Trousers Always Rip at the Crotch? (Here is Why)

Your trousers getting ripped is caused by the tension of your thighs rubbing together. This is a very common problem faced by almost every guy with a pair of trousers.

The fabric is being worn down by friction, and as you walk throughout the day, the friction of your thighs rubs together then slowly wears the fibers of your trousers causing them to tear, leaving you with a hole at the crotch area of your favorite pair of trousers.

Simply say that ripped crotch occurs as the crotch area of your trousers endure the most tension during your everyday life.

The crotch area deals with the most abrasive action as a result of tending to everyday activities like when you sit when you walk that gives much stressing.

However, several factors can also hasten your trousers to rip at the crotch area

  • Having muscular thighs
  • Wearing tight trousers
  • Thin fabrics
  • Activities like cycling
  • Not washing your trousers
  • Sagging

Muscular thighs

The shape of your leg plays a huge part in the occurrence of your trousers wearing out.

You may be unaware about having one of those body shapes where your thighs rub together while walking or running.

Tight trousers

Fashion trends have encouraged many men to wear slim-fitting trousers, which is very common in society today.

But, having to wear them looks really great in photos especially when you stand. Conversely, it gives extra stress to the hip area and can result in damage to the fabric of your trousers, making the crotch area gradually rip out.

If you purchase a pair of trousers that is too tight, the tension on the crotch area will increase and the likelihood of it tearing apart will also increase.

So, it should be no surprise to see your crotch tips and tears on slim-fitted trousers.

Thin fabrics

Fabrics from the super 150s range are very soft. They are quite costly too, feel really soft and tender to the skin, and cover beautifully on the body.

But, such fabrics from the range seem to be light and will wear out evenly and more quickly than those of 110-130s, synthetic-blend, or raw fiber.

Activities like Cycling

We are not going to point a finger at the most obvious culprit, but cycling is a legit and quick crotch ripper.

While cycling, you make an up and down movement so quickly with your legs, that whenever you peddle, a well-intensive amount of friction is made in the crotch area.

Not washing your trousers

No doubt that we all know that washing is a very crucial “must-win” step towards having a pair of trousers, however, we also know the risk of washing too often.

We know that you have to wash after 2-3 wearings but avoiding to wash your trousers when it needs it may cause damage dirty pair of trousers will trap any grime, dust between the trousers.

This loosens the fibers and leads to higher tension when you leave your trousers unwashed and wear them for a long period.

It makes the pair becomes weaker and makes the crotch area more prone to rip.


Wearing your trousers very low will affect the crotch areas by adding more stress as you move around with your cycle. This will lead to a high risk of this crotch area to a blowout.

What to do to prevent your trousers from ripping in the crotch?

Don’t feel discouraged, here are a few things you should do to slow down the occurrence of your crotch getting ripped.

Early detection

Getting to fix those threads as soon as you see them is the best way to add usage to the crotch area.

Wear loose-fitting trousers

Knowing those tight trousers will cause the crotch area to tear, why not go for a loose-fitting instead?

If your trousers are spacious, the crotch area will endure less dress and will also have a longer life.

This way you won’t have to worry about getting your crotch going bad any time soon

Cycle less

You will make your pair of trousers last long if you do not use them for cycling.

If you are a cycling lover there are specific pairs of pants you should go for, not your favorite denim or dress pants

Wash them when it’s necessary

If you wash your trousers when they are due for a cleaning, i.e when they are dirty, it will help keep the fibers strong and clean.

You will also avoid the likelihood of the crotch area tearing as opposed to what most people believe that washing trousers make it wear out fast. This will have less negative outturn on your trousers fading out.

Add a saddle

A saddle is known as a silky fabric, mostly in a triangular shape that is then attached to the inner seat of the crotch of your trousers.

Attaching a large saddle will help prevent moisture, and slow down the wear in the fabric. This helps to give extra life to the crotch of your trousers.

Air it out

Bacteria and moisture that come out from the body make the fabric venerable over time and become prone to damage.

At the end of the day, hang up your trousers in a cool and well-ventilated area so that they can dry properly and return to their normal shape.

Great trousers you should buy

Purchasing the right pair of trousers for men can be a silently powerful item you should have in your closet.

But when you fail to, you will immediately full the glamour of the trending item you invested your time and money on.

It’s easy to simply go for your regular slim-fit trousers for the umpteenth time. But there are various styles of trousers that are perfect for different occasions and will create an amazing change from your regular denim.

Whether you are going for a first date or heading to an office meeting, you need to have one or two pants that can fit for the event.

Here are some of the greatest pants you should consider having in your closet.

Cargo pants

This pair of pants is no longer a social blunder. Cargo pants have come to stay more stylish.

If you’re trying not to look like a fisherman but you have to choose from a pair that do not have baggy pockets on each side with a slimline leg, opt towards getting an unbiased color like sand or caramel for a classic feel, or rather go for something darker that can go with the rest of clothing in your closet.

Are you dreaming to be the next Kanye West? Why not get this pair of cargo pants to bring you your inner Kanye?

Get something oversized with baggy pockets in pink or red shades. This pair will look astonishing with hoodies, sweaters, and button-downs, so why not spice things up a little bit instead of trapping your legs in those slimline trousers.

Chinos trousers

If you are unsure of what to go for whenever you look at your wardrobe, why not give chinos a chance? They are easy to style, relaxed, and can go with many outfits.

These pants are perfect for a sunny day when you intend to wear heavy pants or suit pants. Chinos will provide you with a classic appearance without looking too informal.

If you are going to an occasion that needs you looking formal a bit, chinos will require you to wear darker colors like black, charcoal, or navy.

But if you intend to just hang around with friends, a pair of even green, cream of burgundy will serve as a great alternative.

Drawstring trousers

If you want to avoid discomfort throughout the day, you should opt for a pair of drawstring pants.

It doesn’t matter if they are made of trousers material of something lightweight such as joggers.

It’s a very nice alternative for the days where you want to come out well but without seeming too committed.

You can hide the pants tie by having to pair them with sweatpants or button-down shirts but if you don’t mind bragging with these pants, spice it up with a basic t-shirt or a rolling beach and you’ll end up screaming luxury.

The fineness behind these pants is the durability and flexibility behind them – you can rock them with something smart and informal.


These pants are an extremely stylish and comfortable substitute for casual dressing. You’ll be on top of our luxury if you rock these pants with a sweater or t-shirt to achieve that unique feel.

Whenever you want to feel stylish and smart, slide into an office short with a pair of white sneakers and stay back to see compliments flying around you with pure bliss.

Cropped trousers

This pair of pants is the perfect way to spice up a formal outfit with an easy slice of style.

Sometimes you wish your ankle can get enough air if you wish you could show off those pair of socks you newly bought.

These pants are the perfect outfit you need. You can wear them just above your ankle or roll up with almost anything.

Wool trousers

You should gladly say farewell to your jeans and wholeheartedly welcome a new pair of wool trousers.

These classic pants look entirely great in all styles; from a party to the office or when you want all eyes on you wherever you go. Rick these pants in a set of sneakers and s sweatshirt.

How to fix trousers that have a hole in the crotch area

Have you ever thought of how to fix crotch hikes in your trousers? Even though it’s a big or small one, it actually doesn’t matter, when your trousers get one or more hikes in the crotch area if you don’t mend or fix them, the trousers will become unwearable.

Learn how to fix a big or small hole or almost hole in the crotch area of your trousers with either a sewing machine or by hand with these two methods.

  • You can fix the hole or tear by hand
  • You can fix the hole with a sewing machine

Fix the hole or tear by hand

  • Cut loose thread away from the affected area:  You can fix a hole in the crotch of your trousers area without using a patch or sewing machine, simply by seeing the side of the hole back together.  Before you do this, use scissors to cut off the edges of the hole to take off any loose threads because they will distract you as you begin to sew. Ensure to be careful not to enlarge the hole as you do this.
  • Prepare the needle and thread: Tie a knot at the far end of the thread to guide it in the fabric as you start sewing. Ensure to tie the thread tightly knotted.
  • Sew over the edges of the hole to prevent fraying: This step is optional, but it helps prevent fray around the hole and makes it easier to fix the hole. All you have to do is seal the edges of the affected area by sewing around them and closing them shut.
  • Sew the gap together: This is the final step that helps you close the hole. Hold the fabric to ensure the hike or tear is totally shut. Know that you will have to repeat this strap more than once to enable the sew to stay tightly.

Fix the hole with a sewing machine

  • Cutaway the loose threads: Just as you did in the method for diving by hand, the first thing you should do is trike away any dangling threads.
  • Wind the bobbin on the sewing machine: having to thread a needle on a sewing machine can be quite tricky as they are connected from two items of thread, one is from the spool and the other from the bobbin. So the first thing you should do is wind the bobbin so that it is covered in a thread.
  • Thread the spool: Remove the end of the thread from the spool and pull it out to the left, this time you are bringing it down to the needle, you will have to remove the thread through a hook on the machine and through a small hole on the right side of the needle, before you bring it back to the top of the machine through a different hole on the left.
  • Thread the bobbin: After threading the needle from the spool above, you will have to thread the bobbin below.
  • Sew the edges of the hole with a zigzag stitch: Sew a zigzag stitch over the edges of the fabric, this will help to seal the edges and prevent them from fraying.
  • Sew across the hole go close it: Join together the two sides of the hole with your hands to close it. Once it’s in the right position, hold and position it under the needle of your sewing machine then see a Ross the hole vertically for it to close.

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