designed to sit at the waist. They have a loose fit to enhance full motion at all sides. Furthermore, they’re built with two side pockets for storage.

They also have an envelope pocket at the middle back without a zipper for increased versatility. These shorts are a good choice if you love shorts with liners. However, they run small, so size up.

2. Lululemon Speed Up Shorts 

The Lululemon run speed-up shorts are good designs from Lululemon that have in-built underwear which functions effectively. These shorts are loose-fitting and provide splendid support through training and running all day. In addition, they offer a flattering style.

The Lululemon run speed-up shorts comprise 86% polyester and 14% for a lightweight function and support. They’re reliable for everyday training and the 4-way stretch shorts will support motion without restrictions. In addition, they are sweat-wicking for comfort.

These shorts have a lightweight liner that keeps them in place at the waist and provides breathability and support to the buttocks and crotch. The waistband is very smooth with an added Lycra fiber so it retains its shape.

In addition, It lies flat against your skin, for extra comfort and to prevent chafing. These shorts are a nice choice for running, cycling, hiking, and lounging around. Also, it has three functional pockets for enough storage options.


3. Lululemon Hotty Shorts 

The Lululemon hotty hot shorts have in-built liners that make them suitable and comfortable for running. They’re designed with extra room so you can freely move and perform easily.

The Lululemon hotty hot shorts are constructed with 4-way stretch fabric that offers enough flexibility, making them reliable all through. The lightweight fabric wicks away sweat and keeps you free down there.

In addition, the waistband of these shorts is very wide and has enough stretch to keep the skin smooth all day. It has an internal draw cord that keeps it flexible while maintaining its position. Also, these shorts have a super-soft liner with a pocket for plenty of support and protection.

These shorts have a low rise that doesn’t ride up or down, they’re designed for running but are great for lounging around in the house and walking outside. In addition, they’re built with reflective details to maximize visibility in low light.

4. Lululemon Shorts Low Rise 

These Lululemon speed-up shorts are another version of the speed-up collection that also has in-built underwear to give full support. They’re well-built and offer ultimate comfort that will aid your performance. 

The Lululemon speed-up shorts consist of 86% polyester and 14 % elastane to ensure flexibility and movement, and to maximize performance.

The 4-way stretch fabric is lightweight and quick to dry. In addition, they’ve got a supportive liner with excellent breathability. It’s moisture-wicking and offers better satisfaction.

The low-rise waistband will stay put and has a draw cord for a convenient fit. These shorts have a back pocket for storage and also, and two gel pockets join together for more storage area. These shorts are versatile.

5. Lululemon Fast and Free Shorts

The Lululemon fast and free-lined shorts feature excellent quality and design, which makes them great for running. These shorts have in-built liners to support runners all through. In addition, they offer a loose and relaxed fit for free movements.

The fast and free shorts comprise 86% recycled polyester and 14% elastane to reinforce these shorts and provide enough flexibility for movement greatly.

The 4-way stretch material is lightweight and quick to try, offering a smooth texture on the skin. In addition, they’re built with their OOM liner that comprises 82% polyester and 18% elastane. It has a 3D-shaped pouch for extra support.

Also, the flat-lock seams reduce chafing on the skin. These shorts have a comfortable waistband made out of their Nulux™ fabric that combines nylon and lycra. It’s very durable and has a gel pocket for storage.

These shorts are excellent for running, cut with enough room at the seat and thigh to increase performance.

6. Lululemon T.H.E Lined Shorts

The Lululemon T.H.E shorts have excellent features that make them reliable for training. They’re built with liners for extra protection and support all through performance. In addition, they have enough room for free movement.

The Lululemon T.H.E shorts comprise recycled 86% polyester and 14% elastane which improves the build and flexibility. The 4-way stretch fabric supports movement without any form of restriction. In addition, it’s super lightweight.

These shorts feature their OOM liner, combining polyester and elastane. It has excellent moisture-wicking properties. It comes with a 3D breathable pouch for support. In addition, the stitching is well bonded to eliminate irritation.

There’s an in-built pocket for storage.  The waistband is built with the Lululemon Nulux™ fabric. It’s comfortable and has a draw cord for proper fitting. These shorts are great for everyday training.


Lululemon-lined shorts are designed to eliminate the need for underwear. The liners provide the necessary support your underwear will give, even better, for they have superior moisture-wicking properties.

In addition, they’re lightweight and breathable. Wearing extra underwear is unnecessary and may bring discomfort. However, if you prefer the no-liners shorts, you’ve got the option to choose from a wide range of their products. 


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