Sweaty Betty vs Gymshark Legging: Which Is Better?

Sweaty Betty has made significant strides with regard to making highly functional gym and other sportswear for years now. It has an impressive track record that has placed it in good books. That’s not bad for a brand that was founded in 1998.

The brand has been making activewear that has helped users improve their sports potential. They make crop workout pants, leggings, tights, sports skirts(with shorts inside), and other dress-up sportswear.

Gymshark is also a fitness brand. It is a British brand that manufactures and sells different ranges of fitness wear.

It was founded in 2012 and has been impactful to the fitness world as its creations have been of immense good construction, thus effective.

Gymshark’s headquarters is in the United Kingdom, specifically in Solihull. However, its name had long made waves across the globe with customers from many countries. People think its achievements are quite impressive for the 2012 brand.

Major Difference

Firstly, know that our submission is not just based on our analysis of each brand’s product; it is also based on the reviews of outside experts.

That said, the major difference between Gymshark and Sweaty Betty is that, while Sweaty Betty is popular, Gymshark is extremely popular. Gymshark has a 4.6 Konji rating while Sweaty Betty has a 4.3 Konji rating.

SB is made with organic and recycled cotton while Gymshark is made with organic cotton. Although both brands use some additives for enhancement of products’ comfort, longevity, etc.

Again, there are other differences as gotten from users’ reviews that vary from person to person. But then, the latter part of this article gives a better explanation of their differences in the grand scheme of functionality and the bigger picture.

This includes their appearances, sizing, fitting patterns, quality, construction, level of comfort, and price.

Sweaty Betty vs Gymshark Legging: Comparison

The deterioration of health is on the rise. But of late, there has been an awakening that has made people take different measures to curb this. A number of people have engaged in maintaining healthy dietary patterns and working out.

We would also agree that being uncomfortable during workout periods could be demotivating. Hence, people try to get the best working out apparel.

Our reason for this comparison is to create a link between fitness enthusiasts, gym lovers, and the right working out legging, tights, and shorts. This way there can be a maximization of opportunity and time.

And of course, Gymshark and Sweaty Betty are both great brands. Nonetheless, there are certain distinctive features that either of each possesses, features that are peculiar to them that can better suffice for varying individuals. Our aim is to bring all of those to light.

Features Sweaty Betty Gymshark
Construction Advanced construction. Supportive. Does not drop. Seamless construction. Good compression quality.
Quality High quality. Four-way stretch. Moisture and sweat-wicking. Durable. Good quality. Durable. Versatile.
Size/Fit True to size. Fittings include a high waist, relaxed, slim tapered. Also true to size. Fittings include: loose, relaxed, and tapered.
Material Recycled plastics. Recycled cotton. Elastane. Organic cotton. Polyester. Spandex.
Price $20 to $35. $40 to $50. $60 to $100. Sold according to styles. $25 to $30.
Comfort Level Excellent comfort. Good comfort.


First Glance

While it is true that the primary aim of working out and all forms of exercise is for fitness and to boost health, we’d also agree that we want to look good while at it.

There’s fun in taking nice gym pictures and posting them on Instagram and Twitter. Hence, we try to find not just quality and good-fitting gym wear. We also try to pick the aesthetically awesome ones.


Sweaty Betty vs Gymshark Legging

In some way, Gymshark leggings are designed to be fashionable. This also depends on how you define style and beauty though.

But on the broader definition of aesthetics, Gymshark is not doing badly. It has shorts, leggings, and tights of different colors and hues. Most of which is nice.

The brand initially started with just male wear, currently, female wear accounts for two-thirds of its sales; this has made its designers top up their fashion game as women are more fashion inclined.

Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty vs Gymshark Legging

The result obtained from a survey shows that Sweaty Betty makes the most fashionable leggings that many people have ever used.

Our research also confirms this to be true. Especially their power leggings; they come in dotted, side stripes, flowers, and many other designs.

You’re more likely to spot an SB legging among many others. According to an SB user, she said: you know you’ve got an awesome gym kit when your instructor walks up to you and whispers “This legging is great, where did you get it from?”


A nice construction has always been the bedrock of ideality. Quality workout apparel, if not constructed well, will not better find relevance, and as such, will not reach the fullness of its usefulness.

This is the reason some designers have learned to pay attention to important construction details. How are Sweaty Betty and Gymshark doing with regard to this?

Sweaty Betty leggings, shorts, and tights have a precise construction that gives advanced support and encouragement. This is because they are made to be incredibly stretchy through the addition of elastomeric materials.

Having the ideal compression construction, SB leggings comfortably clings without dropping. They are bum-sculpting, moisture-wicking, and are a four-way stretch. They are safe for squatting without the fear of ripping off or tearing apart as is common with some brands.

One Gymshark construction is the seamless type. Leggins models in this class are made according to existing computer commands.

They are made through a circular-knitting machine by the use of cutting edges. As such, the product comes out wholly with no side seams.

Gymshark also has leggings models constructed to be see-through. It is important to note that the ultra-seamless model is not constructed to be squat-proof. Although Gymshark is bigger on compression quality compared to SB.


Clothes’ quality stems from materials, construction, durability, and comfort level. This includes how the needs of customers are met, and how these clothes are able to serve their purpose and meet Industry standards.

These are the factors to consider when evaluating the efficiency of both Gymshark and Sweaty Betty leggings.

The main features and qualities of Sweaty Betty include:

  • Four-way stretch
  • Has bum-sculpting feature
  • It passed the test for squat proof
  • Moisture and sweat-wicking
  • Highly fashionable

Sweaty Betty has the right features incorporated in them to meet the needs of gym lovers and fitness enthusiasts.

They have solid propositions and values that help in enhancing and solving real gym problems. They have a durable construction to last longer and are made lightweight and unbelievably stretchy.

The brand is recognized for its top-tier quality. SB has set a standard that has made it quite a big for to reckon with.

However, the one sure way you can be dissatisfied with the brand is if you do not do some due diligence and find out which of its models works for you according to the kind of sport you’d love to engage in.

These are the mains qualities and features of Gymshark:

  • Nice sensation
  • Versatile
  • Sweat-wicking
  • Compression quality

One distinct quality of Gymshark products is that they have soothing sensations; they feel nice on the skin.

Plus, they are phenomenal and versatile; if you have running leggings, be sure you can use them for weight squats as well. They are not subject to destruction by high-intensity exercises. They are always in touch with value.

Except for people with ridiculous sweating, these apparel tend to wick sweat away as it is highly breathable and hinders the possibility of dampness that could result in odor. Although one downside is that some of the colors have sweat mark problems.

Another great feature of Gymshark is its compression quality. This quality spurs circulation as it slightly applies pressure to the veins to facilitate blood flow.

This way more oxygen is pumped into the muscles. And of course, oxygen is pivotal during workout periods to maintain a good energy level, thus, reducing fatigue.

Comfort Level

You’d rather use comfortable sportswear of inferior quality than using a long-lasting one that causes discomfort. Before quality is talked about, comfort should first be considered.

You wouldn’t use leggings that’d not allow you to properly do jump squats or one that restricts your movement when engaged in a stagnant lounge.

Sweaty Betty makes comfortable sportswear. Its leggings and shorts have an impressive comfort level. How? Its sportswear is breathable; it has good air access which allows the skin to breathe, thereby eliminating the possibility of overheating.

They are made with elastomeric materials like spandex so that one can comfortably stretch in any type of exercise with ease.

Besides, they are specifically designed to reduce post-workout muscle cramps and DOMS (delayed muscle soreness) unlike other sportswear that are nonspecific and less effective.

There are some extremely SB shorts and leggings that are made with advanced materials to regulate body temperature and influence the rapidity of pain relief.

Gymshark apparels are comfortable too. Albeit not as much as SB. What spurs comfort in working out apparel, especially dress-down ones are stretchability, air wicking, and good feel – it’s cool that Gymshark ticks these boxes.

The brand uses elastomers in the incorporation of their designs for stretch and air permissibility. Plus, the cotton, polyesters, and some of the synthetic materials used are altered to be very skin-friendly and not gritty.


Using the appropriate size and fit is very important when using clothes, especially when it comes to the gym and sportswear.

This is because only then can your cloth conform to your body’s shape and afford you some space to breathe. And all of these are achieved without adding bulk to your frame.

Know that Sweaty Betty is true to size. Do not size up or down.

The brand only has different fittings for different body types and preferences that include a high waist fit – this type goes all the way above the waist, almost wrapping the lower abdomen area.

The relaxed fit doesn’t cling to the body, albeit not overly spacious. The slim tapered fit is neither tight nor clingy; it’s just an intermediate fit between the two.

Gymshark is true to size as well with nice fittings. Also know that Gymshark sizing varies according to style. As such, intending buyers are advised to understand the size chart before purchase.

For example, its high waist fit has a higher compression and comes with a relatively tighter fit. It also has a tapered and loose-fitting as well.


The major materials used for Gymshark’s products include organic cotton, polyester, spandex, and other fibers.

A fine and intelligent combination of them all in their ideal proportions is the reason behind its incredible strength and wear resistance.

The materials used for Sweaty Betty leggings and shorts are majorly recycled plastics, synthetic materials, and cotton.

They are combined with elastane to enhance strength and flexibility. These are great materials that are morphed into quality wear that possesses the ruggedness needed for sports activities.


The price of Sweaty Betty varies according to the differences in each product’s design. The shorts are majorly sold from $40 to $50.

The bum-sculpting leggings are sold majorly from $60 to $100 while the regular leggings are majorly sold from $20 to $35. Review from customers shows that SB is way prettier than most brands. Although it is worth it.

Gymshark is of moderate price and sells averagely for $25 to $30. Except for some of its advanced products that are way above $150.

Those are more like tech wears that are far more advanced than normal sports clothing.

Final Verdict

After weighing the features and functionality of the two brands, and seeing how both have been able to meet sports and gym demands, Sweaty Betty is better than Gymshark.

Although Gymshark is doing pretty well, comparatively, Sweaty Betty is a better choice.


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