TNA Atmosphere vs Cheeky: Comparison

This comparison is more like going into specifics. Both Tna Atmosphere and Tna Cheeky are models of Tna brand. The major difference here is in the waistband of these two.

Tna Atmosphere has the signature wide waistband, while the Tna Cheeky has the curvy waistband. Every other details about these two seem to be the same.

But, there are more differences and the differences may lie in it being TnaBUTTER Atmosphere or TnaBUTTER Cheeky.

It might also be TnaLIFE Atmosphere or TnaLIFE Cheeky. The main difference will always lie in the detail of the waistband.

First Glance At TNA Atmosphere

Tna Atmosphere model is available in bra tops, tops, leggings, and shorts. So, whichever one you’re looking for, you’ll probably notice the variety of options available.

When you decide to buy the Atmosphere model, you will first of all notice the signature wide waistband on the leggings or shorts of the Tna brand.

You will also notice the high-rise style, almost all Tna Atmosphere shorts and leggings are in a high-rise style. If you’re looking at the Atmosphere model in the TnaBUTTER brand, you will probably feel how soft and buttery it feels.

Then, the Atmosphere in the TnaLIFE fabric is thicker and more cottony. Here are examples to guide you.

TNA Butter Atmosphere Hi-Rise Legging

TNA Atmosphere vs Cheeky

Because it is the Atmosphere model, this legging has the signature wide waistband and it is in a high-rise style.

This TnaBUTTER fabric has a barely-there feel when you touch it and even when you wear them. If you are familiar with Lululemon pants, this legging feels more like Lulelemon leggings.

It has a four-way stretch and it enables all-around movement and flexibility. This Atmosphere legging is actually available in many colors that you can choose from.

It also has a flattering fit. It is actually affordable and you can easily get it from the Aritzia website.

TnaLIFE Atmosphere Super Hi-Rise Legging

TNA Atmosphere vs Cheeky

I had to bring in the Atmosphere model that is of the TnaLIFE fabric so that you’ll see the difference and know which to buy. The previous example and this one are of the same model – Atmosphere.

But, they are made of different fabrics – TnaBUTTER and TnaLIFE respectively. So, this very Atmosphere model is thicker and feels like cotton, unlike the previous example.

But, it has the same signature wide waistband just like every Atmosphere leggings. It has no side seams and it is made of nylon and elastane.

This is also in high rise style and it is more expensive than the previous example.

First Glance At TNA Cheeky

When you set out to purchase Tna Cheeky pants, you’ll notice that they are majorly in TnaBUTTER fabric or TnaLIFE fabric. So, you should note the difference and be sure of the fabric you want to buy.

The Cheeky style is available in various colors and you can pick your favorite. At first glance, you will notice the curvy waistband on every Cheeky style of pants.

For, this is what differentiates the Cheeky style from the Atmosphere style. You will also notice the high-rise style and the price tag on any of the Cheeky pants you want to buy.

Here are examples to guide you.

TnaLIFE Cheeky Hi-Rise Legging

TNA Atmosphere vs Cheeky

Like other Cheeky pants, this has a curved waistband and it is in a high-rise style. This is made for high-impact activities because it is of the TnaLIFE fabric. It is thick and compressive.

This legging is made to hug your body and that is typical of TnaLIFE fabric leggings. So, if you’re searching for cheeky pants that will compress your butt the way you want, then this should be your choice.

It is versatile in use and it is good for sweat-wicking. You can find them in many colors. It is a little expensive but, I’m sure you can still afford it.

TnaBUTTER Cheeky Hi-Rise Legging

TNA Atmosphere vs Cheeky

This Cheeky style is in the TnaBUTTER fabric. As a result of the fabric it is made of, it is made for low-impact activities and it is very soft and very comfortable when you feel it. It is also good in sweat-wicking and this is in high rise style.

This Cheeky style has a curved waistband pattern and that is unique to Cheeky styles. This very Cheeky legging has a back yoke detail and it is made of nylon and elastane.

It has no side seam and it is elastic. It is quite affordable.

Comparison Proper

I am going to ascertain which of these styles is better at the end of this comparison.

But, before we get there, I’ll make a head-to-head comparison of them both in their construction, quality, comfort level, price, sizing, and silhouette.


The construction of TNA Atmosphere style is dependent on the style. For the TnaBUTTER style, they are made to be buttery and soft. They are mostly made with nylon and elastane.

The Atmosphere style has the unique signature wide waistband on both the TnaBUTTER fabric and the TnaLIFE fabric. The TnaLIFE fabric is made to be thick and compressive.

They are made in high-rise construction and they are made with no side seams. The Atmosphere style leggings are also made to be sweat-wicking.

And then, the Cheeky style is unique to the design of the curved waistband. They are also made in the TnaBUTTER and TnaLIFE fabrics. The TnaBUTTER fabric, they are soft and comfortable.

They feel just like butter and they are sweat-wicking also. They are also made in high-rise style with a four-way stretch design.

They are also made of nylon and elastane materials and they have stretch. Some are made for low-impact activities while some are made for high-impact activities.


The quality of these two styles is also dependent on the fabric they are made of. For the Atmosphere styles that are made of TnaBUTTER fabric, they are good quality but less durable.

The ones that are made of TnaLIFE fabric are good quality and more durable. So, you have to be certain of the model you are buying.

If you want better quality, long-lasting Atmosphere leggings, then get the TnaLIFE fabric type. I can’t really say which is better for now.

For the Cheeky style, they are also good quality depending on the fabric you are buying. If you are getting the TnaBUTTER fabric, they are good quality but they may not last as long as you want.

On the other hand, if you get the TnaLIFE fabric, you will surely enjoy the good quality fabric and the long-lasting fabric of your Cheeky leggings.

So, if you must get the Tna Cheeky style, then look for the TnaLIFE fabric, so that you can get a better quality one.

Comfort Level

The Tna Atmosphere leggings will likely be more comfortable on women with fat bellies. Since they are made with a wide waistband, they can comfortably hold up a fat belly and keep comfortable.

But, what if you do not have a fat belly? They can still stay comfortable on you depending on the size you buy. Another thing of comfort here is the fabric they are made of.

If you buy the Tna Atmosphere legging in the TnaBUTTER fabric, then be assured of maximum comfort as that fabric is very soft and very comfortable. The TnaLIFE fabric is also comfortable but, not like the TnaBUTTER fabric.

Tna Cheeky styles are more comfortable for curvy women. The waist design is designed to be curvy and the lines will be in sync with your curves if you’re curvy and that means that it will stay comfortable on you.

They are also comfortable if you get them in the TnaBUTTER fabric. Here again, TnaBUTTER fabric leggings are really comfortable, whether in the Cheeky style or Atmosphere style.

The TnaLIFE fabric is also comfortable but not like the TnaBUTTER fabric. So, both Tna Atmosphere and Cheeky are comfortable depending on the fabric you buy.


Here also, the price depends on the fabric you buy. The Atmosphere styles are affordable and can be expensive depending on the fabric you choose.

But, they are not more than $70. I consider that affordable enough even if it might be expensive for some people.

In the TnaBUTTER fabric, they are sold for $45. And, in the TnaLIFE fabric, they are sold for $68. So, the fabric determines the price.

Mind you, if you choose to buy the TnaBUTTER fabric for an affordable price, you are buying comfort. But, if you decide to buy the TnaLIFE fabric, you are buying durability.

The same also applies to Tna Cheeky styles. They can be affordable and they can be expensive depending on the fabric you buy. But, I think since it’s not up to $100 then it’s not expensive.

I know that getting a pair of leggings for $68 can be expensive when you can get cheaper ones from other brands.

For the Cheeky style, the TnaBUTTER fabric is sold for $45 and the TnaLIFE fabric is sold for $68. You can buy any of the fabric so long you are getting it in Cheeky style.


Like I earlier said, the Atmosphere style is more favorable to women with fat bellies. The size on the waist is wider and if you’re buying the TnaLIFE fabric, your belly will be compressed well.

There is a size chart for any fabric you want to buy and you can choose your size from there. You have to be sure of your size before ordering if you’re buying online.

If you’re buying the TnaBUTTER fabric, the fitting will be more flattering on your body.

Tna Cheeky style is true to size and more fitting on curvy ladies. So, whatever fabric you buy it in, you will have the fabric fitting on you. The TnaLIFE fabric will do a job in hugging your body and making you look so good.

Also, the TnaBUTTER fabric will be more flattering on you. The Cheeky styles also have a size chart available where you can pick your size before ordering.

Whichever fabric you buy the Cheeky style, you will still have a well-fitting legging and a true-to-size one.


The silhouette is basically in the waistband here. For the Tna Atmosphere style, the waistband is designed to look wide and that’s stylish.

The Atmosphere leggings are just like every other legging out there, just that they are unique in the styling of the waist. They are available in shorts also.

They are also available in many colors and you can find them in the TnaBUTTER fabric and the TnaLIFE fabric. I think they are fashionable even if they tend to be plainer in the pattern when compared to the Tna Cheeky style.

The Cheeky styles are more fashionable in my opinion. They are designed to look curvy and then they have no side seam. That goes a long way to enhance the style of the leggings.

There is also the fact that they look just like regular leggings except for the waist styling. I find the Cheeky style more stylish and fashionable than the Atmosphere style.

You might prefer the Atmosphere style in silhouette, but I think the Cheeky styles are cuter than the Atmosphere styles.

Final Verdict (Which Is Better?)

At this point, I know you are eager to find out which is preferable between the two styles. The fact is, all the styles are good and better depending on what you want in leggings. Let’s go over the comparison briefly.

When it comes to construction, it is mainly dependent on the fabric. The quality of them both is also dependent on the fabric they are made of, either TnaLIFE or TnaBUTTER fabric.

And then Tna Atmosphere is more comfortable on fat belly women while Tna Cheeky is more comfortable on curvy women. The price also depends on the fabric.

The fitting is also like the comfort level. I find the Cheeky style a better silhouette than the Atmosphere. So, I think that the Cheeky styles are better.


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