Tennis vs Basketball Shorts: Comparison

The major difference between Tennis shorts and Basketball shorts is that basketball shorts are longer and baggier than Tennis shorts.

Unlike Tennis shorts which are just 7 inches, basketball shorts are about 11 inches long. Tennis shorts are made from polyester and spandex while basketball shorts are made from cotton, nylon, and polyester.

Both shorts have pockets but the tennis shorts pockets are deeper and can take 2 to 3 balls at a go. They are quite comfortable and convenient to put on and as well can offer free movement to players during the game. They also have a little stretch to them to enhance performance.

This article will help you find out more about each short and its features. What makes each of them the best for players and how do these things help players’ performance during the game. Let’s look at the features of these shorts.

First glance at Tennis shorts

Tennis vs Basketball Shorts

  • Lightweight
  • Sweat-wicking
  • Breathable
  • Support
  • Different colors, sizes, lengths, and styles
  • Comfort
  • Polyester
  • Spandex

Tennis shorts are usually worn by tennis players during the game of tennis. These shorts are lightweight and also sweat-wicking. They are available in different styles, colors, lengths, and sizes.

They also feature ball pockets for storing tennis balls. They are comfortable and as well breathable. They are made of materials like polyester and spandex for better support and more breathability.

They have moisture-absorbing properties that help to provide comfort throughout the game. It features a built-in compression liner which helps to add security and support for the players.

They provide good coverage and support which makes it preferable for other activities like yoga. It has a stretch component which makes the short less restrictive during movement.

First glance at Basketball shorts

Tennis vs Basketball Shorts

  • Cotton
  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Sweat-wicking

Basketball shorts are made of cotton, nylon, and polyester materials. They are lightweight and breathable. They are good shorts due to their mobility and sweat-wicking properties which allow for quick drying.

The materials used in making the shorts are blended together to provide comfort and mobility. Basketball shorts are stretchy around the waist and also feature a looser and longer leg.

Some have mesh in them and also pockets. It has a sleek feel and a nice inseam length. They also feature thick waistbands.

The waistbands have a great height which helps to prevent the shorts from rolling up or falling. They are very convenient and about 11 inches long.

Tennis vs Basketball Shorts: Head-to-Head Comparison

Can we really tell the differences between these sports shorts? I will try to make the comparison of these short and we will see each at its best.

Below are the technical features used in comparing the shorts.

Features Tennis short Basketball short
Purpose To give tennis players comfort and support while they play tennis. To give players free movement while playing basketball and for casual purposes
Size and length They are about 7 inches short and not too loose or too tight They are about 11 inches long and baggier
Comfort Its lightweight fabric offers comfort More comfortable and convenient
Stretch Little stretch properties for free movement. They have a soft stretch fabric and are stretchy around the waist
Fabric blend Made from Polyester and spandex Made from cotton, nylon, and polyester
Pocket depth Can fit 2 to 3 balls per pocket Two deep side pockets
Female attire They have female attire- skirt or short No female attire-just shorts and leggings


Tennis shorts are worn by tennis players either for practice or for professional purposes. They help offer comfort and support to tennis players.

They are classic outfits meant for tennis games. They allow you to move freely during the game and as well keep you warm.

These shorts are designed for the challenges of the sport such as stretching, twisting, jumping, and other movements that may occur as a result of playing the game.

Female players do wear leggings or tights under the shorts to help enhance their performance.

Basketball shorts are worn by basketball players during the game of basketball. These shorts allow you to move around and still be comfortable even while sweating. These shorts are usually loose-fitting and long, worn on a loose-fitting jersey or a sleeveless top.

The loose-fitting nature of the shorts gives players the liberty to move around quickly without any hindrance or discomfort.

The shorts also keep the players from getting tangled or falling because of too tight shorts. It helps the player focus more on the game rather than their looks or outfits.

Size and length

Tennis shorts are not too loose or too tight. They usually go above the knees or are a few centimeters above the knees. Various fashionable lengths have been by several brands to suit the preference of the customers. They have a relaxed fit.

They are about 7 inches short. However, too short tennis shorts are out of fashion as some brands stopped making them for decades.

Basketball shorts are longer and baggier than tennis shorts. This is to help provide a good range of motion while playing.

They are looser and roomier which makes them very comfortable to play in. Basketball short usually goes below the knee. They are more heavy-duty.

This is because basketball involves more body contact than tennis. They are about 11 inches long. Basketball shorts are naturally free-flowing and more spacious in style.


Tennis short gives comfort and free movement. You can also run faster in them as they offer maximum flexibility.

They have lightweight fabric with sweat-wicking properties which makes them very comfortable to put on. The shorts are made of comfortable and breathable fabric.

Basketball shorts tend to be more comfortable and feels more convenient than tennis short. These shorts may be the most comfortable shorts you will ever wear.

This is due to their roomy and baggy nature. They are very comfortable and can be used for working out. They are more comfortable for players and do not hinder movement during the game.

Basketball shorts are designed to be very comfortable as they do not limit movement around the court. They feature a good amount of inseam which allows for easy movement around the court.


Tennis shorts have stretchy pockets which are used in keeping the balls. They are a bit stretchy and moisture-absorbent. They have little stretch properties for free movement.

These stretch properties make the short comfortable for players. It also features drawstrings which serve as the waist closure.

Basketball shorts are made from a soft stretchy fabric. This stretchy fabric is perfect for either recreational games or professional games.

Basketball shorts are also stretchy around the waist to help give the player a firm hold on the waist while playing. They feature an elastic waistband with internal drawstrings to provide a personalized fit.

This makes the shorts easy to adjust and firm around the waist, such that as players jump and sprint the shorts don’t fall.

Fabric blend

Tennis shorts are made of polyester and spandex. Polyester is one of the best materials used in making sports apparel including tennis shorts. This is because it is lightweight, durable, breathable, and non-absorbent.

Tennis shorts made from polyester are usually very lightweight and provide maximum mobility. Polyester is very durable and can hold up for a long time.

The fabric features an anti-microbial finish. The anti-microbial finish fabric helps to improve performance and has moisture-wicking properties for better comfort.

They are made from synthetic fibers which help to remove sweat from the skin.

Basketball shorts are made of cotton and nylon blended with polyester. Nylon is a very common fabric used in making basketball shorts.

Nylon makes the shorts breathable, easy to wash, and quick-drying. Nylon provides a smooth and straight fabric with a high shine appearance.

Most basketball shorts are made from nylon due to the strength of the material. Cotton helps to absorb sweat greatly.

The combo of these fabrics produces shorts of great quality and durability. These fabrics are quite durable too.

Pocket depth

Tennis shorts have two side pockets which are wide enough to fit 2 to 3 balls per pocket. Some shorts have only one pocket though.

These side pockets are sufficient and can keep the ball safe so that you won’t lose them during the game. Some brands do add back pockets enough though they are no use.

All Basketball shorts typically features pockets. They have two deep side hem pockets for storage. These side pockets allow you to keep your phone and any valuable safely during the game.

Female attire

Tennis female players can either put on a skirt or shorts if they want to. Wearing skirts is more conductive and much more comfortable to play in.

The skirts come in various lengths, mostly stopping around the mid-thigh. This attire is very comfortable as some skirts have built-in shorts.

Basketball female players do not put on tight shorts or skirts like the tennis players. They put on shorts like other male players.

They put on their shorts, jerseys, and athletic shoes. They are allowed to put o tights or leggings under their shorts to help absorb sweat, prevent any injury and as well enhance performance.

Why you should buy Tennis shorts?

You should get tennis shorts because they tend to provide comfort and maximum support when you play.

These shorts can be worn while playing tennis both professionally and recreationally. It can be worn by men, women, and also children. These shorts are also very durable.

Tennis shorts are not usually too loose or too tight, they usually come in a nice fit. Tennis shorts were designed to give players a full range of motion while they play.

They also wick away sweat and keep the clothes from sticking to you and in the process prevent chafing.

The shorts are built to offer convenience to tennis players. They also help to facilitate performance and offer great comfort to players.

Tennis shorts are lightweight, breathable, and flexible. They are so many brands which tennis players can purchase their tennis shorts, but the most common brands are Asics, Adidas, and Nike.

Great Tennis Shorts You Should Buy

Here, I’ll show you the best tennis shorts which a tennis player should have and can add to their wardrobe.

  • Adidas men’s club tennis short
  • Demozu 5-inch tennis short
  • Cakulo 5-inch tennis short

Why you should buy Basketball shorts?

You should get basketball shorts because they allow players to sweat while moving around and still feel very much comfortable. They are made of breathable material.

They have a sleek feel and come in various color combinations. They are about knee length or a bit longer than knee length. Basketball shorts are soft and skin-friendly.

They are cool and machine washable.

Great Basketball shorts to buy

Below are the best basketball shorts every player should have in his wardrobe.

  • Abovewater basketball short
  • Healong basketball short
  • Baleaf basketball short


To conclude this article, I would pick basketball shorts as my overall best shorts. This is because the basketball shorts are baggy and long such that players do not need to worry about their outfits while playing but rather focus on the game.

This makes the shorts more comfortable, convenient, and unique than other sports shorts. Its fabric is soft and stretchy and it features a drawstring around the waist for a better and firm hold.


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