TNA Chill vs TNA Butter: Which Is Better?

When you pick up the TNA Butter and also the TNA Chill you can easily tell the difference between both as even from the weight and texture of the material, there lies a great difference between both.

The Thickness of the material can be seen as a major difference between TNA Chill and TNA Butter.

To further emphasize their differences, the TNA Chill is less sturdy compared to TNA Butter, and that is because TNA Chill is made with soft cotton which makes them perfect and cool as the name entails for everyday wear.

The TNA Butter material on the other hand has a ribbed texture which makes it perfect for sweat-wicking, but not as soft and thin as the TNA Chill.

What is TNA Chill?

TNA Chill vs TNA Butter

TNA Chill is a soft cotton clothing that is made to be perfect for your everyday wear.

The good thing about this line of clothing is that it lets you express yourself to the fullest.

TNA Chill is also considered the latest and most efficient activewear from Aritzia Inc. to be precise.

My research has shown that this particular collection comes recommended for athletes and is tagged as Active wear.

Under the TNA Chill collection, we have;

  • Shorts of many kinds
  • Jumpsuits, sweat pants, and rompers
  • Skirts and tops
  • A lot of other sporty wears

This collection is simply considered the friendliest and coolest of Aritzia Inc. altogether.

What is TNA Butter?

TNA Chill vs TNA Butter

The TNA Butter is considered to give a sleek and ribbed feeling when you wear it. What this means is that the material comes with visible layers on the exterior, layers that are in place to make the sweat-wicking feature of the TNA Butter active.

Just like the TNA Chill, I have managed to dig out a lot of other apparel made by TNA Butter and they go like these;

  • Leggings
  • Shorts
  • Tops and vests
  • Sweat suits and pants, etc.

TNA Butter lets you go about your activity without looking sweaty and feeling uncomfortable due to excess heat.

When do you wear TNA Chill?

As we all know, the TNA Chill line is made to be very thin and light, and cool enough to make the material transparent.

  • For some people, they can only wear clothing as transparent as this at home.
  • However, you can wear the TNA Chill shorts to ride a bike, walk in the park or just take the evening stroll especially when it is hot.
  • You can wear the TNA Chill bra and sweatpants for your workout session.
  • There are a lot of other things you can use the TNA Chill clothes for as it all depends on how daring you are regardless of the texture of the TNA Chill material.

When do you wear TNA Butter?

For the fact that the TNA Butter collection is made with thicker fabric compared to the TNA Chill, their functionality is not on the same level as a matter of fact.

  • The TNA Butter wears are perfect for yoga, and other athletic activities.
  • TNA Butter clothe line is very comfortable for casual wear. They are soft and generally comfortable.
  • TNA Butter sweatpants are ideal apparels for your workouts and other gym activities as well

Comparison between TNA Chill and TNA Butter

The Aritzia clothing brand is known to design and sell in-house apparel like TNA and others.

With the TNA (Talula National Athletics) Chill and Butter Brands in view, there happens to be a lot of similarities between both brands that separating them to some extent might seem impossible.

However, my research has sprung up some interesting differences that both brands share. These differences are too critical to ignore and I will be relating them to you as the article progresses.

Features TNA Chill TNA Butter
Function Less Functional More Functional
Comfort Less Comfortable More Comfortable
Sizing & Fitting True to Size Not True to Size
Price & Durability Less Expensive & Durable More Expensive & Durable


TNA Chill is made with cotton, this makes it thin-layered, and weightless compared to the TNA Butter.

The functions of cotton are not limited at all as cotton is one of the most functional fabrics we have today.

However, with the TNA Chill design, there are more disadvantages than advantages and this is because;

The TNA Chill is thin-layered, too thin that it is almost transparent which limits its functionality for some people with privacy in play.

The TNA Chill is also prone to wrinkles because cotton sucks in the sweat from your body, and the fact that the TNA Chill is too thin for this feature it will definitely squeeze on your body and require ironing before you can wear it again.

TNA Butter is made with a combination of polyester and spandex. This makes the TNA Butter designs stretchy in four ways and I believe this comes highly recommended.

TNA Butter clothing comes with a sweat-wicking feature, this means that regardless of the fact that polyester is a good conductor of heat, you can never or hardly get sweaty to the point of uncomfortability.

This as a matter of fact increases their level of functionality.

TNA Butter clothe line has a thicker texture compared to that of the TNA Chills’ which makes them functional enough even for casual wear aside athletic activities.


TNA Butter is a better gamble for your money, you get functionality and comfort.


Comfort is a very delicate issue that needs to be fully understood first even before you make a purchase of any apparel in the market.

When it comes to the TNA Chill, comfort is not fully ensured as there are two ways that this can go.

TNA Chill is thin-layered cotton which will make the clothing sticky, causing you itches when you become sweaty on a hot day.

The thin and weightless design might make you prone to sunburn since you have just thin fiber between you and the burning sun.

Apart from these setbacks, TNA Chill comes with a very impressive design and is recommended for everyday wear with comfort guaranteed.

You just have to make sure you wear them indoors or when it is not hot outside!!

TNA Butter which is made with polyester has had the one chance it would have gotten to make you uncomfortable countered by the manufacturers when they added spandex to it.

polyester is known to not be a breathable material therefore it gathers up the heat within, making your body temperature rise and in-turn make you sweaty.

Thanks to spandex, TNA Butter is stretchy which creates a medium for breathability on the fabric making you cool even after you sweat.


TNA Chill serves better when used as indoor apparel. Its design and nature all point towards indoor use.

The TNA Butter on the other hand gives you the indoor/outdoor advantage you want which makes them a better stake here.

Sizing & Fitting

TNA Chill has a true-to-size fitting. There is absolutely no need for you to order a size down or up.

The regular size will give you just the tight-fitting you want for athletic wear and the freedom you deserve for normal wear.

I am afraid not all of the apparel under the TNA Butter offer a true-to-size fitting.

For some wear like the bike shorts, you will have to order a size down to have a perfect fit.


TNA Chill offers a regular fit

Price & Durability

Clothes on the TNA Chill brand costs around $13 to $50 more or less on their official website.

Their durability totally depends on the amount of use you put into them.

Cotton as a general fabric is estimated to last a very long time but with the fact that TNA Chill collection is made with a thin layer of cotton, reduces their chances of lasting long especially if you put them in much use.

However, with critical research, TNA Chill apparels are estimated to last 1 – 5 months until they start to lose their composure.

TNA Butter costs not less than $25 to $80 more or less on their official website.

Their durability definitely surfaces that of the TNA Chill. Polyester is far more durable than cotton and this is because of the chemical makeup.

The polyester material is estimated to last up to 20 or more years. Now clothes made from this same material can give you up to 5 years of use.

Note that this is not thin layered like TNA Chill.

Nevertheless, it is important to also note that the durability of individual clothing from the individual brand does not necessarily have to be a determinant of how long they last for you, as you also have a role to play in ensuring you enjoy the value of your money by making sure you shuffle and not use them every day.


TNA Butter is more expensive compared to TNA Chill and also far more durable than TNA Chill which makes it a better investment when compared to TNA Chill.

Overall Verdict

Having gone through this comparison, I am sure that you have all the knowledge you need to make a decision on which one will serve you better.

The TNA Chill seems more comfortable for indoor use and is less expensive, the TNA Butter on the other hand is convenient for outdoor use as well as indoor use.

For me, I would go with the TNA Butter not just because it is the best with functionality and comfort in play, but also to kill two birds with one stone and save up money.

what’s the use of having both in my closet if I can have one to serve both areas of needs?


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