TNA Atmosphere vs TNA Equator Leggings: Comparison

The major difference between TNA Atmosphere Leggings and TNA Equator Leggings is that you can actually customize the length of TNA Equator Leggings after getting yourself a pair and you don’t fancy the length it came with, a trait that you can’t get from the TNA Atmosphere Leggings.

TNA Equator comes with extra stitches which keep the seam from unraveling even after you cut to your preferred length.

The TNA Atmosphere Legging comes as a high rise Legging, while the TNA Equator comes as a medium rise Legging. This is another difference to note!!

What is TNA Atmosphere Leggings?

TNA Atmosphere vs TNA Equator Leggings

Talk of undisturbed comfort and an easy-friendly feeling to the skin. TNA Atmosphere is made with Vitessia, a material that makes TNA Atmosphere Leggings give you a second skin kind of feeling and also makes them stretchy and convenient for your versatile use.

They are made with the well-known TNA sweat-wicking feature to boost and encourage usability even in unfavorable terms with regard to the weather.

TNA Atmosphere Leggings come with a wide waistband for a smooth silhouette, and for the sake of uniqueness, these Leggings come with a customized Spiro print on the back.

What is TNA Equator Leggings?

TNA Atmosphere vs TNA Equator Leggings

TNA Equator Leggings are made for more versatile use compared to TNA Atmosphere.

TNA Equator Leggings make everything easier for you with usability in mind due to their functionality level.

This is the go-to brand for when you intend to use one Legging for workout sessions and also for casual activities.

They are more comfortable than TNA Atmosphere in the sense that they are made with a material known as Aurant.

Aurant material is more cotton and that makes it less stretchy, more comfortable and also more recommended with some special considerations.

When do you wear TNA Atmosphere Leggings?

High-rise Leggings are much easier to pair with a sports bra when you intend to work out without stress and also crop tops when you decide to go casual.

TNA Atmosphere being a high-rise Legging only multiplies their usability which is to your advantage.

Because they are equally stretchy and breathable;

  • You can wear TNA Atmosphere Leggings during summer when it’s hot
  • You can wear TNA Atmosphere Leggings for workout sessions and also for casual activities
  • You can wear TNA Atmosphere Leggings to sleep in, it is absolutely safe to do so

When do you wear TNA Equator Leggings?

TNA Equator is a medium-rise Legging that does not necessarily have to mean anything except for the fact that some of you might want your Leggings to cover up to the navel point.

Apart from that, you can equally use TNA Equator Leggings the same way you use the TNA Atmosphere and in the same situation since they are equally breathable.

If anything should be considered in this aspect, then it should be the fact that TNA Equator is made with cotton while TNA Atmosphere lacks cotton which makes TNA Equator more friendly to the skin compared to TNA Atmosphere.

Comparison between TNA Atmosphere Leggings and TNA Equator Leggings

Sometimes the best place to get the right information you need about a certain product is to go through reviews made by existing customers on that same product.

Sometimes, these reviews give you the best insight on that product and sometimes these reviews do not and this is because we all have preferences for certain things.

With consideration to that, I have decided to combine both reviews made by customers and also the product’s information from their official website to carry on this comparison.

I promise that this is going to be interesting, revealing, and beneficial in the end.

Let’s dive into comparison!!

Features TNA Atmosphere Leggings TNA Equator Leggings
Material TNA Technical Sweat-Wicking Fabric is known as Vitessia.

It is elastic, extremely stretchy & offers a second skin feeling.

Made up of Nylon:43%, Polyester:39 & Spandex 18%.

TNA signature High-Stretch Fabric is known as Aurant.

It is elastic, and moderately stretchy.

Made up of Cotton: 95% & Spandex:5%. 

Versatility Built for Both Athletes, Gym Rats & also for Casual Purposes.

Good for Indoor & Outdoor activities.

Built specially for Working out & Casual Activities as well.

Recommended for Indoor & Outdoor Activities.

Sizing & Fitting High-Rise, Skinny legs & Regular length.

Comes with a Wide Waist-Band for Smooth Silhouette.


Mid-Rise, Skinny legs & Regular Length.

Comes with a Wide Waist-Band for Smooth Silhouette.


Trim-Able Length with Extra stitches for durability.

Durability More Durable Less Durable
Price $22 & Above $22 & above


TNA Atmosphere Leggings

Vitessia: A stretchy and sweat-wicking material that is made up of three other fibres with the exception of cotton.

This will bring you to the point of asking yourself if TNA Atmosphere is comfortable like TNA Equator or not.

Well, the answer is No!!

TNA Atmosphere is comfortable and breathable as well but not up to TNA Equator technically because the material ‘Vitessia’ Lacks cotton.

TNA Equator Leggings

Aurant: A Classic, moderately stretchy material made with just cotton and spandex with cotton making up to 95% of it.

You have no reason to doubt the comfortability of TNA Equator as cotton is known as the most comfortable material in the world due to the fact that it is breathable, weightless, and extremely soft.

With TNA Equator Leggings made with 95% of it, getting a pair means you have just chosen comfort over every other thing.


According to the manufacturers, TNA Atmosphere is versatile and can withstand any kind of activity.

But, let’s forget about what the manufacturers have to say and make our judgments considering this article and what people who are customers had to say about this brand.

Most people end up sweaty and hot when they work out in these and this is the reason.

Vitessia is made with a high percentage of Nylon and Nylon on the other hand is known as a good conductor of heat.

Now, personally I feel there are places you can’t wear clothes that will make you sweaty in order for you to not end up looking all wet and it looks like you’ve wet your pants.

Now if you are not comfortable, casually wearing these out because you might get sweaty, then I believe it has reduced the versatility level for you by that much.

TNA Equator Leggings, on the other hand, are breathable and this is not just because the manufacturers said so, it is actually tested and trusted and if you are familiar with cotton you too should be a witness to this.

Unlike TNA Atmosphere, TNA Equator carries a high percentage of cotton and we all know cotton to be a breathable and flexible material which increases your chances of causal activities.

To top all of this up, TNA Equator is tagged the best for casual use and also for working out, a testimony that is not seen on TNA Atmosphere’s site.

When you log on to TNA Equator’s website, you will see different designs of TNA Equator’s Leggings all customized to fit different tastes and preferences, just like seen above at the beginning of this article where we have a TNA Equator Leggings designed in camouflage.

I believe this to be a good attestation to how versatile TNA Equator can be.

Sizing and Fitting

TNA Atmosphere Leggings come as high-rise Leggings which more people prefer because it covers all the way up to the navel allowing you to style more without exposing your belly more.

Also, the fact that TNA Atmosphere has more stretchy material allows it to stretch to the maximum, a trait that cannot be equalized by TNA Equator Leggings.

Yes, both Leggings stretch just fine but with the likes of material used in making TNA Equator, the stretchiness is nothing compared to TNA Atmosphere Leggings.

With this theory in mind, it is factual to state that if you are after a super-tight-fitting with a regular length then you should go for TNA Atmosphere.

TNA Equator Leggings on the other hand are made with a combo of cotton and spandex.

Cotton is known not to stretch on its own unless manipulated by manufacturers when crafting it, therefore, leaving the whole stretching capability to the 5% spandex in TNA Equator.

With this in consideration, there is no way TNA Equator can stretch as much as TNA Atmosphere Leggings.

However, TNA Equator Leggings come with an advantage that lets you trim the length if it is too long for you.

Because of this, the seam carries extra stitches which means you can stretch in these and not fear them tearing or ripping apart.

To end the tug of war between both brands in this part of the comparison, note that when a Legging is too tight, it tends to compress your muscles and cells causing medical complications with time if care is not taken.

TNA Atmosphere Legging is in a good place to cause these kinds of medical complications since they are made up of stretchy materials that have the capability to compress your muscles due to tight-fitting.

TNA Equator Leggings are more friendly to the skin if you ask me because they are just like another layer for reals!!


In order to decide which one of these will last you longer, let us define the material used in baking them to be able to determine their lifespan.

TNA Atmosphere Leggings

  • Nylon: 30 Years and Above
  • Spandex: 20 Years and Above
  • Polyester: 20 Years and Above

TNA Equator Leggings

  • Cotton: 20 years and above
  • Spandex: 20 Years and Above

The argument about which one will last longer has been cleared from the years that these materials are expected to degrade.

These are the individual materials used in manufacturing the TNA Atmosphere Leggings and the TNA Equator Leggings respectively.

With Nylon, Spandex, and polyester all baked into one Leggings, you have a better chance of winning the lottery if you stake your winnings on TNA Atmosphere Leggings.

Cotton is known to degrade with regular wear especially when it involves Leggings. It lets out some brown-colored threading on the exterior to signal to degrade with just a few months of use.


Surprisingly, both brands have Leggings starting from $22.

It is important to note that the prices for these products will vary with regard to individual store policies.

You are however advised to visit the TNA official website to make your purchase at a more considerable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this part I will be answering some of the frequently asked questions today with regards to both brands, let’s roll!!

Are they transparent Leggings?

No, both brands do not make Leggings that are transparent, especially not the TNA Atmosphere and TNA Equator Leggings.

They are both good to go in this aspect.

Do TNA Atmosphere Leggings shrink?

No, nylon has a low percentage of shrinking.

This can be noted as another difference that both brands share.

With nylon making most of it, you might just get away with the whole shrinking drama in Leggings.

Do TNA Equator Leggings shrink?

Yes, TNA Equator has a high percentage of cotton which makes it liable to shrink when exposed to the right amount of heat.

However, be rest assured that your Leggings will regain their shape even after shrinking thanks to the spandex present in it.

Can I sleep in them?

Yes, both Leggings are okay to sleep in.

Overall Verdict

TNA Equator was built for versatile use. The design it comes with, the color, and then its special feature which lets you trim the length it came with to a preferable one with absolutely no repercussions or whatsoever after that, makes them a better choice for me.

To top it all, it has a tag for “Great for workouts and hangouts” attached to its description from the manufacturers which is a green light for me.


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