True Religion vs Diesel Jeans: Which Is Better?

One difference between Diesel and True religion is that Diesel is an Italian retail clothing brand while True religion is an American clothing brand.

While both are in the same category because they both sell clothing, True religion and Diesel do not have many differences; their cost and product quality are quite similar.

A major difference between the two brands is their targeted market. Diesel’s main target is focused on upper middlemen and women with kids who are fashionable and financially stable, True religion on the other hand is focused on people between the age of 18-35.

Both companies are reputable in the fashion industry and they both produce high-quality clothing.

The difference between the two brands lies in the type of others they produce; Diesel produces more edgy styles of jeans than True religion does.

Which is a better brand, Diesel or True religion?

In the clothing industry, brands may differ in terms of quality, price, and style. The brand is not just a name or logo. It reflects the company’s identity, culture, and values.

In this case, Diesel and True religion do not have many comparisons. Diesel is a brand with a masculine image. The combination of fashion, history, and attitude makes Diesel a popular brand all over the world.

The brand is ranked as one of the top 10 global designers in fashion. True religion is a lifestyle brand that has been around producing premium denim for both men and women.

The two brands mainly focus on denim products and also for producing quality jeans so it’s so hard to tell which is better than the other as they both have similar prices too.

If you are wondering which is a better brand, it should be Diesel, in terms of popularity.

A brand is like a personality and Diesel has been around for a while it’s also a well-known fashion industry, so it seems to be more of a people’s choice.

True religion is also a fashion industry but it’s more of a new brand so it isn’t well-known as Diesel.

We can say that diesel is better because it’s been around for a long time and Diesel is a better clothing brand because they have a wider range of clothing than true religion.

Why Diesel is better than True Religion

True Religion vs Diesel Jeans

Diesel is a brand that has been in the fashion industry for over 40 years and True religion is just starting to get into the game.

Diesel has been focusing on a distinct and authentic voice, it’s been seen on celebrities and models, as well as everyday people.

Diesel has continued to be a favorite among others because of its high-quality denim and clothing. True religion is known for this too.

True religion has been around for 20 years now and they are known for their comfortable fit and stylish designs.

Although these two brands are considered similar in quality and price, there are a few reasons why Diesel is better than True religion.

One reason is that Diesel offers a great variety of clothing, especially denim jeans. Diesel jeans come in different styles and fits.

While the fit of True religion jeans is hard to get because of how tight they are generally, the sizing of Diesel jeans incredibly varied, which is great because not all people wear the same size, because of this, it is the people’s choice.

Diesel doesn’t get better than the Sleenker and Buster jeans. These two are one of Diesel’s affordable and high-quality jeans for everyday wear. Diesel’s Bootcut and Super Skinny jeans for women aren’t left out too.

Similarities between Diesel and True religion

  1. Both brands are known for their denim products
  2. The price point of both brands are relatively the same
  3. Their clothes are durable and long-lasting
  4. Both brands offer a range of clothing
  5. Both brands are popular
  6. Their products are easy to find in most department store
  7. Diesel and True religion both have a laid back, casual feel to them
  8. Their jeans are made of top fabrics
  9. Both brands have a relaxed vibe about them
  10. Both brands have a store for jewelry
  11. They both sell perfumes

Both brands are known for their denim products

Both Diesel and True Religion is a retail clothing company that produces sustainable denim.

Diesel has a product section called “Denim” for denim jeans, and apart from jeans, Diesel uses also uses to produce jackets, shorts, skirts, and more.

True religion also focuses on making denim products like jeans, jackets, shirts, and more.

The price point of both brands is relatively the same

The average cost of Diesel and True religion is quite similar. You can get diesel jeans at a range of $60-$160 and the same goes for True religion jeans.

Their price is said to be expensive as it’s as thrice the cost of 3 Lee jeans. The brands’ clothing are expensive because they spend money on quality materials and designs

Their clothing is durable and long-lasting

Both Diesel and True religion are suggested for those who want their clothes to last longer, they both use a better quality cotton blend to make their jeans.

The two brands produce high-end clothing especially jeans with innovative and high-quality fabric, their jeans are arguably some of the best out there.

Both brands offer a range of clothing

Both Diesel and True religion are known for their range of clothing, they include; jeans, shorts, tees, skirts, dresses, and more.

Both brands are popular

Diesel and True religion are still very popular brands, not for just their jeans, but both their casual clothing for men and women are still very popular.

Their products are easy to find in most department stores

You can easily walk into your local department store to purchase any of the brands’ products. Diesel products are sold in about 80 countries through department stores while True religion has over 50 stores.

Diesel and True Religion both have a laid-back, casual feel to them

Both brands are still providing the best denim and casual wear. Diesel is not just apparel denim because of its down-to-earth casual outfits, it has become a lifestyle in the lives of many people around the world.

And if you want to look free and feel like a rock star in your jeans, True Religion jeans are a go-to, whether you are heading to lunch with a friend or going to an office meeting, True religion will give you that casual feel.

Their jeans are made of top fabrics

While other brands make use of cheap materials to produce their denim jeans, both brands use top materials like cotton and heavyweight denim materials to make their jeans.

These materials are elastane, spandex, and other important fibers that stop overstretching while trying to make the jeans last longer.

Both brands have a relaxed vibe about them

Both brands are known to have a satisfied and soothing aura about their products, their jeans can easily make you stand in a crowd.

Both brands have a jewelry store

Diesel has a section known as “Diesel Time frames and Jewelry” they sell a great collection of jewelry from necklaces, rings, earrings, watches, bracelets, and more, and at True religion, you can also find cute designs on a great selection of necklaces, watches, cufflinks and more.

They both sell perfumes

Both brands sell refreshing perfumes. Their fragrance range is distinctive, contemporary, and original.

Differences between Diesel and True Religion

True Religion vs Diesel Jeans
True Religion Jeans
  1. Both brands have a different parent company
  2. Diesel has a wider variety of clothes than True religion
  3. Diesel is more true to size
  4. True Religion has filed for bankruptcy more times than Diesel
  5. Diesel has long been in existence
  6. Diesel has a good customer service

Both brands have different parent companies

This is one of the major differences between Diesel and True religion as a brand.

True religion was originally established by Jeff Lubell and Kym Gold but the brand was later purchased by an investment management firm, Tower Brook Capital Partners, while Diesel is owned by OTB (Only The Brave) an international fashion group who is also specialized in the production and distribution of ready-to-wear and children’s wear.

Diesel has a wider variety of clothes than True religion

This is also one of the major differences between True religion and Diesel, Diesel has a wider variety of clothes while True religion has a narrower range of clothing, mostly jeans, and shorts.

At Diesel’s, you can get to choose from their wide range of clothing, unlike true religion where their styles are limited.

Diesel is truer to size

Diesel is more true to size than true religion jeans. For Diesel you have to buy your normal size and it will fit perfectly, but it is not the same for True religion jeans, their jeans are quite small, you will have to go for a couple of inches bigger than your normal size.

True Religion has repeatedly filed for bankruptcy more than Diesel

True Religion has filed for bankruptcy protection twice in 3 years, first on July  5, 2017, after accepting they had more liabilities than their owned assets.

This made them shut down 27 stores in the United State. They also filed for bankruptcy again in April 2020.

Even though Diesel branded luxury fragrance line only filed for bankruptcy in 2019 as a result of store theft, fake invoice, and bad investment, the diesel clothing line wasn’t part of the bankruptcy filing.

Diesel has long been in existence

Diesel has long been in existence since 1978, the clothing brand now has a forty-year history in the fashion world to look back on and be proud of, and of course, the brand is still very much in the production of fashionable denim.

True religion on the other hand was launched in 2002, approximately it has been 20 years in the fashion world.

Diesel has good customer service

You can trust Diesel with your product, their customers are swift, they make sure they give responses to the dissatisfied customers’ complaints via Email, phone, or live chat.

Unlike True religion, from the reviews online, their customer service is appalling. You shouldn’t expect too much when you have a problem with your products.

Other differences include:

  1. True Religion jeans have a thicker waistband, which is often double lined with the brand’s signature stitching. Diesel easy has a thinner waistband that lacks the signature stitching
  2. Diesel jeans are known for their “boot cut” leg opening, meaning they flare out at the end of the leg to give them a boot-like appearance on the wearer’s feet. True religion brand jeans do not have this feature and typically use straight cut legs instead of boot cut legs.
  3. Diesel jeans are a popular choice among men who wear athletic or slim-fit jeans and have a more urban style. True religion brand jeans are popular among men with an interest in the vintage or traditional western-style clothing
  4. Diesel is an Italian brand while True Religion is an American clothing brand.

Problems associated with buying Diesel jeans

Diesel jeans are designed for those who live life on the edge. However, if you are not careful, these jeans can come with a list of problems that will leave you feeling miserable.

Here are 5 problems associated with buying Diesel jeans:

  1. Diesel jeans are expensive so you will have to check if you are not on a tight budget.
  2. Pockets wear out quickly
  3. They are difficult to hem because of the heavyweight of the material
  4. They fade quickly in harsh sunlight and wash poorly
  5. They lose their shape over time and stop fitting well

Problems associated with the True Religion jeans

True religion jeans are worth the money. They are comfortable, stylish and can last 4 years. But when it comes to shopping for them. There are a few things you should know.

  1. If you are buying a new pair of True Religion jeans, they’ll fit at least one size smaller than what you normally wear because they shrink in the wash and Stretch out with wear
  2. The denim is heavy, so expect jeans to be stiff and pull at the waistband when you first get them
  3. When purchasing True religion jeans, be aware that the sizing runs small. In other words, if you want your jeans to fit as they do on the model in the ad or on the website, order one size higher than your usual size. So if your jeans usually fit at a 34 waist but you want them to fit like those in the photos, order a 36’ waistband instead.
  4. And lastly, their jeans are expensive because they use designer denim and as well as a high-quality construction technique.


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