True Religion vs Evisu Jeans: Which is Better?

The major difference between True Religion and Evisu is that Evisu offers customers a chance to create their own jeans.

On the Evisu website, customers and visitors are encouraged to create their own design and style which will then be manufactured by the brand and delivered exactly as the customer designed it.

True Religion and Evisu are two of the world’s biggest Jeans-making firms and they share a lot of similarities, especially in the area of design. Evisu, however, takes customer satisfaction a bit more seriously by letting customers in on the creative process.

Customers of the Evisu brand can go on to the website and create their own customized jeans having all the specifications and features they desire.

This gesture from Evisu ensures that the brand is constantly manufacturing products that its customers actually want, unlike the True Religion brand the customers can only buy what the brand produces.

Why the need for this comparison?

As two of the biggest Jeans brand in the world, comparisons like this are normal because, as humans, people would always want to know which brand is better or bigger than the other.

As social animals, humans will always compare two entities that are similar in order to confirm or deny their own preconceived thoughts.

Furthermore, comparisons like this are necessary as it brings to light some not-so-popular information about each of the brands being discussed.

There is information about True Religion and Evisu that many people do not know until they actually take their time carefully compare both brands.

The good thing is, we are helping you with that. You do not have the comparison yourself, just rest your back and read!

Lastly, this comparison will help guide intending customers on their next purchase. As much as both brands share a lot of similarities, they also have a couple of differences.

These differences can be the reason why a customer buys True Religion jeans or Evisu jeans. This post will provide you with the necessary details that will aid your buying decision.

What are True Religion’s Pros and Cons?


  1. Offers a lot of discounts
  2. Offers free return policies

Offers a lot of discounts

One of the benefits of being a customer of the True Religion brand is that you get to enjoy a lot of discounts and promo codes.

This marketing strategy from True Religion is one that has been working incredibly well for the brand as they now occupy a high market share in the jeans industry. This further goes to prove that people love offers that help them save money.

Offers free return policies

You know when you order something from an online store and when it was delivered it was below your expectations? Good.

If you have such experience with any True Religion product, you would not incur any cost to return such product. Unlike most brands that would mandate you to bear the cost of returning such products, True Religion actually takes responsibility for that.


  1. No price matching policy

No price matching policy

What is arguably the biggest demerit of the brand is that customers do not have access to a price matching policy.

This means that customers buying from the True Religion website or official stores will not be able to buy the products for a lesser price even if the same product is being sold at a lesser price elsewhere.

What are Evisu Jeans Pros and Cons?


  1. Offers price matching policy
  2. Customers can customize their own jeans

Offers price matching policy

Unlike True Religion, customers of Evisu enjoy a price matching policy that allows them to buy Evisu products for a lesser price if they are being sold at that same price in another store. This move is another way the Evisu brand uses to retain its customers.

Customers can customize their own jeans

Big benefit customers of Evisu enjoy is that they can literally design their own jeans and have them made and delivered. Not many jeans-making brands provide their customers with this offer.


  1. Limited payment solutions

Limited payment solutions

One of the issues a customer may encounter with the Evisu brand is that you can only make payments using your credit or debit card.

Unlike many brands that afford their customers different payment options like Paypal, Venmo, and Credit/Debit Cards, the Evisu brand restricts its customers to make payments with their credit or debit cards alone.

What similarities do both brands share?

They do not make only Jeans

It is understandable that when people hear True Religion or Evisu, the first thing they think is Jeans. It is not surprising because both brands became popular by making jeans.

However, these two brands do not restrict their production to Jeans alone. Evisu and True Religion also make and design clothes for men, women, and kids.

Free shipping policies

Customers of Evisu and True Religion are liable to enjoy free shipping on all orders that exceed $150.

This simply means that when a customer buys a product or multiple products that exceed the $150 mark, such product (or products) will be delivered to the customer without any additional cost to the customer.

It is good to note that this policy is not limited to certain countries. Every customer, regardless of their country of residence, can enjoy this promo.

True Religion vs Evisu Jeans: Comparison

To provide clarity and a better perspective, we will be subjecting these two brands to some specific comparisons.

The essence is to know where one of the brands is better than the other. Both brands will be compared based on; material, durability, pricing, and sizing.

True Religion vs Evisu Jeans: Material

It is known for a fact that both brands use denim in making their jeans, however, do they use the same type of denim? The answer is no.

Evisu uses selvedge denim while True Religion uses premium denim. The denim materials used may be different, it however does not diminish the quality of the jeans made by either brand.

The selvedge denim used by the Evisu brand is described as higher-quality denim. This kind of denim is usually hard to produce and can be identified through the cuff of the jeans.

It is usually white and comes with a colored yarn in the middle. It is a proven fact that selvedge denim fade slower and better than other types of denim.

On the other hand, the premium denim used by True Religion also has great quality. In fact, it is called premium because it has undergone a series of production processes and therefore carries a lot of craftsmanship and quality.

Unlike selvedge denim which can sometimes be raw, premium denim is a type of denim that is actually produced.

True Religion vs Evisu Jeans: Durability

In terms of durability, both brands are rather similar. They both make use of authentic, high-quality denim materials that ensure you enjoy wearing your jeans for a long time.

Whether you have the True Religion Ricky Straight Leg jeans or the Evisu Diadock Stone jeans, one common thing you will get from both jeans is strength.

True Religion and Evisu use strong denim that makes your jeans able to withstand any type of usage and also make sure they do not tear easily.

Not only are the products of these two brands tough, but they also maintain their look for a long time.

Lack of proper care can make jeans start to fade earlier than they should, however, these two brands make their jeans the ability to stay smooth even in the face of poor care.

It can sometimes take 3 years before a True Religion or Evisu jeans will start to fade.

True Religion vs Evisu Jeans: Pricing

Taking a look at the average price it would cost to get True Religion jeans and Evisu jeans, we can confirm that both brands are not far apart. Due to the quality of materials used in making these jeans, it is absolutely normal for the price to be high.

On average, the most affordable Evisu and True Religion jeans cost about $95. These brands also have jeans that go as high as $320.

The high cost of their products has made many people refer to both brands as luxury brands. The Evisu European Edition jeans and the True Religion Rocco Moto jeans are examples of high-priced jeans by both brands.

Still on pricing, Evisu and True Religion have acknowledged that some of their jeans are truly on the high side so both brands devised ways to help their customers pay less.

On True Religion’s part, the brand opted to have many discount and promo codes. Currently, on the website, customers are eligible to use up to twenty (20) different coupon codes.

On the other hand, Evisu does not provide its customers access to coupons and discounts, rather the brand opted for a price matching method.

This means that if customers find their jeans going for a lesser price in other stores, the brand will drop their asking price to the same price it is being sold elsewhere. Invariably, this allows customers to pay less than they normally would.

True Religion vs Evisu Jeans: Sizing

Sizing is a big factor to consider when choosing your jeans, and it is important to know that the jeans made by these two brands do not fit the same way.

Averagely, True Religion jeans are slim fit. They are designed to mold around your body and feel smart, however, there is a tendency that they may run small. While there are True Religion jeans that are big, the majority are of a slim fit.

Evisu, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. The average Evisu jeans run big and you may need to order half a size down to get a perfect fit.

Why you should choose True Religion

True Religion should be your go-to brand for jeans and other denim clothes for three major reasons;

  1. Access to more discounts: If you are looking to get high-quality jeans and clothes for a considerably lesser price, then you should consider True Religion. Currently on the website, there are up to 20 active coupon codes that customers can access to buy jeans for a lesser price.
  2. Popularity: After Levi’s brand, True Religion is seen as the next most-popular jean brand in the world. The brand is very popular and has an established presence in over 100 countries by partnering with international shipping solutions.
  3. Better payment solutions: On the True Religion website, customers are able to use more than 4 different payment options which includes: Debit or Credit cards, Amazon Pay, Afterpay, Venmo, etc. This is necessary because oftentimes, online transactions can fail, having more options ensures that you are able to switch should one fail.

Why you should choose Evisu jeans

The Evisu brand is also a very popular brand and has a presence in more than 120 countries. Away from the popularity, here are three reasons why you should always choose jeans made by Evisu.

  1. Best quality jeans: The Evisu brand makes its jeans using selvedge denim. This kind of denim is very tough and possesses great quality. With the Evisu jeans, it would take much longer before your jeans begin to fade.
  2. Free shipping: Evisu specially caters to its customers by providing incentives like free shipping. Customers who buy products with a cumulative price of $150 or more are eligible to enjoy free shipping to their location. This was introduced to encourage customers to spend more money, and so far, it is working perfectly.
  3. Customization: Have you ever wanted your jeans to look a certain way but you realize that such style does not exist on the market? Well, the Evisu brand has provided the solution to that by allowing customers to design how they want their jeans to look. If you want to have a say in how your jeans are designed then you should really opt for the Evisu brand.

Which is better?

Personally, I think True Religion jeans are better. I choose the brand simply because of the fitting. True Religion jeans normally come in a slim fit which I like considering that I have thin legs. The slim-fit jeans from True Religion are more stylish and trendy.

Also, people who are curvaceous, or better still, plus-size are not excluded. Whether you have a big body size or you have a petite stature, you will find True Religion jeans for yourself.

The nice fit and inclusivity are what make me choose True Religion as a better brand than Evisu.


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