TNA Butter vs TNA Life: Which Is Better?

TnaBUTTER and TnaLIFE are both sub-brands of Aritzia. The differences are in the fabric and the feel of their clothings. TnaBUTTER is soft, buttery, and very comfortable while TnaLIFE is cottony, thick, and more compressing.

These brands are really unique, especially in their legging pants. Some people think that TnaBUTTER is more like the Align style of Lululemon and I couldn’t agree less.

TnaLIFE is thicker and hugs the body when worn. Also, TnaBUTTER is designed for low-impact activities, while TnaLIFE is designed for high-impact activities.

First Glance At TnaBUTTER

TNA Butter vs TNA Life

TnaBUTTER can be in form of tops or leggings or short pants. We are gonna focus on the pants, long and short. So, the first thing you’ll notice is that you have a choice of picking either the shorts or the long pants.

TnaBUTTER, just as the name implies has a buttery feel when you touch them. You will also notice at first glance, the variable options of colors to choose from.

You will also notice the high-rise style of TnaBUTTER pants. Also, at first glance, you will notice the signature wide waistband of TnaBUTTER pants in the Atmosphere model, and then the curved waistband in the cheeky model.

Below are some examples of TnaBUTTER leggings to consider.

TnaBUTTER Atmosphere Hi-Rise Legging

TNA Butter vs TNA Life

Here is an example of a TnaBUTTER legging that carries almost all the descriptions made above. This Atmosphere TnaBUTTER legging is soft and has a good sweat-wicking feature.

The fabric is not only soft but it is also made for low-impact activities so that it will not easily peel off. This TnaBUTTER legging has a barely-there feel and it is in a four-way stretch.

That means that it is very flexible as you can move in all directions. You can find this for about $45 – $68. The legging is stretchy and it is in a high-rise style.

TnaBUTTER Cheeky Hi-Rise Legging

TNA Butter vs TNA Life

This is another TnaBUTTER legging and this is of the Cheeky model. This comes with a curved waistband and it is in a high-rise style. This is also designed for low to middle-impact activities just as most TnaBUTTER fabrics.

This legging has no side seams and it is made of nylon and elastane. So, the legging is stretchy and soft.

You can get this for about $45 in the Aritzia store. Just like every other TnaBUTTER leggings, this one is sweat-wicking and it is comfortable.

First Glance At TnaLIFE

TNA Butter vs TNA Life

At first glance, TnaLIFE leggings or shorts are available in a high-rise style. They are mostly high-rise in style and you will probably notice that.

Also, there are available in many colors and you will notice the variety of colors of TnaLIFE leggings. By the time you feel the fabric, you will notice that they are thick and soft at the same time.

I’m sure that you will notice the price tag on any of the leggings you’re considering buying. You will also notice the signature waistband on some of the leggings and shorts.

Below are some examples to consider.

TnaLIFE Cheeky Hi-Rise Legging

TNA Butter vs TNA Life

TnaLIFE is available in cheeky style, Atmosphere style, and some other styles. So, here is a sample of the Cheeky style for you to check out.

This Cheeky style has a curved waistband and it is really stretchy. Because it is made of TnaLIFE fabric, it is cottony and it is thick. So, if you’re looking for a thicker legging, you should get TnaLIFE instead of TnaBUTTER.

It is in high-rise style and it is sold for $64. This legging is compressive as it hugs the body comfortably. It is also sweat-wicking just like other TnaLIFE leggings.

TnaLIFE Atmosphlex Hi-Rise 7″ Short

TNA Butter vs TNA Life

So, I decided to add a short to this review. These shorts are the TnaLIFE fabric and since TnaLIFE fabric is thick, this short is sure thick on the body.

It might look like a regular tight pants, but it’s not, as you can afford to wear this out with whatever style you want.

This is also in high-rise style and it has the signature wide waistband. The short has an interior drawcord for an adjustable fit. It has no side seam and the waist is elastic. This short is also made of nylon and elastane.

TNA Butter vs TNA Life: Comparison Proper

This comparison is supposed to determine which of them is better. So, before we decide which is better between the two, let’s get right on and compare the construction, the comfort level, the pricing, the quality, the silhouette, and the sizing.


The major difference in the construction of TnaBUTTER and TnaLIFE is in the fabric. So, TnaBUTTER leggings are made of buttery and soft fabric.

They are made to be sweat-wicking and they are designed for low-impact activities. They are also made with stretch as they are made with a combination of nylon and elastane.

Some of them have wide waistband detailing while others have curved waistband detailing. Most TnaBUTTER leggings are in high-rise style.

TnaLIFE leggings on the other, are made with a fabric that is thicker and feels like cotton. TnaLIFE leggings are made to be body-hugging and versatile in use.

They are also soft, and sweat-wicking and they are made for high-impact activities. Some of them are designed in a wide waistband style, some are in the curved waistband style.

Most of TnaLIFE leggings are made in the high-rise style and that’s great. They are also made of nylon and elastane materials and they are stretchy.


The quality of these two brands is dependent on how long they last. TnaBUTTER is specifically designed for low-impact activities.

That means that other activities that are too much for the leggings to contain will cause the leggings to start peeling.

So, they have a great soft and comfortable feel but they get bad when they are overused.

The quality is good as long as you stick to the purpose of the leggings – low-impact activities; activities that are not rigorous. And you will surely enjoy the buttery feel while they last.

And then, TnaLIFE is actually made for high-impact activities. They are made to feel like cotton and they last. This is why you should buy TnaLIFE.

They are built to withstand whatever rigorous activities you want to use them for. The quality of TnaLIFE is good, really good that they last so long no matter how you use them.

So, if you’re looking to use your leggings for hiking, running, and these high-impact activities, then get TnaLIFE leggings. When it comes to quality, I think TnaLIFE leggings are better.

Comfort Level

Comfort is actually the basic thing you should look for in leggings. And I think both TnaBUTTER and TnaLIFE are comfortable. TnaBUTTER leggings are made very soft and they have a buttery feel.

That means that they are very smooth and you can imagine the impact they will have on your body. TnaBUTTER is actually very comfortable leggings.

They are not just soft, they dry out sweat quickly. So, even while you are exercising and sweating, you can have your sweats dry up before you are ready to go home. They are also stretchy and that adds to the comfort of the leggings.

TnaLIFE feels thick and soft also. They are made to hug the body in a comfortable way and they are also stretchy. TnaLIFE are also sweat-wicking, that is, they dry up sweat easily while you wear them.

If you’re using it for any high-impact activity, I am sure you will be comfortable while at that. Although TnaLIFE leggings are comfortable, they are not as comfortable as TnaBUTTER.

TnaBUTTER leggings are made to be more comfortable, while TnaLIFE leggings are made to be more durable.


The pricing here varies even if they are of the same mother brand. TnaBUTTER leggings are more affordable as you can find them at about $40.

They are sold mostly for $45 on the official website of Aritzia. They are quite affordable and I think you should go for them if you have a budget and you are not willing to pay more than $50 for a pair of leggings.

The shorts are about $18 – $20. They are actually worth the price even though they are more expensive than some other legging brands.

TnaLIFE on the other hand is more expensive. They are sold for not less than $60. Even though, to some people, this is not an expensive price.

But, in comparison to TnaBUTTER, I consider them expensive. You can get the leggings at $64 to $68. The shorts are priced at about $30.

It may be the difference in the fabric that is the cause of the difference in the price. It might as well be the making process that causes the difference.

So, when it comes to the price, TnaBUTTER leggings are more affordable than TnaLIFE leggings.


It won’t make sense if you get a good quality legging and then the sizing is off. You wouldn’t want to wear it. So, TnaBUTTER leggings are actually true to size and they are really fitting.

They are made to be flattering on the body and because they are fitting, they will stay comfortable on you.

There is a size chart available where you can check for your size before ordering. The point here is to get the right size that is the true size for your body. And, in general, TnaBUTTER is true to size, and they have a good fit.

The leggings of TnaLIFE are also true to size and fitting. There is also a size chart available where you can check for your size and make a choice.

Just ensure you order the right size if you’re buying online. TnaLIFE leggings are butt lifting and that is beneficial to women who want a butt-hugging legging.

And they are really fitting on the butt. So, if you have a big or normal butt and you need a legging that will properly hug your butt, I think TnaLIFE will do the job well.

For sizing and fitting, both are true to size and TnaLIFE is more fitting than TnaBUTTER.


The silhouette is what ensures how the leggings look on your body. In both TnaBUTTER and TnaLIFE, there are no side seams just to enhance the silhouette of the leggings.

TnaBUTTER leggings are flattering and they are available in a high-rise style. There is the presence of a curved or wide waistband on the leggings and you can go for anyone that catches your fancy.

TnaBUTTER are also in Shorts and leggings. They look like the kind of leggings you can just wear around the house or occasionally wear for outdoor activities.

TnaLIFE leggings are also in high-rise style and they are like the kind of leggings you can use for any exercise in the gym and the field.

Also, the silhouette of TnaLIFE leggings is such that you can wear them out for work or dinner, or even a picnic.

They are also available in wide and curved waistband patterns and you can find them in different colors.

Talking about size, they are available in sizes for everybody, big or small. Both TnaBUTTER and TnaLIFE are fashionable and are available in different styles.

Final Verdict – Which Is Better?

Now comes the overall verdict. Both leggings are good in what the other is not. Let’s briefly check the comparison. Both are well made and designed. When it comes to quality, TnaLIFE are better.

And then, TnaBUTTER are more comfortable than TnaLIFE. TnaBUTTER are more affordable than TnaLIFE. Both are true to size but, TnaLIFE are better fitting.

Both are fashionable and stylish. If you need leggings that will last long and serve many purposes, then buy TnaLIFE leggings.

If you need leggings that will give you a great feel and make you comfortable, then go for TnaBUTTER.


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