TNA Slick vs TNA Butter: Comparison

TNA Slick is more breathable than TNA Butter and this in fact is a major difference that both brands share.

The TNA Slick fabric is sculpting which means that it gives you a body-fitted fitting.

Even though TNA Butter shapes your body, it is not as breathable as TNA Slick which makes both the complete opposite of the other.

If you are after a tight-fitting and sleek look then you should consider getting the TNA Slick.

Not only do you get the fitting you want, but you also get comfort tagging along with the package.

What is TNA Slick?

TNA Slick vs TNA Butter

TNA Slick is a brand of clothing under Aritzia Inc. that has its collection of different clothes made with the TNA Slick material which is known to be soft, breathable, sculpting, and sweat-wicking.

Speaking of the collection, the clothing line consists of:

  • Leggings
  • Bike Shorts
  • Flare clothing
  • Tops and court dresses, etc.

It is very easy to group the wears made by this brand in general terms like this as they have a long list of clothing that is suitable and perfect for daily use all hooked up to the brand’s name which is TNA Slick.

What is TNA Butter?

TNA Slick vs TNA Butter

The TNA Butter material is known to be sweat-wicking and also offers you a body hug kind of fitting, almost like the TNA Slick.

Just like the TNA Slick, the TNA Butter is also home to some of the most used clothing like;

  • Bike shorts
  • Jumpsuits and rompers
  • Leggings and sweat pants
  • Skirts and tops, etc.

The TNA Butter features a lot of other apparel that we use daily. Regardless of the fact that TNA Butter is not as soft and breathable as the TNA Slick, it comes recommended as well.

When do you wear TNA Slick?

TNA Slick is not just fashionable, it is also comfortable for athletes and people who just want to turn up in them due to how they feel.

You don’t have to be an athlete before you rock TNA Slick wears.

  • They are convenient for athletic and gym activities.
  • They are convenient for walks and early morning or evening run and walks.
  • They are convenient for indoor and outdoor use as they are built to withstand high-impact activities.
  • They come in different designs and styles thereby making them convenient to serve as casuals and other adventures.

When do you wear TNA Butter?

TNA Butter makes adventure easier with its texture. Regardless of the fact that polyester is a good conductor of heat, the texture of this material is mixed with spandex which makes it stretchy and capable of sweat-wicking.

  • TNA Butter is convenient for outdoor and indoor use
  • TNA Butter is convenient for gym and athletic activities
  • TNA Butter is convenient for sports activities, like court games and even volleyball because it is stretchy and is heat repellent.
  • TNA Butter is perfect for bike rides and other adventures as well.

Comparison between TNA Slick and TNA Butter

This comparison is done with the aim to distinguish one brand from the other and also help you understand the benefits you stand to gain if you purchase this or that.

Seeing that a lot of people cannot really differentiate this brand from the other, I have dug out some differences that are too noticeable to ignore in both brands and I will be sharing these discoveries with you to open your eyes as well.

Features TNA Slick TNA Butter
Function More Functional Less Functional
Comfort Less Comfortable More Comfortable
Sizing & Fitting Not Recommended Recommended
Price More Expensive Less Expensive


Functionality is a good determinant of the versatility of your purchased clothing.

Let’s take a look at how functional TNA Slick and TNA Butter wears are.

Now when you take a look at the TNA Slick material, you will feel it is stretchy which is what gives it the sculpting ability.

It is considered a sweat-wicking fiber and then breathable which is one thing that it has but TNA Butter lacks.

TNA Slick is then tagged as a material that is built to withstand high-impact kinds of activities.

This means that TNA Slick is the go-to brand for when you want a body fitted wear, one that is designed to go with you through thick and thin and also one that doesn’t make you uncomfortable when you sweat as it is breathable regardless of the fact that it has the ability to absorb sweat from your skin.

First of all, TNA Butter is considered a low-impact material which is already a flag off compared to TNA Slick.

TNA Butter only has the sweat-wicking feature but is not as breathable as TNA Slick due to the fact that the material gives you a Buttery feel which is softer compared to TNA Slick.

TNA Butter is the go-to brand for comfort, it is not compressing like TNA Slick but also absorbs your sweat.

But it can only take on little impact compared to TNA Slick.

Any attempt to use TNA Butter the same way you use TNA Slick might result in you losing the value of your money with regard to TNA Butter.


Comfort is a delicate feature that cannot be overlooked when getting new cloth for yourself.

Let’s have a glance at how comfortable both brands can be.

TNA Slick is chiseled to follow the curves of your body making it impossible for having extra space or room for the uncomfortable feeling when you rock these to engage in activities because they are breathable, but that is if you are a fan of tight clothing.

It is actually super-comforting to note that you have no limits when it comes to stretching.

The stretchiness of TNA Slick is incredible, it lets you stretch fully when you are in the gym working out and also when you are caught up in some kind of situation that needs you to activate super mode.

Nevertheless, if you do not fancy tight clothing then you probably will not feel comfortable wearing TNA Slick for anything at all.

Unlike TNA Slick, TNA Butter is not considered a curvy material. It is stretchy but with a lot of consideration to comfort for all.

TNA Butter is more of a second skin material which makes it much more comfortable than TNA Slick.

You know how you feel with your skin, it is there and you can feel it but it doesn’t make you uncomfortable in any way, that is how TNA Butter is.

When you wear TNA Slick, you get this pinch due to how tight it feels. The case with TNA Butter is different, it hugs your body but not too tight to make you uncomfortable in any way.

Sizing & Fitting

Sizing and fitting is a quality that determines good brands that have the welfare of their customers in mind.

Let’s see what both brands have in store for us when it comes to sizing and fitting.

One thing to note is that ordering your regular size of TNA Slick might leave you in dismay.

TNA Slick gives little perfect body fitting compared to TNA Butter.

As mentioned earlier, it is considered a body sculpting fabric which means that it follows the shape of your body.

This can serve as a disadvantage and also an advantage in the sense that for someone who is not curvy at all, turning up in one of these can leave you looking homeless and totally lost and out of ideas on how to look.

TNA Slick is more comfortable for people who are curvy in order for the sculpting feature of the cloth to be to your advantage and not leave you looking like a clown, and also for the full beauty of the cloth to be displayed.

TNA Butter on the other hand is made for everyone, anyone who fancies Buttery feeling is welcome to the TNA Butter family and this is why.

With the TNA Butter, you can comfortably order your regular size as there is no room for oversize rather, if you want the TNA Butter to fit tighter more like TNA Slick then you can order a size down.

The most important thing to note is that TNA Butter offers a normal fitting, it fits like a second skin which is comfortable, not too tight but just comfortable and moderately tight.


The most effective and critical determinant of whether you are getting this pair or that.

The wear at TNA Slick ranges from $25 and above. You can however get a headband for $7 on their official website and that’s just about it.

TNA Butter brand comes with less expensive products when compared to TNA Slick making TNA Butter the people’s brand. With $23 you can get yourself a pair of up and down for workouts and other activities.

Overall Verdict

Having reached this part of the comparison, I can boldly state that we have all analyzed both brands and now have a better insight into what makes them up.

Deciding which one is a better brand by quality might not be the way out, however when we consider comfort and also the price then TNA Butter is the brand for me.

It has everything TNA Slick has and to some extent even more but still yet it is cheaper.


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